Blogger Recognition Award #2: Why I Write & Tips for New Bloggers

Although I focus primarily on beauty-related content, as a beauty blogger, I love partaking in blogger tags. Whether I’ve been tagged in a fun challenge or nominated for a blogger-to-blogger award, I’m always so grateful to be a part of this creative community and feel such a sense of joy that I’ll get to nominate other bloggers.

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Bad or Rad | MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection

Make way for MAC x Disney! Say hey, its MAC x Disney!

Say what you will, but as an avid Disney lover, I have been stalking the MAC x Disney Aladdin Collection since I first saw sneak peaks on TrendMood’s Instagram earlier this Spring. But is this collection really worth the splurge? Please keep reading to find out.

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7 Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

Not every new beauty find can be a winning product for everyone because everyone has different needs when it comes to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. Even the biggest beauty enthusiast will sometimes try a new product that is a dud. Although I love reading about what products my favorite bloggers and influencers are loving, “negative” reviews can be just as informative. Please keep reading to see the beauty products that I regret purchasing.

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Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #1

Contrary to what my more recent haul posts may lead you to believe, I’ve been working hard to reign in my spending lately. This past May I started my first Yearlong Beauty Low-Buy. In complete candor, I wasn’t in a mental state where I could have handled a total Beauty No-Buy. Nevertheless, I’m stoked to…

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Save $$$ Shopping | 30+ Beauty Brands that Offer Student Discounts

Honestly, why wasn’t I more aware of student discounts when I was an undergrad in college? Whether you’re a major beauty fanatic or new to the beauty game, student discounts are a dope way for students to save money while shopping. If you’re interested in saving some money on indie and mainstream cosmetic, skincare, and haircare brands, then please keep reading.

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Blogger Love | Why All New Bloggers Should Try the “Follow for Follow” Growth Strategy

#Follow4Follow is a growth strategy that many bigger bloggers poo-poo, but this is a must-try strategy that all new content creators should consider. Please keep reading for top tips on using the Follow for Follow strategy for growing your blog. What is the Follow for Follow Method? Follow for Follow is a growth tactic for…

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Bad or Rad: Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Eyeshadow Stack, Liquid Lipstick & Liners

Melt Cosmetics has remained one of the hottest indie beauty brands in the market since the brand released their first line of lipsticks in 2013. Aesthetically, Melt Cosmetics is like the cooler, younger sister of Kat Von D – with marketing and color stories that encourage customers to rock unique, bold looks.

Whenever Melt Cosmetics teases a new release, the hype surrounding that release quickly builds in the beauty community. Hype quickly turns into hysteria as avid fans rush to snag Melt’s newest eyeshadow stack and eyeshadow palette releases. All of the brands most recent releases have sold out within days of launching: Gemini Palette, Twenty Seven Palette, Smoke Sessions Palette, and the BluePrint Stack. But is the brand’s beloved BluePrint Stack worth the hype? 

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The Perfect Palette Tag

The Perfect Palette Tag is an OG Beauty Tag that was popular on YouTube nearly 5 years ago! This quick little tag has been done by everyone from NikkiTutorial and Tati to KathleenLights and Emily Noel. I rediscovered this tag when Nicole from I Like It Sparkly brought this back from the YouTube Graveyard. Click…

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Back-in-Time Beauty | L’OREAL True Match Foundation Review

Whenever a new beauty product launches within a matter of weeks the beauty community determines whether that launch will became a “holy grail” staple or whether the product is a fail. But have you ever noticed that every new release is slowly forgotten, regardless of whether they’ve earned cult classic status or whether they were an utter fail?

In my new series, “Back-In-Time Beauty,” I’ll be rediscovering old cult classic beauty staples to see whether these goodies stand the test of the test of time or whether they were an overhyped release that will eventually fade into obscurity.

For my inaugural post in this series, I’ll be reviewing the L’OREAL True Match Foundation. Please keep reading for more on this OG drugstore foundation staple.

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6 Beauty Brands that Reward You for Recycling

Did you know that plastic packaging alone accounts for 40% of the world’s total plastic usage? Although plastic packaging is used for far more than cosmetics, a high volume of cosmetic-related waste is being generated every year. For example, the World Wild Life Fund estimated that the UK used 10.8 billion wet wipes and 13.2 billion cotton buds in 2018 alone. According to the National Geographic, 91% of all global plastics have not been properly recycled. 

Unfortunately for beauty lovers, cosmetic and beauty packaging can be some of the hardest plastic-packaged products to recycle due to the unique colors, shapes, and plastic types used to house our favorite beauty must-haves. Thankfully, some beauty brands are actively trying to reduce waste and encourage consumers to recycle their used makeup and packaging. The below list is a compilation of beauty brands that reward their customers for recyling.

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