2018 No-Buy Finale

As I write this post, I have just finished my first (and hopefully only) no-buy of 2018. As mentioned in my original post, this no buy started at the beginning of April and ran through June 30th. The only parameters were that I could not buy any new beauty or fashion-related items during this Spring season, unless an item broke or was used in entirety and I did not have a suitable back up.

This no-buy was quite successful as I refrained from making any frivolous purchases, despite my desire to buy more things. In complete honesty, I found myself more tempted buy from athleisure brands than beauty brands. However, during this period, I was unexpectedly gifted a load of beauty products. Also, did make two purchases –  a new moisturizer and new conditioner. Even though I did make those purchases, I stuck to my guidelines since I did not have a back up of either product.

Aside from saving money, I enjoy No Buys because I always learn something new about myself and my feelings or habits in regards to shopping. Moreover, I feel a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I complete a No Buy. Below are some of my biggest wins this year:

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No-Buy Win #1: Fighting the Urge to Stockpile During Sales

The biggest hurdle during this no-buy period was fighting the urge to restock items. As previously mentioned, I finished my only facial moisturizer. Even though I adored that product for its lightweight formula and long lasting hydration, I wanted to try a less expensive alternative from the drug store. Additionally, my beloved RenPure conditioner finally ran out. Rather than perusing the shelves of T.J. MAXX or LUSH, I opted to take a break from buying from expensive or niche brands. The timing seemed right to seek out a less expensive conditioner at the drug store.

Although CVS typically sells products at a higher price point than other mass retailers such as Target, I love shopping at CVS because of the great deals that they have every week. In addition to the chain’s normal sales, I frequently receive 20-40% percentage off coupons and dollar off coupons based on my previous purchases.

When I purchased my conditioner and moisturizer at CVS, I had to fight the urge to take advantage of several great coupons discounting my favorite facial cleansers and makeup removers. Neutrogina and L’Oreal both offered extra-buck deals for customers who purchased X dollars worth of facial products. (PSA: Extra-bucks are similar to receiving cash back from CVS. They offer consumers anywhere from $0.50-$10+ off another purchase.) Even though those promotions would have saved me money, in the long run, I could not justify buying multiple items during this period.

No-Buy Win #2: Letting Products Run Out

The thought of running out of a beauty product without a proper backup used to terrify me. Thankfully, this no-buy taught me that having that mindset was ridiculous. The world will go on if I don’t use moisturizer for three days or if my hair feels snarlier for a week.

Two days before writing this, I finished my last bar shampoo from LUSH, so I did make an online purchase. Unfortunately for me, my shampoo isn’t set to arrive at home until July 9th. Nonetheless, my patience did pay off because my sister gifted me a LUSH shampoo bar that she tried, but didn’t enjoy using – Karma Komba.

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No-Buy Win #3: Learning to Appreciate What I Own

The biggest success of this project was that it helped me to better appreciate what I own because it enabled me to see what I truly missed. For example, I can say with certainty that I miss my skincare, particularly my serums, when I run out of a product. Letting products run out allowed me to see how much better my skin looks when I regularly treat it with great care. 

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2018 No-Buy Finale

Are you doing a no-buy or low-buy this year? Let me know how you dealt with your shopping struggles!