about me

Welcome to The Newbury Girl, a blog dedicated to all things beauty and wellnes. While I love the beauty industry, true beauty is more than skin deep. When we’re healthy, happy, and leading fulfilling lives, that radiates.

Beauty Blogger:

On this blog you’ll find a bevy of beauty reviews, project panning updates, tutorials, as well as discussions on hot topics prevalent within the beauty community. My review content includes First Impressions, Dedicated Product Reviews, comprehensive “Bad or Rad” Brand Reviews, Empties, and Product Round-Ups. In 2019, I will introduce Anti-Hauls to my channel, too.

Wellness Advocate:

I am a big believer in self care and promoting healthy habits and this is reflected in much of my wellness-related content. My biggest wellness focuses are on self improvement and self-confidence, as well as financial wellness/smart consumerism.

Experienced Marketer:

I’m a well-versed, experienced Marketer with nearly half a decade’s worth of experience working with both independent and major beauty, retail, and travel brands. As a marketer and blogger, I have a unique perspective on how to make an impact in the blogging community and how to create content that brands will find engaging, without needing to compromise your integrity. In 2019, I introduced a new series dedicated to helping new bloggers succeed in growing their blogs and developing their voices.

Sustainability Advocate:

Although I still have a long way to go, I am encouraged by the steps that are being taken by both individuals and corporations to reduce waste and to do less harm to the environment. From time-to-time, I share relevant sustainability-related news and swaps to make on my blog.

Chocolate Fiend, Dog Lover, and Optimist:Β 

I am hopeful for what the future has to offer and I hope that you join me on my journey.