Makeup Collection #1 | Best Blush Collection Ranking

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Blushes

I have a makeup addiction. I am constantly buying and trying new makeup. Although I own a lot of makeup, I do make an effort to use my cosmetic purchases. As someone who tries a lot of formulas and who wears makeup on a daily basis, I am showing my makeup collection, by category, and ranking each product.

For my first post, I am embarking on a Blush Collection Ranking. Please keeping reading if you’re looking for your next favorite blush.

Creme Blush Collection Ranking

Given that I only own a handful of creme blushes, my creme blush collection ranking was much easier than my powder ranking. 

5 | Nudestix Nudies In Bloom – Tiger Lily Queen (CF, $32.00 USD)

The Nudestix Nudies In Bloom formula is meant to provide a radiant, dewy flush to the cheeks and it does just that! The shade Tiger Lily Queen is a beautiful, vibrant orange-toned coral shade that is perfect for summer. Due to the higher price tag and seasonal nature of the color, I’ve ranked this blush as fifth in my collection.

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Blushes Flat Lay
Milk Makeup, ColourPop, Cover FX, MAC, Glossier, bareMinerals

4 | Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stain – Werk (CF, $14.00 USD)

I fully understand why the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stain is a bestselling product from the brand. Not only is the shade Werk flattering across a wide variety of skin tones, but the gel-stick formula is easy to blend out on the cheeks and build up. This blush plays well with other products and will last on oily skin throughout the day. For more on Milk Makeup’s best selling products, check out my brand review here.

3 | ColourPop Peony for Your Thoughts Blush Stix Duo – Flamenco & Mini-Me (CF, $8.00 USD each)

Simply put, these ColourPop Blush Stix are extremely pigmented, bright blushes that can be easily buffed out to provide a natural flush to my cheeks. These are amazing quality at a super affordable price tag.

2 | Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush Stick – In the Nude (CF, $32.00 USD)

The Nudestix cream blush stix were one of the most hyped releases this year and helped to usher in the trend for cream-stick blush products. The shade In the Nude is a perfect cream blush for no-makeup makeup days, given how natural the color looks on the skin. However, compared to other items in my collection, this is rather expensive. Check out my huge indie beauty haul here.

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Labeled Cream Blush Swatches (Nudestix, Milk Makeup, ColourPop, Glossier)
Cream Blush Collection Swatches

1 | Glossier Cloud Paints – Beam & Dusk (CF, $18.00 USD each) 

The Glossier Cloud Paints are a well-loved product for a reason. These blushes are the epitome of a natural, radiant, flush cheeks. The formula blends out like a dream, looks natural, and lasts throughout the day… even on oily skin! I love wearing these blushes over foundation or on bare skin. For more on Glossier’s most loved products, check out my brand review here.

Powder Blush Collection Ranking

Unlike my creme blush collection ranking, my powder blush collection was harder to rank. My favorite and least favorite blushes were easy to pull out, but the middle blushes were trickier.

10 | Laura Geller Baked Blush ($9.54 USD, CF)

I’ve owned this blush from Laura Geller for at least two years, but have never once reached for it due to the purple color. I purchased this because it was unique in my collection…. but for good reason! I don’t like wearing colors like this on my cheeks.

9 | ColourPop Super Shock Blush – Thumper ($10.00 USD, CF)

Here’s the thing: ColourPop makes dope affordable products and the Super Shock formula is a unique creme-to-powder shadow and highlighter formula… but I’m not in love with the blush formula. In fact, when I originally made this ranking list, I forgot that owned Thumper! Simply put, this blush is hard to pick up with a brush and not as easy to finger blend as a traditional cream or liquid blush.

8 | bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush – But First, Coffee ($24.00 USD, CF)

Although I love the Gen Nude Powder Blush formula, I have to rank But First, Coffee lower in my collection simply because this deep beige-brown shade is almost too pigmented for my skin. Given that I need to be ultra-careful when using this blush, I only reach for this when I know I’ll have time to blend and build my blush slowly.

7 | ColourPop Pressed Powder Blush – Main Chick ($10.00 USD, CF }

The ColourPop Pressed Powder Blush in the shade Main Chick was a surprisedly good blush. Why surprising? I had a horrible experience with the ColourPop Pressed Powder Bronzer, while this blush provides a perfect pop of summery-looking flush to the cheeks.

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Labeled Powder Blush Swatches (Laura Geller, ColourPop, NARS)
Blush Swatches – Laura Geller, ColourPop, NARS

6 | Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo – Mohave Mauve  ($38.00 USD, CF)

Of the Cover FX Monochromatic Duos I own, I reach for Mohave Mauve the least because Soft Peach is my go-to shade for most days and Pink Dahlia is my preferred cool-toned pink. However, I expect this blush will get more love this Fall since the deeper, mauve hue will pair well with autumnal-inspired makeup looks.

5 | NARS Blush – Zen ($30.00 USD)

Like my MAC blush, my NARS Zen Blush is one of the oldest and most well-loved blushes. This is a staple blush in my collection due to the brown-toned, nude hue and ease of application.

4 | Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo – Pink Dahlia ($38.00 USD, CF)

The Pink Dahlia Blush Duo is a cool-toned pink blush that adds a bright flush pop to the cheeks. When I’m creating a cool-toned makeup look, this is the blush that I typically reach for.

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Labeled Powder Blush Swatches (Cover FX, bareMinerals, MAC)
Blush Swatches – Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo, bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blushes, MAC Mineralize Blush

3 | bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush – Lets Go Nude ($24.00 USD, CF)

I love brown and beige-toned nude blushes, so when I came across the Gen Nude Blushes at Marshalls I had to refrain from purchasing every color in the range. Let’s go Nude is a mid-toned beige terra-cotta colored powder blush feels super creamy and blends with ease on the cheeks. Although the color is highly pigmented, so very little product goes a long way. And oh, did I mention that this blush was Talc-free?

2 | Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo – Soft Peach ($38.00 USD, CF)

The Monochromatic Blush Duos from Cover FX were one of the best releases of 2019. Although I picked up three different duos, my favorite is the Soft Peach Duo. It is perfect for every day.

1 | MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skin Finish – Warm Soul ($30.00 USD)

Without a doubt, the MAC Cosmetics Warm Soul Blush is the oldest and most well-loved blush in my collection due to the soft, buildable pigmentation and naturally radiant flush that this blush gives the cheeks. I love wearing this on its own or over matte blushes as a topper.

Makeup Collection & Ranking 2019 - Blushes
My 2019 cream & powder blush collection

Note: My Urban Decay After Glow Blush and ColourPop x Disney Designer Blushes are not included in this ranking as they are so new to my collection to properly rank them.

Final Thoughts on my Blush Collection Ranking

Although I’ve been very drawn to blush recently, I typically lust after bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow. There is only so much color variety one can wear on the cheeks.

If it wasn’t apparent from my blush collection ranking, I prefer powder blushes to cream blushes simply because they are easier to maintain throughout the day. I prefer soft, buildable formulas to highly pigmented ones.

In terms of color, I love a good neutral or peachy-toned blush. These give a natural flush to my cheeks. However, I appreciate a brighter, coral colors during the warm weather. In contrast, I don’t often gravitate towards mauve, purple-toned, or cool-toned pink shades.

Overall, I own 18 blush singles worth a value of $374.00 USD. As a reminder, the value is NOT the equivalent to what I paid. In fact, out of the above blushes, I only paid full price for the Cover FX Soft Peach Blush Duo. Nearly everything else was purchased on sale or at an Off-price or Outlet Retailer.

Do you agree with my blush collection ranking? Are there any formulas I should consider trying?

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Disclaimer: I am in no way intending to brag about my beauty collection or to show off any wealth. I work hard to buy what I own and so much of what is in my collection has been purchased at a discount or given to me as a gift. Moreover, these items have been garnered over the years.

Do you wear blush? What is your favorite brand or color family? Please let me know in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “Makeup Collection #1 | Best Blush Collection Ranking

  1. I’m so envious of your blush collection. So many beautiful shades and formulas. I would really love to try the Nudestix, Glossier and Cover FX blushes. They look so promising. Also, I’m so envious of your Warm Soul omg! xx

    1. Ahh I highly recommend the Nudestix and Glossier blushes for days when you want a super natural, but still vibrant flush. The cream and gel nature is the products make them blend so seamlessly into the skin.

      And yes, Warm Soul, is such an oldie but goodie. Still one of my favorites ❤️

  2. I think at the top would be Mac Melba and Mac Margin Frost. Both I use so so much and looks like I’ve barely used any of it. I really want to try the cover fx duos. They’re insanely beautiful.

    1. The Cover FX Duos are so lovely – I honestly wouldn’t mind owning all of the blushes in that collection lol. One of my biggest regrets is getting rid of Mac’s Melba – I had convinced myself it wasn’t good anymore (when really I was just doing a big decluttering). I haven’t heard of Margin Frost so I def need to check that out. MAC is so underrated now.

  3. Okay I’m obsessed with your blush collection!! I actually never thought of wearing a brown blush and I think I want to try it once! The bareMinerals blush is everything.

  4. Awesome post! I don’t wear blush often and when I do I just rub some pink lip balm on my cheeks but I think it may be time to invest in an actual blush so thanks for all the information!

  5. I am extremely jealous of your blush collection! I have found myself reaching for blusher more and more recently so I am on the hunt for a new one! This post was so helpful xxx

  6. Such a thorough round-up! I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a make-up wearer and have probably only ever touched blush a few times in my life. People always compliment my naturally rosy cheeks so I always figured that was good enough. But great to know that the powder ones last longer than the creams. I figured the creams would last longer but guess I was wrong!

  7. I didn’t wear blush for ages because I just went off the idea of it but recently got back into blushers, which I’m happy about. WOW you have so many bronzers?! I loved reading this post and glad to see M.A.C. made it to number one for the powders because I’ve heard great things. For an affordable blusher, you could check out the Milani ones (if you haven’t already), I’ve been impressed with my one!

    1. lol I love a good brown-toned blush…. and I have way too many, but I enjoy rotating them around. Nothing looks like a complete dupe of anything else even though there are similarities.

      I used to LOVE the Milani blushes when I was younger and they truly can compete with the high end ones. Luminoso was my fave!! I should pick up at least one blush from the brand to have in my collection.

  8. Gosh, I have the matte nudestix nuddies and i love the colour pay off! I really want to buy the dewy one because yes to glow but idk what shade!!! Im gonna go check that shade out hehe! Milk is definitely a brand that I WISH came to Singapore. I’m such a no-brush person and their products are sooo easy to use! And of course the legendary cloud paints, why can’t they be in local sephoras ahhhh!
    The coverfx blush duos I’ve wanted but I kinda let it go because its so expensive, urgh the 3 gorgeous shades you have ahhh! Mmm You have a fanastic blush collection!

    1. OMG I’m so surprised that Nudestix is available but Milk isn’t since Milk is a bigger brand here in the states! I love how cream products can be applied with fingers, too!! The Cover FX duos are pricey, but they are pretty.

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