Makeup Collection #3 | A Huge Highlighter Collection & Ranking

Highlighter Collection & Ranking | Affordable vs Luxury Highlighters

Hey there – I’m LP. I love makeup. I buy and try a lot of it. I am always trying new brands and formulas.

Despite the size of my collection, I make a serious effort to use what I own. Now that I am on a Yearlong No Buy,  I’ve decided to rank the items in my collection by category. In today’s post, I’ll be showing my highlighter collection and ranking.

Please keep reading, if you are interested in looking at a huge highlighter collection!

Cream & Liquid Highlighter Ranking

My cream/liquid highlighter collection ranking was tough because I only own four highlighters like this. 

4 | Milk Makeup Mini Holographic Highlighter Stick – Supernova (CF, $14.00 USD)

I purchased the Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighter Stick as part of a holiday set in 2018, but never reach for this highlighter. Simply put, I don’t love colorful highlighters like this. For more on Milk Makeup’s best selling products, check out my brand review here.

3 | Milk Makeup Mini Highlighter Stick – Lit (CF, $14.00 USD)

The Mini Highlighter in the shade Lit provides an ultra-glossy sheen to the face wherever it is applied. The dewy shine looks natural and effortless; however, this is a highlighter that only works when applied overtop foundation (before setting with powder).

Creme Highlighter Collection & Ranking - Swatches
Swatches of my Creme & Liquid Highlighters

2 | ColourPop Lite Stix – Urth (CF, $8.00 USD)

At the $8.00 USD price point, the ColourPop Lite Stix are a total steal for consumers looking for high-quality cream highlighters at an affordable price tag. Urth is an icy pink highlighter similar to that of Benefit’s High Beam Liquid Highlighter. Check out my huge ColourPop Haul here.

1 | Benefit – High Beam Liquid Highlighter ($26.00 USD)

The Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter is one of two highlighters I’ve finished completely and repurchased (the other one being the Benefit Watt’s Up Cream Highlighter). This pinky, pearl-like highlight provides a beautiful glow to the face, whether applied underneath or overtop my foundation.

Highlighter Collection & Ranking | Affordable vs Luxury Highlighters
A blinding array of affordable & luxury highlighters

Powder Highlighter Collection & Ranking

My powder highlighter collection was tough to rank. Given my color preferences and my skin tone, only certain shades work for my coloring and preference.

17 | ColourPop x Disney Villains Super Shock Highlighter – Mistress of All Evil (CF, $10.00 USD)

I regret buying much of the Disney Villains Collection. In particular, I regret buying the highlighters. Mistress of All Evil is the only shade I kept.

Check out my Disney Villains Collection Review here.

16 | ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Powder Highlighter – Coronation (CF, $10.00 USD)

I was entranced by the swatches of the Sleeping Beauty-themed highlighter, Coronation. For whatever reason, this highlighter leans more pink-toned on my cheeks.

15 | Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder Mini – Illuminati (CF, $14.10 USD)

 I seldom reach for the Artist Couture Mini Diamond Glow Powder. This mini highlighter gets lost in my collection.

14 | Dose of Colors x iLuvSarahii Highlighter – Bathe (CF, $28.00 USD)

It KILLS me that I’m ranking my Dose of Colors x iLuvSarahii Highlighter so low. This is a creamy, wet-looking highlighter was created in collaboration iLuvSarahii.

Sadly Bathe sometimes looks like a deep stripe on my face. The color is a little too dark for me. However, I’m determined to make this work.

Read my review of the ColourPop x Iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette here.

13 | Ofra Highlighter – Blissful (CF, $29.00 USD)

Ofra’s Blissful Highlighter is a blinding, rosy bronze highlighter. I am still trying to assess whether this highlighter is too deep for my complexion.

12 | Fenty Beauty Mini Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – Hu$tla Baby (CF, $11.50 USD)

I’m glad that I tried the Killawatt Highlighter in a mini size.  The formula is more glittery than I typically go for. Also, the shade Hu$tla Baby is slightly too dark for me.

Note: I purchased the Sand Castle Highlighter mini in the Bomb Baby 2 holiday set. However, I have not yet used it enough to rank it.

11 | Persona Cosmetics Cali Glow Highlighter – Laguna (CF, $24.00 USD)

 After falling in love with the Zuma Cali Glow Highlighter, I had to try the lightest shade in the line, Laguna. On my skin tone, this highlighter is slightly too frosty.

Highlighter Collection & Ranking - Labeled Swatches | High End & Affordable
Finger Swatches of my powder highlighters

10 | Laura Mercier – Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow ($23.00 USD)

I love using my mini Translucent Loose setting Powder Glow as a diffused, candlelit highlighter. It looks perfect on “No-Makeup” makeup days.

9 | Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Gelee – Heatwave ($47.00 USD)

I did not purchase the Heatwave Bronze Goddess Powder Gelee at full price. Although I enjoy the formula, I am angry at how the product detached from the pan.

8 | Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter – Stargazer (CF, $39.00 USD)

My Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter was not something I instantly loved. For the highlighter to perform at its best, you have to work past the top layer of the product. However, the design of the highlighter is stunning and the color looks almost grungy.

7 | Ofra Highlighter – Rodeo Drive (CF, $29.00 USD)

Ofra’s Rodeo Drive Highlighter is well known and well-loved in the beauty community for good reason. This golden-toned highlighter is impactful without looking too metallic.

6 | Persona Cosmetics Cali Glow Highlighter – Zuma (CF, $24.00 USD)

The Zuma Cali Glow Highlighter provides a beautiful, golden glow. This highlighter feels creamy and buttery.  Zuma can be used to created a diffused glow or high impact shine.

5 | Jouer Cosmetics Molten Glow All Over Face and Body Highlighter (CF, $28.00 USD)

Like the Persona Cali Glow Highlighter, the Jouer Cosmetics Molten Glow Highlighter provides a beautiful, golden glow.

3 & 4 | ColourPop Super Shock Highlighters – Lunch Money & Smoke N’Whistles (CF, $10.00 USD)

I am a huge fan of ColourPop’s Super Shock Eyeshadow and Highlighter formulas. Lunch Money & Smoke N’ Whistles provide a stunning, wet-looking glow to the cheeks without emphasizing texture or looking like a glitter bomb.

2 | Ofra Mini Highlighter – Pillow Talk (CF, $15.00 USD)

The Pillow Talk Highlighter from Ofra is easily the most blinding highlighter in my collection. Despite being high impact, I like the wet-looking sheen this provides.

1 | Benefit Cosmetics Highlighter – Cookie ($30.00 USD)

Did Benefit really release the highlighter of the year? Cookie is a stunning, golden pearl highlighter that looks ultra high shine and wet on the skin. This can be built up to look blinding or worn for a subtle glow. 10/10 would recommend.

Highlighter Collection & Ranking | Affordable vs Luxury Highlighters

Within my collection I have quite a few highlighters from brands like Laura Geller,  Pixi Beauty, Physician’s Formula, and Wet n Wild that are way too “new” to be ranked.

Final Thoughts on My Highlighter Collection

If it wasn’t apparent from my highlighter collection ranking, I prefer wet or dewy looking highlighters. As a result, many of the luminizers in my highlighter collection add a glass-like sheen or natural glow to the skin.

I have no strong preference on how blinding my highlighters look on the cheeks. Often times, my mood or the occasion dictate whether I reach for something more natural or something high impact.

I may love colorful eyeshadows and eyeliners, but I don’t love colorful highlighters. Holographic or colorful highlighters don’t look natural. Personally, the unnatural glow emphasize texture on my cheeks.

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Disclaimer: I am not intending to brag about my beauty collection or to display wealth. I work hard to buy what I own. Much of what is in my collection has been purchased at a discount or given to me as a gift. 

What do you look for in a highlighter? Do you prefer a dewy or wet looking highlighter or do you reach for glittery metallic formulas? Please let me know in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “Makeup Collection #3 | A Huge Highlighter Collection & Ranking

      1. Girl, that is STILL incredible!

        I’m not counting rebuys of things I run out of but don’t have substitutes. So I know I’ll buy a few things (likely skincare), but I’m really hoping that this will be the year my collection dramatically reduces in size… through panning and decluttering!

  1. If you like a wet or dewy highlighter, have you ever tried the Iconic London one? If you haven’t, I think you’d love it as that gives a wet look. Your highlighter collection is amazing and I’m also a fellow highlighter fan haha. I’d love to try one of Ofra’s highlighters because they’re meant to be the bomb. I think my fave one is the ABH x Amrezy highlighter because I love the champagne gold shade and it makes my cheekbones pop when I wear it

  2. I definitely love a dewy/wet looking highlighter the most! I recognized a lot of things you were saying about, for example, the Fenty Beauty highlighter and the Colourpop x Disney ones. I do feel like the Fenty Bomb Baby 2 highlighter is less glittery though!

  3. I see a lot of Colourpop listed on this list; I might need to check out their highlighters next time I shop from them! Highlighting is not a huge part of my daily makeup routine, so their prices seem more reasonable for me. Plus, I know Benefit is usually raved about for their highlighters, but being cruelty-free is the number one thing I look at first and they unfortunately don’t pass that test. I also try to get more natural looking highlighters instead of crazy colors; I definitely prefer keeping the color to eyeliners/eyeshadows as well haha. Great post; I loved seeing your faves from your collection!

    1. hahaha I confess that I buy a lot of ColourPop…. if you try them, 100% go for the Super Shock Highlighters since they are way better than their pressed highlighters in my humble opinion.

      It is sad that Benefit isn’t Cruelty-Free, BUT brands like Ofra are… and they create blinding highlighters too.

  4. Hi LP! I didn’t see your e-mail available anywhere on your blog or I would’ve sent this privately but, I would love to send you a little Christmas card this year, if you’re comfortable with that, send me your address to 😊 Totally understand if you’d rather not, too. ♡

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