Bad or Rad | Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

Bad or Rad | Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review, Demo, and Swatches

Melt Cosmetics is one of the hottest indie beauty brands. Aesthetically, Melt Cosmetics is like the cooler, younger sister of Kat Von D. The brand’s marketing and color stories that encourage customers to rock unique, bold looks.

Whenever Melt Cosmetics teases a new release, the hype quickly builds. Hype turns into hysteria as avid fans rush to snag Melt’s newest eyeshadow stack and eyeshadow palette releases.

All of the brands most recent releases have sold out within days of their initial launches: Gemini Palette, Twenty Seven Palette, Smoke Sessions Palette, and the BluePrint Stack. But is the brand’s beloved Blueprint Stack worth the hype?

Melt Cosmetics Brand Ethos

Founded in 2012 by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, Melt Cosmetics aimed to fill a need in the market for ultra-colorful, bold matte lipsticks. The brand quickly reached cult status since officially launching their first five lipsticks in 2013.

Melt Cosmetics embodies freedom of expression through makeup, and the need for fans to be themselves. Moreover, the brand aims to inspire their followers to “take the risks involved in pursuing [their] dreams.”

The brand releases innovative products in bold shades that set color trends in the industry. Melt Cosmetics “pushes the boundaries of what quality cosmetics should be” in terms of color, packaging, and edgy shade names.

All of Melt Cosmetics products are Cruelty-Free and many products are vegan. Non-vegan products are denoted with an asterisk below.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Eyeshadow Stack

The Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Stack includes eight half-pan shadows, half of which are blue and half of which are bronze-toned. The stack consists of six shimmers and two mattes.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

Price & Packaging: The BluePrint Stack retails for $48.00 USD. This price is on par with the brand’s other smaller stacks and palettes. The limited edition cobalt blue packaging is no longer available. The Blueprint stack can be purchased in the brand’s traditional black packaging.

Eyeshadow Swatches: Per usual, I’ve swatched each shade in this stack on my arm without any primer. The top swatch of each color is a finger swatch, while the bottom swatch is a brush swatch. All swatches were produced by dipping into each color one time.

As always, swatches are not a perfect indicator of quality as shadows can perform much differently on the eye than on a bare arm. However, swatches can still provide clues as to a shadows pigmentation, ability to blend, and ease of use.

Blue Shades |Skylight (baby blue shimmer), Deadbolt (cerulean shimmer), King Stud (saphire metallic), Dim-light (midnight blue matte)

Skylight lives up to the online description. This is a chunky shimmer shadow. Skylight and Deadbolt glided across the skin with one swipe. Dim-light is a deep blue shade that is not only pigmented, but swatches with ease. However, this is a dry formula.

Neutral Shades | Beaming (pink-gold duochrome), Hotwire (orange copper shimmer), Nailed (bronze gold shimmer), Hammered (mahogony matte)

The neutral shades in the Melt Cosmetics BluePrint stack performed very similarly to the blue shades. However, I didn’t notice any chunky shades. Hotwire and Nailed were extremely pigmented. Surprisingly, the matte shade Hammered was dry. This is uncommon for a neutral matte shadow.

The metallic shadows are incredibly soft, crumble easily. They are messy. These metallics are so soft and messy that they make the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette seem stiff. Skylight and Nailed crumbled when the magnetic pans came together too quickly. They continue to make a mess every time I’ve use the Blueprint Stack.

Application & Wear-Time: The shimmer and metallic shadows apply best with a finger. However, the metallics can be picked up with a flat eyeshadow brush. Sadly, the metallics are extremely messy. Wearers should be advised to apply their eyeshadow first before applying any face makeup.

The matte shades pack on a lot of pigment and blend with ease despite the drier formula.

Demo Look #1 – Blue Gradiant Eye| I created a gradient, blue eyeshadow look with copper on my lower lash line. To create this look, I set my eyelids with my NYX HD Shadow Base and blended the shades Sandalwood and In a Wink (from the ColourPop x ILuvSarahii Palette) into my crease.

Then using my finger, I applied the shade Deadbolt to the center of my eye, King Stud to the outer eyelid. Skylight was applied in my inner inner corner.

Taking a dense, fluffy brush I packed the matte shade Dim-Light in the Outer-V. I smoked out my lower lash line with the shades Hammered and Hotwire.

I finished this look by tight-lining my water-line and lining my upper lid,  the Melt All Day/Everyday Eyeliner in Neptune and rimming my lower lash-line with the the All Day Everyday Eyeliner in Dusk.

Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Stack - Look #1 Blue Gradiant Eye

The blue eyeshadows creased on my lids within 10 minutes of application. Even though I have oily lids, creasing shouldn’t happen this quickly.

I plugged on and applied more shadow in an attempt to save the look. Unfortunately, the shadows creased again. By the ten-hour mark, the color had completely faded off the entire crease area and melted off my lid.

Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Stack - Look #1 Blue Gradiant Eye

Demo Look #2 – Warm, Copper Smokey Eye | To create this look, I first primed my lid with my NYX HD Shadow Base. Then I blended the shade Golden Ochre from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance into my crease. The Blueprint Stack lacks any traditional, light matte shadows.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack | Warm, Copper Eye
Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack | Warm, Copper Eye

 Once my crease was blended, I stamped the dark matte shade, Hammered onto the outer-V of my lid. I packed the three shimmer shades onto the lid using my flat shader brush. To add a subtle pop of blue, I lined my waterline with Neptune.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack | Warm Smokey Copper Eye
Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Stack | Warm Smokey Copper Eye

The neutral shades in the stack performed much better than their blue counterparts. However, I still have issues with the overall shadow texture.

Bad or Rad: I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the Melt Blueprint stack was a letdown. Given the price point, I expected these shadows to apply with ease and to last on my lids. Unfortunately neither expectation was met.

In some ways, the performance of the blue shades in the blueprint stack remind me of the Natasha Denona Mini Lila Palette. As previously mentioned, this palette creates a mess whenever. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see my eyeshadow (a.k.a. my money) spilling onto the floor or across my counter.

Although I love shimmer shadows and am not as matte-obsessed as many others, I found it difficult to create complete looks using the Blueprint stack. There were no transitional matte shades to smoke out or blend into the crease.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Liquid Set Lipstick in Circuit

The Melt Cosmetics Liquid Set Lipstick in Circuit was released as a part of the BluePrint Stack launch earlier this year. The color is described as a high-voltage steel blue color.

Swatches: The fuzzy, flat, doe-foot applicator makes swatching and applying Circuit incredibly easy. The below swatch represents one swipe of color across my bare arm.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review_Circuit Liquid Set Lipstick
Liquid Set Lipstick Swatch in Circuit

Application & Wear-time: The Liquid Set Lipstick in Circuit is pigmented; however, this particular shade be patchy. This liquid lip formula takes at least two-minutes to fully set itself and dry down on the lips.

The longer setting time is helpful for correcting mistakes, but this may be undesirable if in a hurry. Once the first coat dries down, another layer of Circuit can be added for better pigmentation and for correcting patchy coloration. The color will darken when the second layer dries down and looks nearly black.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review_Circuit Liquid Set Lipstick Demo
One layer of the Liquid Set Lipstick in Circuit

From a formulation perspective, the Melt Cosmetics Liquid Set Lipstick is drier than comparable liquid lipsticks such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills and BareMinerals GenNude Liquid Lipsticks. Circuit is nowhere near as drying as the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. This isn’t the most comfortable liquid lipstick, but it won’t emphasize lip lines or suck the life out of your lips.

In terms of longevity, this lipstick will fade in the center of the lips during and after eating or drinking. Furthermore, the lipstick will smudge if you touch your lips a lot during the day.

Bad or Rad: All-in-all, I was impressed with Circuit and I felt like a badass rocking this color.

I enjoyed the formula. I prefer comfort over longevity. I’d rather wear a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry out my lips as opposed to an ultra-matte liquid lipstick. I don’t care if a liquid lipstick lasts all day if it leaves my lips looking like the Sahara.

I would certainly buy more liquid lipsticks from this line in the future.

Melt Cosmetics All Day/Everyday Eye Liner – Dusk & Neptune

The Melt Cosmetics All Day/Everyday Eye Liners promise to apply smoothly on the eyes. Melt attests that the All Day/Everyday Eye Liners will last for eight hours of wear-time without smudging or transferring. Also, these eyeliners are waterproof.

Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Stack & All Day/Everyday Eyeliner in Neptune
Can you see how the BluePrint eyeshadow is already creasing, while the All Day/Everyday Liner stays strong?

Price & Packaging: The All Day/Everyday pencil liners retails for $17.00 USD. These are traditional pencil liners which will require users to sharpen the pencil whenever necessary.

Swatches: Both liners glided across my wrist with full pigmentation with the lightest touch, reminiscent of the Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Eye Liners. Furthermore, living up to the waterproof claim, I had to use an oil-based cleanser to remove the swatches from my wrist.

Neptune is described as a “true sapphire blue” with glitter flecks, while Dusk is described as a “dimensional citrus orange liner” with gold flecks. The shade Dusk is versatile because the color transforms depending on the look. Dusk looks orange when applied in orange-toned looks, but leans copper-colored in neutral, copper-toned looks.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review_All Day/EveryDay Eyeliners in Neptune & Dusk
Top-Bottom: All Day/Everyday Eye Liners in Neptune & Dusk

Application & Wear-time: Both Dusk and Neptune glided onto my lid and onto my waterline with ease. No tugging required, no smudging. The colors retained their saturated pigmentation all day without transferring, fading, or sliding around my face.

Bad or Rad: I love both of the Melt Cosmetics All Day/Everyday Eyeliners because they live up to their claims to provide amazing, bold pigmentation in a formula that is easy to apply and lasts all day.

Will I purchase more? Honestly, these are so expensive, that I’d only likely repurchase if (1) they released a unique color that I cannot find at the drugstore or (2) they were offering a seasonal promotion.

Where to Purchase Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics can be purchased at and Sephora.

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

Final Thoughts on Melt Cosmetics

Although I loved the All Day/Everyday Liners and the Liquid Set Lipstick, the jury is still out on the BluePrint stack due to how the shadows performed given the high price point. The shadow formula is perplexing. The metallic shades are much softer than the metallics in their previous stacks (i.e. the Gun Metal Stack).

Also, the color selection of this particular stack reminds me of the Blue Runway Eyes Baked Eyeshadow Palette that Milani used to sell at the drugstore. I wish that Melt did an entirely blue stack that included more matte shadows. If they had done so, a complete blue look could be created, similarly to ColourPop’s Blue Moon Palette.

Image result for milani blue runway eyeshadows

I commend Melt for making this a permanent product with Limited Edition packaging. I wish that more prestige and indie brands did this with their packaging.  Limited Edition packaging builds buzz and creates hype amongst a brands’ super fans in a way that doesn’t play on consumers’ fears of missing out on a product.

How so? Fans who know they want the stack can buy it in the special packaging, but consumers on the fence can wait to read reviews or watch tutorials before making their decision.

Will I buy more eyeshadow from Melt? Heck yeah I will, but I may look for more reviews before doing so. For any US readers, Melt is now available at Sephora, so I highly recommend playing with these products in store if you find yourself on the fence!

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Melt Cosmetics BluePrint Eyeshadow Stack, All/Day Everyday Eyeliner, and Liquid Lipstick in Circuit

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Have you tried anything from Melt Cosmetics before or are you interested in any of these goodies? Would you rock a bold blue eye or lip? Please let me know in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “Bad or Rad | Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

  1. I loved all of the colors here, the blue and copper swatches but it’s disappointing for sure that they creased so easily.. and for that price point! I would totally feel disappointed by that. That shade of blue lipstick looks SOO badass, I love it! I’d def wanna try those eyeliner colors too if it weren’t for the price 😅 I enjoyed learning about this brand, thanks for sharing lovely! 😘

    Geraldine |

    1. Thank you, girl! 🙂 I really love how edgy Melt is – they got their start releasing unique, colorful lippies!! I’m hoping that if I bring in shadows from another palette the blues won’t crease so much.

    1. Melt kind of in a unique position right now in that they are a large indie brand on the cusp on becoming mainstream. Their expansion into Sephora will def bring them more mainstream attention – especially because they are filling a gap in the market previously filled Kat Von D Beauty.

  2. I have heard so many good things about Melt – I have been really tempted by the Gemini and Smoke Obsessions palettes now that they are available at Sephora but they’re really expensive.

    I feel like I haven’t even seen that BluePrint stack before though, I agree that it would have been better as an all blue stack (kind of like the JS Blue Blood or the CP Blue Moon). Although I really like the look that you created with the copper tones and blue tones combined!

    The blue lipstick looks beautiful (and badass) on you but I would never be able to pull that off. I have a blue lipstick from Wet N Wild but have only worn it at home. I don’t mind spending like $2 for WnW if I am only going to wear it at home!

    Anyway, beautiful review and post! I love all your pictures and love how in depth this post is!!

    1. This stack (like all of Melt’s stuff) was originally an exclusive that released a couple months ago and then sold out right away so that could be why there was limited hype compared to The Gemini or Smoke Sessions palettes! I ended up having to shelve my review until I saw that Sephora was carrying the restock! 😊

      And aw thank you – my family was embarrassed to be seen out with me though when I was out and about in that lippie lol! Agree that it’s better to spend $$$ on colors you’ll wear more regularly!

      And thank you so much!!! This was def a trickier review for me to write.

  3. Pretty cool to read that Melt Cosmetics has come a long way since their first launch in 2013. I like that they try to be innovative. The BluePrint Stack comes with so many different options! I love how you applied the shadow to your eyes!! You did an amazing job! Even though they’re more on the expensive side, at least you got to try them out :). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Melt really is such a rad brand – I love how the brand was founded by two badass women who saw an unmet need and went about trying to meet that need with their brand. Also, I love how they really set the trends that larger brands follow.

      And thank you so much – I love makeup so much, so I’m always trying to better my technique. <3

  4. I love this brands values and that it is cruelty free (I only buy cruelty free).
    I don’t often wear eyeshadows however the colours of these are fantastic!! The blues are so vibrant, I love them.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a shame about that eyeshadow. I can totally see it creasing in the photo where you’re showing off the eyeliner. The blues are so gorgeous though. 😭

    1. It really was such an unexpected disappointment from the brand. If they had included another mid-tone blue, then maybe I could have buffed that into the crease to prevent the creasing… but the blue shimmers really didn’t last.

      What’s odd though, is that the orange/copper tones didn’t perform this way!

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