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Hey Y’all!

First, I am so thankful to everyone who has ever read or engaged with me on my blog, SustainingU. If you’ve been hanging around, then you will have noticed that much of my blog content centered around beauty and minimalism, with a few sprinkles of wellness and sustainability-related content.Β Taking this into account, I decided to rename my blog, The Newbury Girl and revamp the site. If you are familiar with New England, than you’ll know that Newbury Street is a famous (and beautiful) shopping destination in Boston. I am hoping that my new inspiration will challenge me to post better quality content (both in terms of writing and photo-taking).

Ideally, I would have updated all of my old blog posts to fit the format new format at one time, but I am currently dealing with web design issues (CSS) as I attempt to change the font color scheme. Thus, I am working through this manually.Β Additionally, I am hoping to revamp most of the photography used in my older posts to align better with my new site layout.

When I first started my blog in February, I lacked the time to truly invest in the blog due to a heavy workload in and outside of “normal” working hours, so I am excited to spend more time creating a content and planning for this blog. Over the next couple weeks, I will be editing the posts I’ve already posted, so please be patient if the site looks a little wonky.

Finally, with my newfound time and new design, I will be creating social channels to amplify my content and to better interact with all the wonderful bloggers out there. <3 WordPress, will of course, be the first to receive that update.

P.S. I will be eternally grateful to anyone with tips on free CSS or web-design resources online. Unfortunately, since I am still on a free plan on WordPress I cannot access plugins (BOO!).

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What do you think of the new name? πŸ™‚ Please share any cool, free web resources with me below. Thank you!!

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