Boxycharm November 2019 | Stellar Set or Worst Month Yet!?

Boxycharm November 2019

How have I been subscribed to Boxycharm for three months already?! In today’s post, I’ll be doing an unboxing of the Boxycharm November 2019 box.

Boxycharm November 2019 Unboxing

Dominique Cosmetics – Celestial Thunder Eyeshadow Palette | $35.00 USD, CF

I would be stoked to receive the Celestial Thunder Palette I didn’t already own the Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Storm Eyeshadow Palette. This month’s box included a mini version of the Dominque Cosmetics Celestial Storm Eyeshadow Palette.

I will not be swatching this or using this palette at all. Once again, this palette, did not come in a box. I am unsure whether I’ll try to sell this palette at a steep discount or whether I’ll save it for a giveaway.

Kypris – Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum | $90.00 USD, CF

The Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum promises to soothe and nurture the skin. The formula is intended to hydrate the skin and leave it with a refreshed glow. I am excited to try this serum.

Dose of Colors – Liquid Matte Lipstick (Nude Mood) | $18.00 USD, CF

Dose of Colors has one of the most hyped liquid lipstick formulas on the market. While I love the brand’s glosses, I’ve never tried any of their liquid lipsticks.

Color-wise, I am relieved to have received one of the neutral shades. In the September 2019 Boxycharm, I received a strange orange lipstick from MAC that no one even wants to buy at a steep discount.

Boxycharm November 2019 - Stellar
Boxycharm November 2019 – Stellar

Tula Skincare – Star Power Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask (Set of 2) | $22.00 USD, CF

Tula has been a brand I’ve been longing to try. That being said, I do not enjoy sheet masks. Will I keep these? Yes. However, I’m not excited to own these masks.

Boxycharm – 2-Piece Brush Set | $35.00 USD, CF

Aesthetic-wise, these 2-piece brushes from Boxycharm are ugly. The top of both brushes is large with densely packed bristles.

The large brush is meant to be perfect for applying liquids, creams, and powders. The smaller brush is intended for foundation application.

Also, I do not believe that these brushes are worth $35.00 USD. Luxie and Sigma both sell more affordable brushes.

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation Complexion Pack

At first, I was livid when I thought that this dinky sample was the fifth item in my box. Once I read the Boxycharm November 2019 pamphlet, I changed my mind.

Charmers received one of two foundation samplers to help Boxycharm better understand its subscribers’ complexions. Supposedly, this will help subscribers receive complexion products that are better matched in future boxes.

I am so curious to see if Boxycharm starts including foundations or concealers in future boxes.

Final Thoughts on the Boxycharm November 2019 Box

So how did the Boxycharm November 2019 box stack up?

I am beyond bitter about this month’s Boxycharm. Although the Kypris serum is the “big-ticket” item, the eyeshadow palette is clearly intended to bring the WOW factor. To be fair, if I didn’t own the full-size Dominque Cosmetics Palette I’d be less bitter.

Of the items I received, I am most excited to try the Kypris serum and the Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick. I will use the Tula Skincare masks and the Boxycharm brushes, but I’m not excited about them. I wish I had received something else in the November 2019 box.

At this point, I am torn on whether I’ll keep my subscription. I’m toying with cancelling it after the six-month subscription period. However, part of me is also toying with upgrading to Boxycharm Premium. This month’s premium box looked incredible!

Rating the Boxycharm November 2019 box: this box would receive 3/5 stars.

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What did you think of the Boxycharm November 2019 box? What item is most appealing to you? Please let me know in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “Boxycharm November 2019 | Stellar Set or Worst Month Yet!?

  1. I am sorry it wasn’t a better box, LP! I really enjoyed your reviews. What is it about sheet masks you don’t like? I tend to find them pricy and there’s no way to extend your use of them unlike with other types of masks where you can control the amount you use?

    1. It’s a shame because the premium box (which is $10 more) was really incredible this month. To be fair, this would have gotten a higher rating from me if I didn’t already own the DC palette

  2. I’m sorry this wasn’t a nice box for you! One of the reasons I think I wouldn’t subscribe to Boxycharm would be me being scared about receiving things I already have. However, I still really like the idea of these boxes and I don’t own anything that’s in this month’s box.

    1. I think these are good for people who don’t have large collections but when you own as much makeup as you or I do, the items often aren’t what we’d buy ourselves or could be something already in our collections!

    1. I signed up for a 6-month trial, so I won’t be cancelling for 3 months lol. I DID, however, update my box preferences. I changed it to say that I prefer mostly skincare to makeup.

      Either way though, I feel like this sub will run its course at the end of my trial. It doesn’t make sense for me since I own so much makeup.

      1. Oh man well hopefully you’ll get better stuff now. Yeah I guess it’s not worth it for people who already own a lot of full sized products.

  3. I would have LOVED to get the DC palette but totally understand why you’re bitter since you already have the full-sized! I also noticed Boxycharm doesn’t give the outer boxes with their products often. I’ve always wanted to try DOC liquid lippie, glad you got a nice shade! & the serum sounds nice… if it actually does what it claims! I’ve not heard of Tula but I actually love sheet masks. Hope everything you kept & tried worked out for you!

    1. I think that’s what kills me. Had I not bought the DC palette I would have LOVED this box way more… but as it stands right now I’m 0/3 in terms of eyeshadow palettes I’ve kept from Boxy.

      I ended up completely changing my setting so we’ll see how my next 3 boxes go. If I don’t like the next two boxes, I’m going to preemptively cancel before my 6-month sub renews!

      1. Ah, that’s such a shame you haven’t wanted to keep any of your eyeshadow palettes from Boxy. What about the DOC one? I hope that your changed settings will help them give you more of what you want!

      2. Crazily enough, I actually sold that palette completely brand new! Although I really like the DOSE formula and I didn’t own that particular palette, I took a big look at my collection and determined that someone else would use that WAY more than I would. I’ve been trying to sell the DC & VV palettes too.

        Essentially, if I didn’t have a huge collection I would have LOVED these palettes. However, because I own so many palettes, I don’t think I’d use these the way I’d like to. I wouldn’t mind keeping the VV palette if it doesn’t sell but the DC palette def needs a new home.

        I seriously hope that I’ll start to get more skincare products now that I changed my settings! But we shall see LOL!

      3. Oh yay, glad you were able to sell the DOSE palette. That totally makes sense with your huge collection! I hope you’re able to rehome the other two, as well. 🙂

        Ipsy is much better at listening to your profile, I really wonder if you’d prefer it over Boxy since they do usually send more skincare, too. 😛

      4. Have you ever heard of TestTube by NewBeauty? I think they are bi-monthly and usually have more skincare & haircare, with maybe 1 makeup product each box.

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