Bad or Rad | Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Review

Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette Review

Natasha Denona is an unofficial member of BEAUTY’S BIG THREE, a term I affectionally coined for Pat McGrath Labs, Natasha Denona, and Viseart. Each of these brands creates expensive, coveted products that set trends that are loved by fans, but hated by consumers who don’t feel their products are worth the price tag.

Admittedly, I’ve remained skeptical of Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows after a bad experience with the Mini Lila Palette. However, I wanted to give the brand another chance.

I was drawn in by the beautiful sunrise-inspired colors of the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette. Also, I was intrigued by the lower price point. But was this 15-pan palette worth the $65.00 price tag?

Please keep reading for an in-depth review of the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette, complete with swatches, demo looks, and pricing information.

What is Natasha Denona all about?

Founded by acclaimed Israel-based, Croatian born makeup artist and former model, Natasha Denona, in 2015, the Natasha Denona brand aims to offer luxury beauty products for the modern consumer.

Designed to empower wearers’ creativity, Natasha Denona combines high-quality formulas and unique textures with editorially curated color stories that set industry trends and raise standards. To read more about Natasha’ Denona’s brand evolution, click here.

As a professional MUA and beauty educator, Natasha Denona provides potential buyers with tons of online inspiration. The brand posts many step-by-step guides on how to recreate editorial-inspired looks.

Click here if you’re looking to break out of your normal beauty routine or expand your creativity. If blog-style tutorials aren’t your thing, click this link for video-based tutorials.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Claims

The Natasha Denona Sunrise palette promises to provide wearers with shadows that emulate the warm glow of a morning sunrise. Each shade in the palette is new to the Natasha Denona family and promises to be created with the highest-quality ingredients.

The shadow textures are meant to have a  buttery-soft texture that blends with ease. Furthermore, Natasha Denona promises that the shadows will be ultra-pigmented a long-lasting on the eyes.

The Sunrise Palette includes three Natasha Denona Eyeshadow formulas: Creamy Mattes, Metallics, and Duochromes.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette Review
Close up of the Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Packaging & Price

The Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette comes in a sleek, pinkish-red compact. The outer packaging is high-shine with a mirrored effect that smudges easily. Inside, the Sunrise Palette comes with a large mirror. The shade names are all clearly labeled within the palette.

The Sunrise palette retails for $65.00 USD. It is one of Natasha Denona’s most affordable eyeshadow palettes to. This 15-pan palette includes 19.25 grams of product. This breaks down to roughly $3.38 USD per gram or $4.33 per shadow.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Ingredients & Cruelty-Free Status

Talc is the number one ingredient for all of the matte shades in this palette. Natasha Denona is Cruelty-Free, meaning that this palette was not tested on animals. This palette is NOT Vegan as number of shades in the Sunset Palette include Carmine

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Swatches

Although swatches are not a perfect indicator of quality, they can provide clues to how an eyeshadow may perform from both a pigmentation and blend-ability perspective. The below finger swatches were done on a bare arm without any primer.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette Review - Swatches on Fair Skin
Finger Swatches of the Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette

If you can’t tell by the above photo, the shadows in the Sunrise Palette swatched like an absolute dream. The swatches were a pleasant surprise given the difficulty that I had when I swatched (and used) my Mini Lila Palette.

In the pan, the light shades in this palette look like neutral “filler” shades. However, the shadows swatch (and wear) very vibrantly on the eyes.

Creamy Matte Shadows: 

  • Citrine – warm yellow creamy matte
  • Glory – fuchsia creamy matte
  • Morgan – pastel coral creamy matte
  • Clove – dark maroon creamy matte
  • Carnelian – burnt light orange cream matte
  • Jasper – bright terra-cotta creamy matte
  • Morning – light apricot creamy matte

Duo-Chrome Shadows:

  • Awakening – lavender with nude shift duo-chrome
  • Aster – violet with mauve shift duo-chrome
  • Azalea – pink with copper shift duo-chrome

Metallic Shadows:

  • Poppy – crimson bronze metallic
  • Phlox – burnt warm crimson metallic 
  • Laurel – peachy champagne metallic
  • Agate – champagne apricot metallic
  • Dayspring – nude bronze metallic

Traditionally, yellow and purple shadows are hard to formulate without looking chalky and feeling dry, but these mattes actually live up to their creamy label.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Application & Wear-Time

The creamy matte shadows blend themselves on the eyes. My go-to crease shades are Morgan and Morning. Whenever I use this palette, I blend Morgan or Morning with a more vibrant shadow from the palette. The mattes play well together. Each shade is pigmented and buildable.

The metallic and duo-chrome shadows apply best with a finger. However, these textures can be applied with a stiff flat brush. Personally, I prefer to use a flat brush to apply my shadows. Brushes are neater and allow for better precision.

Without a doubt, Aster is my favorite shade in the palette. Aster is the truest duo-chrome. This shade has the most vibrant and noticeable color shift, while the shades Awakening and Azalea are more subtle.

Y’ALL. These shadows do not fade, crease, or move throughout the day. The shadows are long-lasting, worn over a primer or worn on my bare lid! Wearing a primer provides the longest wear-time, but I was surprised that the shadows lasted a good 4-5 hours on my lid without a primer. With a primer, these last 12+ hours without fading, creasing or smudging.

Where is the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette sold?

In the United States, the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette can be purchased at Sephora and via the brand’s online shop. In the UK, Natasha Denona is available via Selfridges and Cult Beauty.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette Review

Final Thoughts on the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

With the release of the Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona has redeemed itself in my eyes. After a horrible experience with the Mini Lila Palette, I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the Sunrise Palette.

The quality of the shadows are outstanding. Each shadow provides a warm pop of color to the eyes. The shades apply with ease and last on my oily lids.

I love that Natasha Denona released a more affordable palette without skimping on quality. Given my positive experience with the Sunrise Palette, I feel more comfortable trying one of the brand’s larger eyeshadow palettes.

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Disclaimer: Natasha Denona’s full-size 15 pan palettes retail for $129.00 USD, so the $65.00 USD price tag places Natasha Denona’s palette in the same price range as other prestige brands.

Have you tried anything from Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath, or Viseart before? Do you have a favorite luxury brand? Please let me know in the comments below.

30 thoughts on “Bad or Rad | Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Review

  1. I love this palette so much the colours are so vibrant and I feel like you don’t really have to try to blend them, perfect!! I’m so glad I made this purchase too! xxx

    1. I could not agree with you more!! 💜 I’m so pleased with this palette – especially because the colors that looked so neutral in the pan are way more vibrant on the eye!!

      And the looks you created with the palette were so stunning. I literally contemplated asking you if I could link your IG post!!

  2. This palette is so stunning and I did contemplate purchasing it but I have a lot of similar shades in my different eyeshadow palettes, so I left it. The shades look incredible and pigmented, though, and it’s great to hear that they worked well as it isn’t exactly cheap. I’ve always been of the opinion that I’m happy to pay for higher-end brands and products if they perform well, and this palette does seem particularly strong! I’d love to see you create some looks with it!x

    1. That is such a healthy mindset to have – it is important to purchase things that we don’t already own… even if we think we “need” something. I’m def with you that I’m okay with paying a higher price tag if the quality is there and the brand def redeemed itself in my eyes.

      I was so hoping to share some looks, but I forgot to take photos of the looks that I created. Will have to be better about that!

  3. I’m sorry L but please don’t make me want to buy a potentially £60 palette!! This looks absolutely stunning and I cannot believe how gorgeous it is swatched as well. Wow! I can’t wait to see some amazing looks using it
    Alex x

    1. Ahhh sorry, girl!! Hopefully ND will have some killer holiday sales – last year they had some pretty good deals in Nov and Dec!

      I really wanted to share some looks with this palette, but kept forgetting to take photos! Laura (@Palette of Thoughts) created a stunning look with this palette though!!

  4. The colors on this palette tho…. it looks sooo gorgeous!! Omg that price haha but really good to know that it lasts really long and doesn’t crease or fade!! Another brand I’ve never heard before haha. Thanks for sharing and teaching me more about beauty, as always! xx

    1. ND is def a newer brand that is more popular with those of us who buy way too much makeup LOL 😂… but I was happy with this palette bc I had a negative experience using one of the brand’s mini 5-pan palettes where the shadows just didn’t last on my lids!

  5. Wow what can I say? Although I hardly wear makeup (I totally love happy lip color 💄 though), this palette looks exquisitely gorgeous!!! Thanks for spreading Beauty with so much LOVE!!! 💋❤️🥰

      1. You are a true BEAUTY icon …. you give amazing beauty product reviews and more than that, you inspire ladies to celebrate their true beauty!!! Oh and yes, I love love love gorgeous lippies! 💄😀❤️

  6. I’ve been contemplating if I should buy this palette or not and now I’m officialy sold. These swatches had my mouth fall open, so pigmented!! I need this palette asap.

  7. You are a true BEAUTY icon …. you give amazing beauty product reviews and more than that, you inspire ladies to celebrate their true beauty!!! Oh and yes, I love love love gorgeous lippies! 💄😀❤️

  8. Wow, the color story in this palette is absolutely gorgeous. Those swatches turned out SO pigmented, I love how they are all their own individual shades– too many palettes include creamy, bland filler shades.

    I was so skeptical about this brand because I read tons of bad reviews on the Mini Lila (yours being one of the first). I still think it’s kind of shady how they skimped on quality on that one but, it really does seem like they redeemed themselves with this one, since it’s more affordable, too. I’m glad you weren’t disappointed with this one! Thanks for always sharing your honest opinions with us. 💖

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