Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Mid-Year Check-In (Update #6)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Undressed Lip Set, Mini Eyeshadow Primer, and Carli Bybel Palette

For the past six months, I’ve been documenting my attempt to follow a strict beauty low buy to reign in my spending. My goal is to stop my beauty collection from rapid expansion.

Sadly, I have not been successful with my attempts to follow a strict monthly beauty low buy. As I move towards the 2nd half of my yearlong  Beauty Low Buy, I’m buckling down and committing to a year-long Beauty No Buy.

No Buy 2019-20 Rules

After a miserable attempt at a Beauty Low Buy, my Beauty No Buy officially started on November 2nd, 2019. While on this No Buy, I cannot purchase any new cosmetics products between the dates of November 2nd, 2019 and November 1st, 2020. I am only allowed to buy products if:

  • (1) If a product is finished and I don’t have a suitable backup
  • (2) If I receive a gift-card, I will allow myself to use it, but I cannot purchase extra items that go beyond the value of the gift card. (side note: I have Ulta points I’d like to use before they expire at the end of this year)
  • (3) If the Anastasia Amreezy Highlighter comes back in stock and when Melt Releases their Limited Edition Amor Eterno collection.

This No Buy is specific to color cosmetics only – skincare and haircare are not included. I regularly work through my personal care products. I will not be cancelling my Boxycharm subscription. Finally, I am still allowed to receive beauty-related gifts from friends and family or products from brands for testing purposes.

Please keep reading for a summary of what I wanted to buy in October, but did not purchase. Also, included is a summary of what I actually bought last month.

Beauty Low Buy Update #6: What I Wanted to Buy (but Didn’t)

The below are products that piqued my interest over the last month in my beauty low buy:

Chanel – Poudre Lumiere Highlighter Eclat Manietique de Chanel

The Chanel Poudre Lumiere Highlighter looks so classically beautiful, from the highlighter color to the design imprint in the pan and to the packaging. One day I hope to own some Chanel products. If highlighter comes to Macy’s, I may save up to purchase this with my current gift cards to the famous department store.

Natasha Denona – Metropolis Palette | $129.00

When I first saw the promo pictures for the Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette, I wasn’t sure if I was drawn to the color scheme. However, the more I’ve looked at this palette… the more I’ve been drawn to it. From the reviews I’ve read (and watched), people seem to love this palette and speak highly of how creamy the mattes feel. However, in looking at the swatches, I’m confident I own these colors in other palettes.

Beauty Low Buy Update #6: What I Actually Bought

If I’m being honest with myself, I intended to start my No Buy on October 1st, 2019, but I pushed it back once Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop, and Fenty decided to come for my wallet with their October releases.

As with every other month, I failed to keep my beauty low buy in October because I purchased more than I intended.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Undressed Lip Set, Mini Eyeshadow Primer, and Carli Bybel Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Undressed Lip Set, Mini Eyeshadow Primer, and Carli Bybel Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Purchases

Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette | $45.00 USD, CF

Looking at the Carli Bybel Palette, it may not seem like anything special. However, the swatches look magical. The metallic shades are some of the shadows shades I’ve seen this year. Their depth and high shine finish drew me in.

Mini Eyeshadow Primer | $13.00 USD, CF

Although many consumers have major gripes with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Primer packaging, most influencers seem to rave about the formula. Given that I lack a white-based primer I decided to pick up the mini version of this eye primer.

Undressed Liquid Lipstick Set | $45.00 USD, CF

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick used to be my go-to liquid lipstick. Over the years, I’ve decluttered or lost many of my ABH Liquid Lipsticks, so I was intrigued by the Undressed Liquid Lip bundle.

Ultimately, I chose to grab these liquid lipsticks because I want to re-familiarize myself with the ABH formula. Note: the bundle has terrible reviews on Sephora, so I am nervous at how these will look on my lips.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Round #3 | Midnight Masquerade Palette, Beauty and the Beast Set, Coronation Highlighter, Court of Miracles Blush, and Kissin' a Frog Blush
ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Round #3: Midnight Masquerade Palette, Beauty and the Beast Bundle, etc

ColourPop x Disney Designer Purchases

I love the packaging of ColourPop’s newest Disney collaboration. The more I saw it, the more I wanted it. The Midnight Masquerade packaging is definitely my favorite of the three Disney Collaborations that have been released so far.

Beauty and the Beast Kit | $18.00 USD, CF

I needed the Beauty and the Beast bundle due to my love of Belle. The Beauty and the Beast Kit comes with a Pressed Powder Blush in the shade Enchanted Mirror and the Luxe Liquid Lip in the shade Beast. Both products seem like staple neutrals, and I’m intrigued to try the new Luxe Liquid Lip formula.

Note: you do not save any money buying the Princess bundles, so only buy them if you think you’ll enjoy both products.

Coronation Pressed Powder Highlighter | $10.00 USD, CF

At first I had no interest in the highlighters within this collection because I had a negative experience with the Villains highlighters. Read my ColourPop x Disney Villains review here. When I realized that the new highlighters did not have the same duo-chrome flip, I became more interested. Coronation is a stunning champagne pearl highlighter.

Court of Miracles Pressed Powder Blush | $10.00 USD, CF

Court of Miracles is a vibrant coral blush unlike anything in my collection that immediately called my name. Plus, have you seen the beautiful Esmerelda illustration on this blush?

Kissin’ a Frog Pressed Powder Blush | $10.00 USD, CF

Out of all the cheek products in this collection, Kissin’ a Frog called to me the most. I own very few terra-cotta blushes and I love the way this is vibrant while still looking natural.

Midnight Masquerade Palette | $22.00 USD, CF

I judged the Midnight Masquerade Palette when I first saw the promo pictures. The color story is basic. The bold array of dark mattes on the bottom row of this palette ultimately persuaded me to buy this palette.

ColourPop Fall 2019 | A Starlet is Born Bundle & You Should See Me in a Crown Palette
ColourPop Fall 2019: A Starlet is Born Bundle & You Should See Me in a Crown Palette

ColourPop Fall Collection

In all candor, I purchased these items simply because I was stressed and I knew I had some wiggle room to shop more during the two-week period when I pushed back my No Buy.

A Starlet is Born Bundle | $38.00 USD

Originally I only intended to purchase the false lash trio from ColourPop, but the Burgundy Eye products really pulled on my basic New England girl heart strings. Needless to say the Starlet is Born Bundle hopped right into my cart. Products included in this bundle: Mami, Ms., and Queenie False Lashes, Joy Ride Creme Gel Color, Joy Ride Creme Gel Liner, Wine O’ Clock BFF Mascara.

Burgundy + Rose Nail Decal Set | $7.00 USD

Did I need the Burgundy + Rose Nail Decals? No. Not at all. But I couldn’t resist the design and the nostalgia factor of purchasing these. (Sale Price: $6.30 USD)

You Should See Me in a Crown Palette | $40.00 USD, CF

I hate myself for how badly I wanted this bundle after seeing it on Instagram. You Should See Me in a Crown is literally Fall in a palette. I love it. While I already owned a few of the shades in this pre-made, curated single eyeshadow palette, I opted to pick this up during my No Buy gap.

Shades included in the palette:

*Shades with an asterisk are shades that I already own as a single; **Shades with a double asterisk are shades that I already own in a palette

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Haul | Fenty Beauty Mini Gloss Bomb Set & Bomb Baby Duo
Fenty Beauty Mini Gloss Bomb Set & Bomb Baby Duo

Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is my all-time favorite gloss formula. Period. As soon as I saw the mini gloss kits that were being released for the holidays I knew I had to have them. Why? I love minis and I love this formula.

Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Bundle | $42.00 USD, CF

Not only did I want the Glossy Posse due to the fact that this is a set of minis. Given that I’ve already needed to remove the stopper on my Fenty Glow Mini Lip Gloss, I felt comfortable making this purchase.

Bomb Baby Bundle | $24.00 USD, CF

The Bomb Baby Bundle is a mini set that features a mini Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in the shade Sand Castle and a mini Lip Gloss in the shade $weet Mouth. I love minis and I love the Fenty Glosses, so I added this to my cart as well.

Miscellaneous Beauty Buys

The below to items were things that I kept coming back to and looking at – adding and removing to my shopping cart. During that two week period between when I declared my No Buy would be starting and when my No Buy actually started, I make some frivolous luxury purchases.

Lemonhead L.A. Euphoria Glitter Bundle | $75.00 USD, CF

Lemonhead L.A. is an editorial, indie brand that is well known and well-loved for its glitter paste and glitter gels that were originally made for film and television use. When the Euphoria bundle was released earlier this Fall, I had to stop myself from buying it. However, during my No Buy gap, I jumped at the chance to grab this glitter bundle before I lost the ability to buy it forever.

Pat McGrath Labs – Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede Brown Kit | $130.00 USD

I blame Instagram for this purchase because of how frequently I was targeted with ads for Pat McGrath’s 50% Off Sale. At first, I resisted the sale, but the more I kept getting hit with the ads, the less strong my resolve became.

When the Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede Brown Kit came back in stock, I jumped at the chance to pick this up. (Sale Price: $65.00 USD)

Beauty Low Buy Update #6 Takeaways: A Low-Buy Is Not Enough for Me

When I started my Beauty Low Buy this past May, I had a goal of getting my spending in check. I hoped that sticking to a strict budget would be helpful. But here is the problem: I kept saying I wanted to change, but I wasn’t doing enough to change the habits that lead to my overconsumption. I refused to hold myself accountable and kept letting my anxiety or sadness dictate my spending.

Having had major success with No Buys in the past, I moved away from my Beauty Low Buy. I am now officially on another No Buy Challenge. However, I reserve the right to reassess my No Buy at the six-month mark.

As anticipated, I ended up “panicking” and purchased a ton of stuff right before the start of my No Buy. I purchased more than I thought I would – largely because I review products on my blog. A large part of me was afraid I’d run out of products to review over the next year.

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Interested in following along with my Low Buy Journey? Check out my Low Buy Introduction, First Update, July Update, August Update, September Update – Part I, and  September Update – Part II. 

Have you ever partook in a Low Buy or a No Buy? What advice would you share to anyone embarking on this type of challenge?

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  1. “I refused to hold myself accountable and kept letting my anxiety or sadness dictate my spending” this is literally me. I think I’m starting my low-buy at December 1st.

  2. Omg, I’m excited to see your whole year long journey cause that’s pretty tough as a beauty junkie right? I HOPE YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DO IT FOR A WHOLE YEAR AND NOT JUST 6 MONTHS!!! I would say that, choosing to fill up your mind or time with something else instead, don’t scroll sephora or whatever online shopping site (which I took it as my residual crack) which frankly is satisfying to window shop but makes me feel horrid!

    1. I’m starting to feel more okay with the concept of this and way more calm. HOWEVER, I will be buying the new Melt Cosmetics Muerte palette lol. But after that I’m strictly following my rules lmao.

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