Pan that Palette 2018 Intro

Project Pan | Pan that Palette 2018 | Will I Do It Again?

This year I am starting my first *official* themed yearlong project pan – Pan That Palette. Admittedly, palettes are the items that tempt me most often, but that I am never able to finish. So far, all the palettes that I’ve moved out of my collection I’ve returned, sold, donated, or trashed depending on their age and level of usage.

Pan That Palette 2018 Introduction

I want 2018 to be the year I completely finish a palette. Knowing that certain formulas of eyeshadow are packed more densely (looking at you Urban Decay!), I’ve chosen a palette that I think I could finish by the end of the year. Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow formula is quite soft and powdery, so working through one of her palettes seems feasible.

The Master By Mario palette was one of my favorite purchases of 2016 due to the wearable, versatile looks that I am able to create with the shadows. Of my palettes, this is the only one in my collection that already has pan on two shadows. – Marina and 5th Ave.


My go-to looks are often two or three shade combinations with Lula and Isabel blended into my crease and one of the shimmers all over the eyelid.

Pan that Palette Challenges

Despite my love for blue eyeshadows, I don’t often wear them in my adult life. Therefore, using Claudia will be difficult. In the year that I’ve owned this palette, I’ve only ever swatched that shade. Similarly, I love to wear neutral green colors such as Bronx, but I find that I reach for my L’Oreal Color Riche single in Green Promenade instead.

Additionally, the past six months or so I haven’t wanted to wake up early enough to wear makeup (and when I do, I will apply base products rather than eyeshadow). To finish this palette, I need to start wearing makeup 5-6 days a week, rather than 1-2 days.

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Pan That Palette 2018: Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario

What is your go-to eyeshadow palette? Are you trying to use up any palettes this year?

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