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It is hard to imagine the beauty community without YouTube. However, I did not fall down the YouTube Beauty rabbit hole until my senior year of college. Before YouTube, I discovered  new products in the aisles of Sephora, Ulta, Target, and CVS.

Since joining the YouTube beauty community, the platform has negatively impacted my shopping behaviors. YouTube influences a lot of my purchases. Some of these beauty purchases have been great finds, while others sit untouched in my collection.

Please keep reading for my take on YouTube Made Me Buy It.

YouTube Made Me Buy It


Maybelline – Age Rewind Concealer

For a long time, I never wore concealer despite having bad acne.  By the time I started wearing concealer, I was almost exclusively shopping at Sephora. Rather than acne, my main concern was reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

For years, my go-to concealer was from CoverFX. However, I kept hearing my favorite Beauty Gurus on YouTube speaking highly of the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. Most notably, Tati Westbrook raved about this concealer in countless videos.

Eventually, I went to my local CVS and purchased the Age Rewind concealer. I consistently repurchase this concealer. For a long time, it was my ride or die concealer.

The Age Rewind formula is lightweight, blends easily, and does not settle into fine lines. This concealer provides medium coverage. In addition to minimizing the appearance of my under-eye bags, this concealer works well for brightening other points of the face.

The biggest flaw in this product is the sponge tip applicator. When first opening this concealer, my preferred method of application is the sponge that comes with the product. However, I am always forced to remove the sponge. Eventually the sponge gets old and dirty, so it causes acne.

Physicians Formula – Butter Bronzer

For a hot minute, the Butter Bronzer was everywhere on YouTube. At the time this bronzer was still making its rounds across the larger influencers’ channels, I stumbled across a Kathleen Lights video where she spoke so highly of this bronzer.

The Butter Bronzer is a staple in my collection. The formula is buildable. The undertone is warm, without leaning orange. Since releasing the original formula, Physicians Formula has released three other shade variations.

The smell of this product is very overpowering. At first, the smell deterred me from using the bronzer. However, the smell does fade with time.

Additionally, the Butter Bronzer is quite expensive, ranging from $13-17.00 USD. Try purchasing this during a sale. Retailers such as CVS frequently offer beauty coupons and promotions ranging anywhere from 20-40%.

Curious how this bronzer stacks up against the other bronzers in my collection? Check out my bronzer collection ranking.

Juvia’s Place – Nubian Platte

Juvia’s Place exploded on YouTube in 2016 due to the brand’s low price point and highly pigmented products. At the time, I heard countless YouTubers talking about the brand. Even though many gurus spoke more highly of the Nubian II and the Masquerade Palette, I purchased the original Nubian Palette.

Even though I no longer watch NikkiTutorials, she played a role in influencing this purchase. Ultimately, another smaller creator’s demonstration and review helped me to make up my mind to purchase this palette. However, I used one of Nikki’s discount codes when I made my purchase.

Click here for a full review of the Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette.


Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) – Dip Brow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dip Brow Pomade was the hottest brow product on Youtube for a long time. I’ve heard everyone from NikkiTutorials to Jessica Braun speak favorably about this product over the years. Eventually, I purchased the Dip Brow Pomade, but I rarely reach for it.

In general, I find pomades difficult to use on a daily basis. Pomades take more time and effort to apply than a pencil. Also, pomades can easily look too harsh. I regret purchasing this product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipsticks

Anastasia Beverly Hills was one of the first brands to capitalize on the Liquid Lipstick trend in 2015 and 2016. Pure Hollywood was raved about by everyone on YouTube. Needless to say, I purchased Pure Hollywood, as well as other shades that were released years later.

I like the Anastasia Beverly Hills formulation, but I don’t typically reach for liquid lipsticks. I’ve always preferred bullet lipsticks with a cream or satin finish. However, I do still love the Pure Hollywood color.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Master By Mario Palette

Believe it or not, I actually had bought the Modern Renaissance before it blew up online and was out of stock everywhere. I never saw a single review about that palette prior to purchasing it. However, I seemed unable to escape the Master by Mario frenzy that was sweeping across YouTube.

At the time the Master by Mario palette came out, I could not have cared any less. I was just beginning to recognize my problem with buying makeup. I was actively avoiding product reviews. Also, I genuinely thought the Master by Mario Palette was unappealing. Rather than watching reviews, I found myself gravitating towards decluttering videos.

Eventually, I stumbled upon Mariah Leonard’s video reviewing the Master by Mario palette. Suddenly, I had to have this pallet. By the time I finally watched this review, the palette was sold out everywhere except for Macy’s.

I purchased this palette and it is one of my all-time favorite eye shadow palettes due to the versatile selection of neutrals. The colors are great for creating everyday looks or full-glam looks.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow formula is super soft and powdery. The shadows produce a lot of kickback and can cause fallout, but are easy to blend.

bareMinerals – Liquid Lipsticks

The bareMinerals GEN NUDE liquid lipsticks and lip glosses took the beauty community by storm. The brand did a massive PR release on YouTube. So many beauty gurus raved about the brand’s shades and formulation.

I like the bareMinerals GEN NUDE liquid lipsticks, but I don’t reach for these products. This formula is super creamy and does not dry out the lips. However, this formula takes forever to dry down. One could make the argument that this product never fully dries down. Apply this well before eating or drinking, otherwise, it will wear off completely.

Decluttered Products YouTube Made Me Buy

Even though YouTube made me buy it, they never make me keep it. The below are products I purchased based off YouTube reviews but decluttered:

  • Jouer – Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II
  • Kat Von D – Shade & Light Contour Palette
  • Kat Von D – Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette
  • Maybelline – Color Tattoo in Bold Gold
  • Too Faced – Peach Palette (original *limited edition* release)
  • Too Faced – Baked Luminous Glow Bronzer – Sweet Tea (Limited Edition)
  • The Balm – Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette
  • Wet & Wild – Comfort Zone

As you can tell, eyeshadow is my weakness. Clearly, I did not purchase eyeshadow with discernment. So many of these decluttered products are palettes that I convinced myself that I needed to have in my collection.

If I wasn’t watching YouTube, I would not have likely purchased these items.

YouTube Made Me Buy It – Final Thoughts

I am still on a minimalism journey, but always find this type of introspection helpful. Without looking back on my bad habits, how can I move forward?

Although I am accountable for my own bad shopping habits, YouTube has played a strong influence on my purchase decisions. It may be time to finally cut back on how involved I am in the online beauty community.

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Disclaimer: ‘YouTube Made Me Buy It’ is a popular video tag on YouTube. I am not claiming YouTube forced me to purchase anything, but YouTube Creators did influence my decision.

What did you think about my take on the YouTube Made Me Buy It tag? How has YouTube or social media influenced your purchase behaviors? Are there any great products that you discovered through digital media?

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      I remember being so shocked I found it, but Macy’s (and other department stores) sometimes have some awesome steals!!

  1. I use the Maybelline Age Rewinder as well, and love it, but the sponge tip grosses me out after a few uses. I’m scared to try out the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer because every shade I have come across is too warm for my skin tone 🙁 I HATE brow pomades because I prefer a more natural brow look while I’m letting mine grow out. I love that you have such a large collection!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment!!

      Definitely agree about the sponge applicator – it’s a shame that it can’t be cleaned more easily. 😞

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