Makeup Minimalism | 2019 Low Buy Introduction & Project Pan Goal

At the close of 2018, I had every intention of doing a yearlong cosmetic No-Buy. Having successfully completed a 6 month No Buy in years past, I felt like this challenge would be doable for me. However, the more I thought about doing a yearlong No Buy, the more anxious I became about my spending…  I started to spend uncontrollably, constantly buying new beauty products online. Essentially, I was on a beauty binge that lasted for roughly 2.5 months.

As a result of my reckless spending this Fall and this Winter, I’ve decided to put myself on a three-month long No-Buy. My No-Buy started on February 11th and will run through May 11th.

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Makeup Minimalism | 2018 Rolling Project Pan & Declutter Finale

I am a beauty addict. Although I love the beauty industry and I love buying new products, my spending got out of hand the last few years. I’ve been making a big effort over the last two years to down-size my collection and to stop impulse shopping through meticulous inventory tracking, project panning, and intermittent shopping fasts. If you’re interested to see how I did this year, then please keep reading!

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Makeup Minimalism | Massive Beauty Collection Declutter

After a year of buying and trying many new beauty products, it was finally time to evaluate my collection. I meticulously combed through my collection and got rid of the cosmetic, skin, and hair product that I didn’t like, wouldn’t use or expired. For today’s post, I decided to share what I decluttered from my collection.

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Makeup Minimalism | Fall 2018 Beauty Empties (October, November, December)

As an avid beauty lover, I am always buying and trying new cosmetic, skin, and hair care products. However, I want to try to minimize my waste and make use of what I own, so I share empties to keep me accountable and to log my progress in down-sizing my collection. I am thrilled to…

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YouTube Made Me Buy It

Since becoming a part of the beauty community on YouTube, the platform has negatively impacted my shopping behaviors by influencing a large bulk of my purchases. Some of these purchases have been great finds, while others sit in my collection largely untouched. If you’re interested in seeing some of the items that YouTube Made Me Buy, then please keep reading.

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Dream Beauty Collection

As a beauty blogger and makeup enthusiast, I know that I’ll never have a conventionally small beauty collection. I love trying new products and learning about new brands, but want to be more conscientious about cultivating a collection that inspires me and leaves me room to experiment. Please keep reading to see what my dream beauty collection looks like.

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My Daily Makeup Basket

Keeping a makeup basket is a helpful tool for makeup lovers with large collections who want to make use of more of what they own. Whether you want to test out new additions or finish a product up entirely, mastering the art of curating a monthly make up basket is an awesome way to shop your stash and use what you already own.

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How to Create & Manage Your Beauty Inventory

Creating a beauty inventory is essential for any beauty lover looking to spend less or potentially curate his or her collection. While a beauty “inventory” isn’t exactly sexy, it is one of the most effective ways at tracking spending and curating a more refined beauty collection.

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Makeup Addiction: Breaking the Habit

Beauty Fanatic. Makeup Junkie.

Growing up as a young girl with acne, makeup was an essential tool for self expression and confidence building. Like a painter with a fresh canvas, everyday my face was a fresh canvas just waiting to be brought to life with color.

But what happens when a passion for makeup turns into something more? Is it possible to be addicted to buying makeup?

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