about me

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my new blog – The Newbury Girl!

2017 was a big year of reflection – personally and professionally. Last year at this time, I felt pessimistic about my life, but that unhappiness fueled me towards making changes in how I spent my time, energy, and money. What started out with negativity, quickly blossomed into a source of positive motivation. My hope for 2018 (and beyond) is that I will sustain the positive momentum that I built in 2017.

Beauty, wellness, and sustainability are three of my biggest life passions – as such, this blog will focus on these aspects of my life. I am not a beauty or wellness guru, nor am I a minimalist (yet), but I am striving to share my passions and downsize the *things* that I allowed to clutter my life. As an advocate for work-life-balance, chasing your dreams, and looking for the bright spots, I want to thrive in life.

I am hopeful for what the future has to offer and I hope that you join me on my journey.