Massive Luxury Beauty Haul – Part III

Huge Luxury Sephora Haul | Natasha Denona, Hourglass, NARS, Pat McGrath. Too Faced, Huda Beauty

Spoiler alert: I am embarking on a total Beauty No Buy in an effort to curb my hyper consumerist tendencies. I need to stop relying on shopping to ease my sadness, stress, or anxiety.

Knowing that I was about to start a No Buy, I “panic” purchased a ton of beauty products during the month of September. While I shared most of what I purchased in last month’s Low Buy Haul update, not all the items I ordered arrived by the time my post went live.

If you love massive luxury beauty hauls, please keep reading. I purchased from indie, influencer, and prestige beauty brands during this shopping haul.

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul :: Indie & Influencer Brands

I realize that massive luxury beauty hauls can feel glamorous, but the below items are from indie brands that I’ve never tried. With my impending No-Buy, I figured this would be my only opportunity to try the brand across the next year.

bh Cosmetics – Glam Reflection Eyeshadow Palettes – Gilded & Rose | $18.00 USD, CF

With how much makeup I own, would you believe that I’ve never tried anything from bh Cosmetics? Needless to say, I was intrigued when learned about the bh Cosmetics 40% sale in one of JenLuvsReviews’ “What’s Up in Makeup” roundups. The Glam Reflections Palettes have been on my radar for quite sometime, but I never heard anyone talking about them on YouTube or Instagram. I grabbed the Gilded and Rose Palettes from this line. (sale price: $10.80 USD)

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul - bh Cosmetics Glam Reflection Rosee & Gilded Palettes
bh Cosmetics Glam Reflections Rosee & Gilded Eyeshadow Palettes

Dominique Cosmetics – Latte & Berries and Cream Palettes | $42.00-$44.00 USD, CF

Even though I don’t watch Christen Dominique, her eyeshadow palettes have always caught my eye. Having purchased the Celestial Storm Palette earlier in the month, I decided to pick up the Latte and Berries & Cream Palettes during her 25% Off Sale. These were palettes that I consistently kept adding and removing to my shopping cart since they were released. (sale price: $31.50 USD and $33.00 USD)

Give Me Glow Cosmetics – Summer Vibes Palette | $54.00 USD, CF

Give Me Glow Cosmetics is a super hot indie brand amongst major beauty fanatics. The brand’s palettes and singles are constantly in-and-out of stock online, so often times fans need to wait months to purchase the item on their wish list. The Summer Vibes Palette has been on my lust list for months, but was consistently out of stock, so I jumped at the chance to buy this when I saw it was suddenly back in stock.

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul - Give Me Glow Cosmetics Eyeshadow Singles & Give Me Glow Cosmetics Summer Vibes Palette
Give Me Glow Cosmetics Singles & Summer Vibes Palette

Give Me Glow Cosmetics – Pink Singles | $63.00 USD, CF

Honestly, I have no excuse for wanting to grab these shadows other than the fact that the pink shades had me entranced. I know I don’t own similar shades and have been really keen to try this brand, so I added a bunch of singles to my cart.

Shades I grabbed: Bubblegum, Strawberry Lollipop, Raspberry Cheesecake, Flamingo, At the Beach, Adorbs, Sweet Bitch, Princess Pink, and Not You, Next.

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul - Menagerie Cosmetics Violet Ink Micro Palette
Menagerie Cosmetics Violet Ink Micro Palette

Menagerie Cosmetics – Violet Ink Micro Palette |$19.99 USD, CF

Like the Give Me Glow Palette, I’ve been stalking the Violet Ink Micro Palette for sometime due to the unique cool-toned, bluish undertone of the purple shadows in this palette. Unlike other popular purple palettes that lean more brown or pink, this palette is much cooler in undertone. This palette has been out of stock for months, so I jumped at my opportunity to pick this little 6-pan palette up.

Tarte – Make Magic Happen Eyeshadow Palette | $36.00 USD, CF

Did I need this palette? Hell no. But did I want this palette? Hell yeah. As basic as this palette is, there is something about the Make Magic Happen Eyeshadow Palette that spoke to me. After seeing this online and watching review after review online, I couldn’t get this ultra neutral palette out of my mind. At the $18.97 price point, I couldn’t resist.

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul :: Off-Price Retailers

Typically I purchase my *beauty steals* in-store at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. However, I was in a bad mental state and felt the urge just to buy products. My massive luxury beauty haul raged on.

Bobbi Brown – Crystal Drama 12-Color Eyeshadow Palette | $59.00 USD

Full disclaimer: I fully recognize that this palette, along with two others on this list, were purchased when I was in a mindset where I felt I needed to buy something. I was on the hunt to buy some bargain makeup at HauteLook or Nordstrom Rack. As a sucker for purple shadows I couldn’t resist the Crystal Drama Palette at the steeply discount price of $24.97.

Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays | $48.00 USD

When I initially found the Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette at Marshalls, I was hoping to purchase this little 6-pan palette. Sadly, someone decided to swatch the shadows so I missed out on this little gem. After finding this online, at a steep discount, I jumped at the chance to purchase this palette. (sale price: $24.97 USD)

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul :: Sephora 

Sephora purchases comprised the bulk of my massive luxury beauty haul. I made 2-3 over the course of a week because I felt anxious about my impending No Buy.

Fenty Beauty – Flyliner Longwear Liquid Liner | $20.00 USD, CF

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect black eyeliner since I no longer repurchase my holy grail favorite liner, but have yet to find a replacement that I love as much. I’m hoping the Fenty Beauty Flyliner will be this for me.

Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Powder Mini- Diffused Light | $24.00 USD, CF

Back in 2015, I owned one of Hourglass’s famous holiday palettes, which included a mini version of the Dim Light and Diffused Light Finishing Powders. At the time, I didn’t really understand the purpose of a finishing powder, and eventually decluttered this very expensive palette. Having said this, I have been longing to own the Diffused Light Powder again, so I purchased a Mini Ambient Lighting Powder.

Huda Beauty – Lip Contour Set | $25.00 USD, CF

If you’re new to my blog, welcome. I am a major fan of Huda Beauty’s makeup line, particularly the brand’s eyeshadows. Even though the brand first launched on the scene with lashes and liquid lips, I’ve never tried anything from the line. I was thrilled to find this little Lip Contour Kit which includes one lip liner in the shade Spice Girl and two mini liquid lipsticks in the shades Spice Girl and Venus.

NARS – Mini Voyageur Palette (Copper) | $32.00 USD

Did I need the Mini NARS Copper Voyageur Palette? No. No I definitely did not. However, I have not been able to get this little palette out of my head since hearing Jessica Braun talk about the Suede Palette in a video earlier this year. Needless to say, it has been years since I’ve tried an eyeshadow from NARS so I am super excited for this!

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul - Natasha Denona, Hourglass, NARS, Pat McGrath. Too Faced, Huda Beauty
Huge Luxury Sephora Haul | Natasha Denona, Hourglass, NARS, Pat McGrath. Too Faced, Huda Beauty

Natasha Denona – Camel Eyeshadow Palette | $48.00 USD, CF

I blame myself (and Simone @ Beautymone) for this purchase. After reading her review and seeing the swatches of these grungy, cool-toned neutrals, I had to have this palette. Knowing I was about to embark on my year-long No Buy, I panic purchased this.

Natasha Denona – Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette | $48.00 USD, CF

I blame myself (and Mel Thompson) for this particular purchase. I made the mistake of watching Mel’s ranking of her Natasha Denona Palette collection. While there were some flaws with the 5-pan Cranberry palette, I remember lusting after this last holiday season. This was the only item I did not buy on sale.

Natasha Denona – Mini Blush & Glow, Mini Bronze & Glow, Mini Diamond & Glow | $19.00 USD, CF

Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided I needed to purchase all three of these mini face duos from Natasha Denona. The “makeup goblin” in me 100% drove me to purchase each of these minis on a panic-driven impulse on the very last day before my No Buy started. I grabbed the Mini Blush & Glow, the Mini Bronze & Glow, and the Mini Diamond & Glow.

Pat McGrath Labs Mini Lust Gloss Trio | $25.00 USD, CF

Honestly, I picked up this trio as a consolation prize (of sorts) because I could not bring myself to grab Pat McGrath’s Holiday Quads at the $65.00 USD price point. I don’t own many dark gloss shades, so these little minis in the Lust Gloss Trio will fill a gap in my collection. The glosses included within this kit are Bronze Seduction, Flesh Fantasy, and Flesh 4.

Too Faced – Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer (Honey) | $29.00 USD

I recently picked up the Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer during the Summer Sale, but decided to pick up another shade for contouring while Too Faced was having a 20% Off Sale at Sephora. I love this formula and am so impressed by it, so I was thrilled at a chance to pick up another shade. I grabbed Honey, which is obviously much darker than my skin tone, so I hope it works! (sale price: $23.20 USD)

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul :: Urban Decay Sale

Of the items I picked up during my huge massive luxury beauty haul, I may be most excited about my Urban Decay grabs. I have such a nostalgic love for Urban Decay and I am secretly rooting for the brand to do well.

Massive Luxury Beauty Haul - Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners (Glam Rock, Midnight Cowboy), Afterglow Blush (Paranoid), Perversion Mascara, 24/7 Gel Liner, Beached Bronzer, and Naked Honey Palette
Urban Decay Friends & Fanatics Sale Haul

Urban Decay – Naked Honey Palette | $49.00 USD, CF

When the promotional images for the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette were released, I couldn’t have been less interested in this eyeshadow palette. Not only did I think that Urban Decay was slow to the yellow eyeshadow trend, but but I couldn’t believe how unbelievably neutral this palette looked. Then, the reviews rolled in…

It seemed like everyone who purchased this palette or received this palette in PR raved about this palette and created beautiful demonstration looks online. If you’re interested in watching some reviews – iLuvSarahii, RawBeautyKristi, and Mel Thompson.

Urban Decay – Heavy Metal Glitter Liners (Midnight Cowboy, Glam Rock) | $21.00 USD, CF

Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are the OG glitter liners in the beauty community. Having been an Urban Decay fanatic in the early 2000s/2010s, the Glitter Liners have always been on my list. In the Glitter Liners, I grabbed the shades Midnight Cowboy and Glam Rock. (Sale price: $24.80 USD)

Urban Decay – Beached Bronzer (Sunkissed), and After Glow Blush | $21.00 USD, CF

The Beached Bronzer has actually been on my To-Buy list for quite sometime, so after years of longing for this beautifully packaged bronzer for so long, but holding back, I finally purchased this during Urban Decay’s 25% Off Sale. (Sale price: $15.75 USD)

Urban Decay – Afterglow Blush (Paranoid) | $26.00 USD, CF

Like many of the aforementioned Urban Decay products on this list, I have lusted after the After Glow Blushes since they originally launched. The packaging is beautiful and the color selection has always been appealing. I distinctly remember countless YouTubers raving about the Afterglow Blush in the shade Rapture. As a neutral blush lover, I jumped at the chance to buy Urban Decay’s Afterglow Blush in the shade Paranoid at a steep discount. (Sale price: $12.00 USD)

Final Thoughts on my Massive Luxury Beauty Haul

Honestly, I’d be lying if I failed to mention how disgusted I felt when all my packages suddenly arrived at my door. Not only did the arrival of these goodies fail to make me feel happier, but they actually made me feel more depressed.

This massive luxury beauty haul was so large that I actually shipped half of these packages to my boyfriend’s house. I didn’t want my family to see all of this makeup rolling in. I may end up selling or giving away the items I purchased from Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack.

Nearly of the purchases made during my massive luxury beauty haul were made once I finally resolved that I NEEDED to make a change. I panic purchased items that I knew I didn’t need but thought I wanted.

However, I do want to call out that I had been stalking the Give Me Glow and Menagerie websites for months as I patiently waited for the Summer Vibes and Violet Ink Palettes to be restocked. That being said, I never want to have a month like September where I spent this much money – discount or no discount.

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Have you tried any of the items I picked up? What are your tips for lowering your spending? Please let me know in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “Massive Luxury Beauty Haul – Part III

  1. You got some really standout things, LP. Good job being honest with your purchasing and your feelings about it all. I know when I want to cut back on purchasing one thing, I end up purchasing something else almost to the same amount or even more. The only thing that has helped me is to keep really busy during those times I was normally purchasing and that seems to help, but I had to stop visiting the websites altogether. I can’t even look and if I stay busy, I don’t seem to notice. Good luck with your no buy. You can do it! ♥️

    1. This is def a unique palette – I love how the purples are so blue-toned. I kept hoping this would come back in stock for months and I’m glad that it finally did! Plus, I really love supporting indie brands!

  2. This is such a huge haul! I know that’s probably not what you want to hear though – oops. I do appreciate that you’ve introduced me to so many indie brands. I trust your reviews, so I know what I want to purchase when I finally have the disposable income to do so. Honestly, the Honey palette looked so boring at first, but now I’m kinda in love with all the looks people have created with it. Your flatlay only makes me want it more.

    1. still currently hiding in shame over this mass overconsumption – but if nothing else, at least i’m honest with my struggles. X_X I’m feeling good about the No Buy that I’m currently on though …. I finally feel ready for it!

      I thought the Honey Palette was SO boring at first glance, but seeing it in use (and using it myself) made me change my mind. If you’re looking for a similar vibe, the Juvia’s Place Warrior palette is SO similar (planning to do a dupe post, but haven’t gotten around to it yet). The JP Warrior Palette is actually only $12.00 right now and you can still apply an influencer discount code to further bring down the total!

  3. wow I actually just realised that I’ve never bought anything from bh cosmetics either, despite stalking their website and picking out items I would’ve wanted many, many times. Those eyeshadow palettes look really, really nice though and you got them at such a good price too! I think I might have to jump on their website again soon….

  4. Ah, it happens. I don’t think I’ve ever spent LOADS in one go but I know my parents would be horrified if I did, so that helps stop me lol. But, that being said, if you’re going to commit to not buying products for a while, then this massive haul can be justified. Also, you got so many AMAZING things, ah, I’m so jealous. I always think I have a lot of products, but I’m so wrong! I’d love to see you do a look with the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette!

    1. Ugh I am mortified by my binge purchases but I feel much more calm about it all right now. I’m so shit at remembering to take photos of myself for blog posts or IG posts… so I’ll have to whip the UD palette out again and write up a formal review!

  5. Oh hiiiii, I’m a bad influence again lmao. I really love all the products you’ve bought though! The NARS Mini Voyageur Palette is on my wishlist, it’s so cute!

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