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Social media plays a huge role in influencing the purchasing decisions of millennial men and women since so many of us are actively engaging with influencers, brands, and our own network of friends and family online. Through Facebook & Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities, as well as through the brand and influencers that we follow, we are being bombarded with a bevy of products in our feeds.

Recognizing the way social media impacts what we buy and how we interact with brands, I thought I’d share the products that Facebook/Instagram “made me buy”.ย If you are interested to read the products that Facebook and Instagram have encouraged me to purchase, then please keep on reading.

Naked on the Run_edited-1

Urban Decay – Naked On the Run

For the longest time, Urban Decay was my go-to brand because I felt like UD’s brand aesthetic was tailored to me. I was kind of spunky and alternative, unafraid to play with colors, and marched to the beat of my own drum. During this period of 5-8 years, I needed every new product that UD launched. At that time, my budgets were still quite limited, so I had to wait for holidays and birthdays.

When I saw the limited edition Naked On the Run Palette was being released, I knew I had to have it. I found out about the release organically, on the UD Facebook page because Facebook hadn’t yet tweaked the site’s algorithm to hide the bulk of brands’ organic content. (In this case, organic means, posted without paid support. Unless deleted by the brand at a later time, this content remains on the brand’s feed.)

The Naked on the Run palette came with five eyeshadows, a very orange bronzer, bright pink blush, and a sparkly highlighter. Additionally, a lipgloss in Sesso and an eyeliner were included.

I used this palette for several months but was never able to create a balanced look. My eyes looked dark and muddy when using the shadows since the colors were so similar to each other. It goes without saying that I never used the skin products – the bronzer was orange, the blush was bright pink, and the highlighter was chunky glitter. In comparison, lipgloss was a favorite for several years and I panned the eyeliner. I decluttered this palette from my collection several years ago and regret the money spent on this – even though it was gifted to me.

UD x Gwen

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette

Again – UD was my makeup vice, so I needed to have the Gwen Stefani Palette when I saw the brand post about it on Facebook. Again, like the Naked on the Run palette, I used this only for several months after I received it as a gift ($58.00 USD). Most of the shadows have barely been used.

The majority of the colors in this palette are light and neutral. However, I am in love with the color Punk – a deep brownish plum color, which is why I kept this product for so long. Recently, while looking at the UD website, I discovered that Punk was released as a single shadow, so I plan on purchasing this as a single since I decluttered this palette earlier this year.

Outdoor voices

Outdoor Voices Leggings & Clothing

Unlike the aforementioned products, I found out about Outdoor Voices through an Instagram ad served to me this year. Outdoor Voices is still a relatively new activewear company known for their color blocked women’s leggings. As a brand, they are most comparable to LuLulemon and Athleta, but they don’t yet have the physical retail footprint of the two women’s athleisure powerhouses.

I like the leggings and t-shirt that I purchased this year and am likely to purchase again. However, I was unsure of my size, so my leggings are slightly too large for me, but I couldn’t be bothered to return them for a smaller size. Despite the trends to buy online, I still prefer buying clothing from physical retail stores.

I do intend to eventually buy another pair of leggings from this brand, but I am not planning on making any purchases this summer. I intend to go through my workout gear, so I am not going to make any purchases until I assess the gaps in my collection.

BONUS: Brands I Discovered on Facebook & Instagram



I discovered Allbirds about a year ago through social media. New Zealand based Allbirds makes sustainable footwear with mainly natural materials – namely Merino Wool, Castor Bean Oil, and Tree Fibers (Tencel). Recycled plastic is used for shoelaces and the boxes that Allbirds uses for packaging are sourced from 90% recycled cardboard.

If it isn’t apparent, I have a MAJOR crush on this brand. However, this past year, I kept receiving sneakers as gifts from friends and family, so I can’t justify making a purchase at the moment. If any of my sneakers become drastically worn out or I decide to sell or donate some of the newer pairs that were gifted to me, I will 100% purchase from this brand.


Walk In Love

Walk in Love is a Christian blog and inspirational T-shirt company. Their simple T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. feature minimal designs and Biblical sayings such as “walk in love,” “choose joy,” etc. In terms of price point, the brand is on the expensive-side for T-shirts, but that isn’t what kept me from making a purchase.

The biggest reason why I have not yet purchased something from this brand is due to their stock issues. Additionally, most of the shirts that I am drawn to are not available in my size when I go online to make a purchase.

I am currently in the process of downsizing my clothing collection, however, I do not intend on making any new purchases until I can assess what items I need. Ideally, I would like my wardrobe to reflect a more classic style that is age appropriate…. sometimes when I leave the house, I look more like a high school student than a young professional. Therefore, I want to be smart about any new purchases because I want them to reflect the correct image.

Edit 1/6/19: Walk In Love is shutting down the T-shirt portion of their business, but will still have a blog.

As always, I love writing about these types of minimalism inspired topics because analyzing past behaviors and spending habits is insightful for me. Even though I am getting better about minimizing and making smarter purchases, it is easy back into old habits of overconsumption and wasteful spending. Looking back at items I once thought I “needed” is helpful, because I can see how I’ve wasted my money and work to actively prevent that from happening in the future.

What brands have you discovered on Instagram or Facebook? Have you made any purchases based on organic or paid promotion on social media?

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