Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #5 (September Recap) – Part I

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Benefit Cosmetics, Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii, KKW Beauty, and Laura Mercier

This year I’ve been attempting to alter my overspending habits. As a beauty addict, too much of my income goes towards buying extraneous beauty products. I need to reign in the madness and keep my collection from expanding beyond control.

Although I’ve been on a Beauty Low buy since May, I’ve failed to stay within my monthly budget every month during this challenge. Some months have been closer to my goal, but other months have been wild.

I know I need to change my pattern of spending.

Spoiler alert: this past month was so my worst month yet. In today’s post, we’ll explore the things I wanted, but refrained from buying. Read this post for what I purchased.

Beauty Low Buy 2019-20 Rules Recap

  • I cannot spend more than $75.00 on NEW cosmetics in a given month
  • Exclusions: haircare (I have a sensitive scalp), skincare, repurchases (if I have no suitable alternative ex. concealer)
  • Dollars not spent in a given month can roll forward, but cannot be pulled forward
  • Exclusions: Items received via influencer networks, as gifts, or purchased via gift cards do NOT count against the dollar value

Beauty Low Buy Update #5: What I Wanted to Buy (but Didn’t)

List-making has been one of the ways that I’ve been successfully navigating this Low Buy. The below items are products that piqued my interest over the last three months:

Artist Couture – Midnight Maven Palette |$29.00 USD (CF)

Midnight Maven is the first eyeshadow palette from Artist Couture. The color story truly is beautiful. It isn’t a typical neutral, purple, or blue palette.

However, the Midnight Maven palette looks very similar to another palette that I purchased this month. I’m still tempted by this palette. I had to stop myself from buying this after watching iLuvSarahii’s amazing purple look.

ColourPop – Lilac You A Lot | $12.00 USD (CF)

When the initial promo pictures from ColourPop’s Lilac Collection released I was unimpressed. I changed my mind after seeing Makeup.Just.For.Fun’s Lilac Palette Review & Swatch video.

As a purple eyeshadow lover, I’m majorly lusting after this palette.

Melt Cosmetics – Radioactive Pressed Pigment Palette | $48.00 USD (CF)

Here’s the thing: I don’t need another rainbow palette, even though this looks incredibly pigmented and visually interesting. Will I buy the Radioactive Pressed Pigment Palette eventually? Who knows – but I’m glad I resisted this month.

OleHenriksen – Banana Bright Face Primer | $36.00 USD (CF)

The OleHenriksen Banana Bright Face Primer and Eye Cream have been majorly hyped up products in the YouTube Beauty-sphere.

Do I need another primer or eye cream? No. But these products always show immediate results in the videos where I’ve seen them used in tutorials.

Sugarpill – Fun Size Palette | $28.00 USD (CF)

Despite being a hot indie brand for years, I’ve never tried anything from Sugarpill. The Fun Size Palette was a late summer release that caught my interest immediately. The packaging is adorable. The shadows are mix of beautiful pastels.

Beauty Low Buy | Final Thoughts on the Beauty Releases I Wanted, But Didn’t Buy

I wish I could say that I’ve stopped longing for these items. Sadly, while I stopped myself from buying these items this month, I still hope to own them.

To try to curb my spending, I unfollowed the larger Beauty News and Sneak Peek accounts on Instagram. Also, I unfollowed most of the beauty brands I followed on Instagram and Twitter.

I took my commitment a step further. I unsubscribed my email from nearly every beauty brand list that I was on. Sephora and Ulta were the only exceptions.

In tomorrow’s post, my September Purchase recap will go live. All I ask is for kind words and no harsh judgement. I’m extremely disappointed in myself.

P.S. it is worth noting that I didn’t need to pull from my savings account to pay for anything – I made enough money last month to stay within my means… but I spent far more than I ever intended.

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Have you ever partook in a Low Buy or a No Buy? What advice would you share to anyone embarking on this type of challenge?

6 thoughts on “Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #5 (September Recap) – Part I

  1. Just so you know, I’m still proud of you! I’ve spent way too much money on makeup in August but I got myself together and didn’t spend money on makeup for 4 weeks. A journey has always ups and lows and that’s totally fine. I just know I’m going to fail the upcoming 3 months or so during the Holiday season but I’ll get myself together after that. We got this!

  2. Hi LP! I’m not sure if you already know this but none of the IG photos are showing up in this post. 😭 I’d love to try Sugarpill sometime & the OleHenriksen primer & eye cream sound amazing. Don’t be disappointed in yourself, babe. β™‘ You deserve to buy things for yourself– especially when you make enough money to do so!

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