Makeup Minimalism | Fall 2018 Beauty Empties (October, November, December)

Fall 2018 Beauty Empties | Makeup, Skincare, and Haircare Empties

As an avid beauty lover, I am always buying and trying new cosmetic, skin, and hair care products. However, I want to try to minimize my waste and make use of what I own, so I share empties to keep me accountable and to log my progress in down-sizing my collection.

I am thrilled to be sharing my final seasonal empties update for 2018! Overall, I finished 29 products – please keep reading for mini-reviews.

Cosmetic Empties

Fall 2018 Cosmetic Empties
Tarte, Maybelline, Benefit, etc.

Tarte – Amazonian Clay Full Coverage 12-Hour Foundation | $38.00 USD

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation is neither full coverage nor long-lasting on my oily skin. The coverage is high-medium, so while it will cover some spots or acne, it won’t cover everything. That being said, my biggest gripe with this foundation is that it transfers no matter how I set this down.

One interesting thing to note: this product wore well and didn’t transfer when I was in L.A., which suggests that this could work well for those who live in a dry climate. (Where I live on the East Coast is muggy.)

Would I repurchase? No

Maybelline – Great Lash (Clear) | $5.99 USD

The Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara is a super affordable clear mascara that doubles as an eyebrow gel. This formula provides hold for your brows, without making them too stiff. Also, compared to other products at the drug store, this is super affordable. I am currently experimenting with other brow gels but may repurchase in the future.

Would I repurchase? Not at this time (working through other products)

Benefit – Goof Proof Eye Pencil (Shade 4)| $24.00 USD

*See full review here: Ride or Die Beauty Tag

Would I repurchase? Not at this time (working through other products)

Benefit – The Porefessional Primer Deluxe Mini

The Benefit Porefessional Primer is a classic makeup staple for many. This primer held up all day on my oily skin and didn’t cause my makeup to slip, slide, or cake up. While I enjoyed the formula, I am working through other pore-filling primers.

Would I repurchase? Not at this time (working through other products)

NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk | $4.49 USD

The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is an incredibly creamy, opaque eye pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow base or an eyeliner. However, I found the formula to be too creamy to last on my oily lids or in the water line. The liner transferred around my eye and didn’t lay an even base for shadows, so colors looked patchy.

Would I repurchase? No

Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer in Minor Sin| $20.00 USD

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer is a classic because it works well to keep eyeshadow in place without creasing or fading. This primer works wonders on my oily lids. However, the shade Minor Sin is too pigmented for me and this particular formula settled into fine lines and started to harden on my eyes towards the end.

Would I repurchase? Not this variation

Nudestix – Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in Belle Mini | $12.00 USD

*See full review here: The Newbie Awards | Best of Beauty 2018

Would I repurchase? Yes

L’oreal – Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara | $9.99 USD*

The L’Oreal – Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara is a total dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in terms of packaging and formula. Not only does this lift and volumize the lashes, but it does so without clumping. However, this formula is waterproof, so I find it difficult to remove at the end of the day.

Would I repurchase? Not at this time (working through other products)

*Not Pictured

Skincare Empties



Burt’s Bees – Burt’s Bees Fragrance-Free Body Lotion with Shea Butter & Vitamin E| $8.79 USD

*See full review here: Best Affordable Drugstore Skin Care for Oily Skin

Would I repurchase? Yes

Neutrogena – Hydro Gel Water Boost Moisturizer| $19.99 USD

*See full review here: Best Affordable Drugstore Skin Care for Oily Skin

Would I repurchase? Potentially

Zoella Beauty – Make a Splash Moisturizing Body Wash & Quench Me Body Sorbet Deluxe Samples | $4.49 USD

Neither of these products was effective at providing lasting moisture and I’ve never been a fan of Zoella’s YouTube channel. I would never purchase – I only used these because I had received them at Beauty Con.

Would I repurchase? No

IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream| $XX.00 USD

*See full review here: Bad or Rad: It Cosmetics Skin Care

Would I repurchase? Potentially

Mamonde – Floral Hydro Gel Eye Cream Deluxe Sample | $7.53 USD

The Mamonde Floral Hydro Gel Eye Cream made no lasting impact on me. The formula was lightweight but incredibly fragrant (in an overpowering way). This may be good for individuals who need a lightweight eye cream, but I am unlikely to repurchase.

Would I repurchase? No

Bite Beauty – Agave Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub Deluxe Samples

I enjoyed both the Bite samples I received in this year’s Sephora Birthday Gift Set. While I found the balm and the sugar scrub to be effective at moisturizing and exfoliating, respectively, I am currently testing out other lip products.

Would I repurchase? Potentially

Venus – Ultra Moisture Shave Gel with Olay | $5.99 USD

The Venus Ultra Moisture Shave Gel made my legs feel drier than they did prior to using this product. I didn’t find that this helped me to achieve a smoother shave. Also, the product left a weird film on my legs.

Would I repurchase? No

SkinFix – Foaming Face Cleanser| $22.00 USD

I received SkinFix Foaming Face Cleanser in my Beauty Con Hauler bag. While this effectively cleaned my face without causing irritation or dryness, this cleanser made no lasting impact on me and is too expensive for the quality.

Would I repurchase? No

Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser | $38.00 USD

*See full review here: The Newbie Awards | Best of Beauty 2018

Would I repurchase? Yes

Algenist – Sublime Defense Ultra Lightweight Sunscreen SPF 50 | $28.00 USD

The Algenist Sublime Defense is a beloved sunscreen. Not only is it effective at preventing sunburns, but it is lightweight, non-greasy, and doesn’t cause breakouts. 10/10 recommend to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin.

Would I repurchase? Yes

Say Yes To – Travel Cucumber Hypoallergenic Face Wipes | $2.29 USD

The Say Yes To Face Wipes are effective at removing makeup while still being gentle on the skin. Nevertheless, I only buy makeup wipes for travel purposes (since I find them wasteful for daily use). Also, after rediscovering the Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes, I realized that I preferred the Neutrogena formula.

Would I repurchase? Not at this time

Purlisse – Coconut Oil + Coffee Body Scrub

As a whole, I don’t typically purchase body scrubs. I received Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Scrub in my Beauty Con Hauler bag in July. I found the texture to be neither moisturizing or exfoliating and the consistency looked unpleasant…

Would I repurchase? No

IT Cosmetics – Secret Sauce 3-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Water Mini

*See full review here: Bad or Rad: It Cosmetics Skin Care

Would I repurchase? No

Essential Elements Bathe – Travel Size Body Wash in Fresh Neroli

I used the Fresh Neroli Body Wash while on vacation, but I would not repurchase because I don’t tend to use body wash. Also, the actual bottle itself broke before I could final using all of the product, which is not promising.

Would I repurchase? No

Hair Care Empties

Fall 2018 Hair Care Empties
Living Proof, Sexy Hair, Aveda, etc.

Living Proof  – Style Extender Spray Mini

While the Living Proof Style Extender smelled good, I saw no immediate difference in my hair styling or staying power after using this deluxe sample that I received in a Sephora Play box several years ago.

Would I repurchase? No

Sexy Hair – Tri-Wheat Leavin-In Conditioner| $17.95 USD

I enjoyed the Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner because it left my hair feeling smooth, soft, and detangled. Also, the lightweight formula didn’t weigh my thin hair down or make it look greasy. However, as someone who doesn’t regularly shop at Ulta, I am unlikely to repurchase this in the future.

Would I repurchase? Not at this time

Aveda – Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo & Conditioner | 17.00 USD each

I hated the Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner because these products irritated my sensitive scalp. I was surprised that Aveda would irritate my scalp because the brand is known for high-quality hair care. I hated the shampoo so much that I had to use it as a brush cleaner just to finish it.

Would I repurchase? No

Essential Elements Bathe – Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner in Fresh Neroli

I used these travel size products while I was on vacation, but would not purchase on my own. They washed and conditioned my hair just fine, but neither made a lasting impression.

Would I repurchase? No

Although I am pleased with my empties from this Fall, I was disappointed that I didn’t finish everything that I thought I would. Again, keeping track of empties is a great way for me to keep a hold on what I own and how long it takes me to finish a particular product.

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Fall 2018 Beauty Empties

What products did you use up this fall? Have you tried any of the above products? Please let me know in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Makeup Minimalism | Fall 2018 Beauty Empties (October, November, December)

  1. Hey there!

    I had only a couple of empties or pans this past quarter. I will be writing a blog about it soon! I am so far behind on my posts. Lol!

    I haven’t used any of these products that you listed but it is sad actually that you didn’t like much of them. But now they are gone! Now, you can look for better products!

    Christine XX

    1. Ugh I was so behind with this – but I didn’t want it to be my first post of the year lol! So here it is mid-Jan and I’ve finally posted this. I’m so happy so many of these are gone – I received most of these products in a gift bag when I attended Beauty Con LA earlier this year, so I’m happy that I didn’t waste my money on those items.

      A lot of other products were decent, but because I have so many other things to work through I don’t feel inclined to repurchase right away unless I was immediately WOWed. I would for sure consider buying those items in the future, but right now I’m just trying to downsize lol.

      Can’t wait to see what you finished! Reading your Essence post, I was so impressed by all the usage you’ve gotten from that eyeshadow palette! 🙂

  2. This is a really great post! I love seeing what people use for their beauty / skincare / hair regimen. I really like Burt’s Bees products, and the Bite Beauty – Agave Lip Balm & Sugar Scrub Deluxe Samples looks/ sounds really interesting! Thank you for sharing!

      1. I need to double check the names, but I have a lip balm that is amazing, and I use the large body cream. It’s amazing on dry skin and I even use a touch on my face with no breakouts. I know that’s strange, but it’s worked and never broken me out, and I’ve used it well over a year. (I get small eczema patches sometimes). I also use the cream cleanser and like it well enough too. No issues with it at all.

  3. I love this! its so interesting to see what products you have been using throughout the year, the Hydro Gel Moisturizer is one that i’ve been tossing up deciding to buy for so long! I feel like its kinda following me everywhere though, I think I need to try it! how long did it last you? It seems like there isn’t much product in the little jar xx

    1. I want to say that this moisturizer lasted me 3-4 months just using it as my AM moisturizer. So it isn’t the longest lasting I’ve purchased, but it lasted a decent amount of time.

      Hopefully, if you decide to purchase you can look for it during a sale or apply a coupon! That is what I did!!

      1. Hmm I guess that’s not so bad!! Yes I think I’ll definitely look out for when it’s on sale, it’s kinda pricey for a drugstore Moisturizer!!

  4. I so appreciate the efforts to produce less waste. I’m so paranoid about things that I’m always pushing friends and family to make small, lasting changes. I’ve made it through a couple of bottles of the Neogen Green Tea foaming cleanser over the last few months, but otherwise I’m still slowly chipping away at things. Love your honest reviews as always!

    1. Thank you so much! 💜 I’m going to check out that cleanser.

      And I feel you about pushing family to make change! My family was super resistant at first to some of my suggestions, but they’ve slowly started to change certain habits (definitely in regards to recycling at least!).

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