Makeup Minimalism | Summer 2019 Beauty Empties (Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare)

Summer Beauty Empties - Skincare

As a beauty blogger and lover, I’m constantly trying out new cosmetics, skincare and hair care products. However, over the past 2-3 years, I’ve been attempting to reign in my shopping.

I try to work through what I own. I constantly update my comprehensive inventory system, periodic No-Buys, and yearlong Project Pans.

Please keep reading to hear my thoughts on my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties. Although I used up less than what I’ve purchased over the last three months, I am happy with my progress.

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties - Cosmetics (Maybelline, Milani, Ofra, Physicians Formula)
Tons of finished base products & peep that completely panned bronzer

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties | Cosmetics

Color cosmetics are consistently the hardest products to use up. As such, this is the smallest section within my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties Roundup.

Bobbi Brown – Primer Radiance Plus SPF35 Deluxe Mini | $5.00 USD

Although Bobbi Brown is an OG beauty brand and renowned makeup artist, I’ve tried very little from the brand. I was excited to try this Deluxe Sample of the Primer Radiance Plus SPF35.

All in all, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this Bobbi Brown primer. It provided my skin with such a luminous glow without looking shiny or feeling greasy. This primer worked well under foundation and on its own.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation (N3 Natural Buff) | $6.99 USD

The L’Oreal True Match Foundation has stood the test of time for many reasons. It is affordable. It has an expansive shade range. It is flattering on many skin types.

This medium coverage foundation makes skin look like skin in the most radiant, natural way. I am not planning to repurchase at this time because I have too many foundations. However, I’d consider purchasing it in the future. Check out my full review here.

Maybelline – Age Rewind Concealer (120N & Brightener) | $9.99 USD

The Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is a cult classic for many reasons. This affordable concealer brightens and conceals the under eye without sinking into fine lines. It never looks cake-y, nor does it crease.

Although these concealers have been my staples for  years, I am not planning to repurchase the Age Rewind Concealer at this time. I’ve been on a concealer kick… testing out tons of drugstore and high-end formulas.

Milani – Prime Shield Face Primer – Mattifying & Pore Minimizing | $8.97 USD (CF)

Although Milani is one of my favorite brands at the drug store, I had mixed feelings about the Prime Shield Face Primer. I didn’t find  this primer to be mattifying. The Prime Shield Primer did minimize the appearance of my pores. It played well under foundations or worn overtop a moisturizer, but I wasn’t wowed.

Milani -Make It Last Setting Spray Prime + Correct + SE | $9.99 USD (CF)

I purchased the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray at Ulta after trying a free travel size version I received at Beautycon L.A. 2018. I do enjoy this setting spray, I don’t love it as much as my high end setting sprays. For this reason, I’m not in a rush to repurchase this spray. Click here to read about my favorite new setting spray.

Milk Makeup – KUSH High Volume Mascara Mini | $12.00 USD (CF)

The Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara is my current holy grail mascara. I love how this mascara lifts, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes. Although this mascara is not waterproof, it lasts all day without smudging or crumbling. I’ve already repurchased a full-size of this mascara.

Ofra – Micro Makeup Fixer (Travel Size) | $7.33 USD (CF)

I purchased the Ofra Makeup Fixer as a part of a mini travel set that contained a mini of the Pillow Talk Highlighter, Treasure Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, and the Micro Fixer Setting Spray. I was surprised by the Ofra Spray’s ability to hold my makeup in place.

Physician’s Formula – Butter Bronzer | $17.00 USD (CF)

The Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is my ultimate favorite bronzer. I am beyond excited that I finished the Butter Bronzer. This is the first bronzer I’ve completely used up! I will 100% repurchase this in the future because I do miss it!

POP Beauty – Kajal Pen (Sooty Black) | $6.00 USD (CF)

POP Beauty is a sister brand to the beloved, Pixi Beauty. I received several free Kajal pens at Beautycon LA 2018 and Beautycon NYC 2019, but would not repurchase these liners due to the extremely limited retail distribution.

Sephora – Brow Enhancer Matte Brow Highlighter | $12.75 USD

The Sephora Brow Enhancer Matte Brow Highlighter Pencil has been one of the most steadfast beauty buys in my collection. I purchased this product in 2017 and have used it nearly every day for the past 2 years. At $12.75 USD, this was well worth the price tag.

That being said, I’m not planning to repurchase because I received a free matte brow bone highlighter from The GrowGal in my Beautycon NYC 2019 Makegood package.

Urban Decay – Mini Quick Fix Hydra Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray | $4.00 USD (CF)

At Beautycon LA, I received a mini of the Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray. Although this felt pleasant on the skin, I didn’t notice a huge difference when using this prior to applying my foundation so I will not repurchase.

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties - Skincare (Bioderma, Dove, Red, Neutrogena, Boscia, First Aid Beauty, Simple, sheaMoisture, Sol de Janeiro)
Tons of face & body skincare empties

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties | Skincare

As an oily-skinned gal that is prone to breakouts, I use my fair share of skincare products every day. As a gal in my twenties, I’m now trying to fight the signs of aging. Skincare is consistently the largest section in my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties Round Up.

Bath and Bodyworks – AT THE BEACH Ultra Shea Body Cream | $13.00 USD

I finally finished the Bath and Bodyworks At The Beach Ultra Shea Body Cream after receiving this as a Christmas gift. The moisturizer was fine. It didn’t provide the most long-lasting hydration nor did I love the scent.

Although this is quite affordable, I wouldn’t repurchase because I am unsure how I feel about Bath and Bodyworks’ parent company, L Brands.

Beauty Blender – Blendercleanser Solid Trial Size | $8.00 USD (CF)

The Beauty Blender Blendercleanser Solid sponge cleanser is ridiculously expensive… but it is worth the price tag. Although the cleanser may look like a normal bar of soap, it melts away soaked in and caked-on makeup with the utmost ease. It makes cleaning my makeup sponges easy and quick.

Bioderma – Sensibio H20 Micellar Water | $9.90 USD

The Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water made me remember how much I love micellar waters. They work well for removing makeup on my oily skin.

The Sensibio H20 Micellar Water left me feeling refreshed and clean. I will not repurchase because it is not Cruelty-Free. P.S. although I am not Cruelty-Free, I am trying to make CF options where possible.

Boscia – Cactus Water Moisturizer Sample | $11.98 USD

I received a free deluxe sample of the Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer this past Spring. Compared to other gel-cream moisturizers I’ve used, Boscia’s Cactus Water Moisturizer is much thicker in consistency.

I was pleased with how the Cactus Water Moisturizer left my skin feeling plump and hydrated without making me break out.

Dove – Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil | $5.99 USD

I received the Dove Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil in my Beautycon NYC ’19 Haul Bag. The Dove Mousse felt hydrating and smelled beautifully of rose. I wouldn’t buy this on my own, because I don’t typically buy body mousses or gels like this.

First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil | $4.80 USD

I received he First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil Mini as part of a skincare sampler at Sephora. While I did enjoy this oil, I did not reach for it enough to feel inspired to repurchase it.

Ren – Mini Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum | $16.00 USD (CF)

I purchased a mini of the Ren Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum as part of a value set at Sephora early in 2019. I heard great things about the brand.

I’m glad to say that the Anti-Redness Serum lived up to the hype. While I don’t have Rosacea, I do have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and has redness from old acne marks. The Anti-Redness Serum worked to give my skin an overall more even skin tone.

Ren – Mini Evercalm Gentile Cleansing Milk | $7.00 USD (CF)

I was hoping to love the Red Evercalm Gentile Cleansing Milk, but ultimately felt unsure about this ultra-gentile cleanser. Based on my skin needs and makeup habits, the Evercalm Gentile Cleansing Milk did not do enough to thoroughly clean my skin. It did not remove impurities and makeup residue as well as my beloved Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Ren – Mini Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream | $13.50 USD (CF)

The Mini Global Protection Day Cream was a surprise hit. Normally my skin does not respond well to cream-based moisturizers, but this lightweight cream moisturizer worked well to lock in moisture without clogging my pores.

Ren – Mini Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask | $5.00 USD (CF)

Ren is a clean beauty brand I’ve been excited to explore this past year. The Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask was a lifesaver for my skin when I was badly broken out and my face looked blotchy and inflamed in areas. Would certainly consider purchasing a full-size.

Mario Badescu  – Lavender Facial Spray | $7.00 USD (CF)

After years of reading and watching rave reviews about Mario Badescu, I jumped at the chance to try one of the brand’s famous facial sprays when I saw minis on sale at Nordstrom Rack.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love this spray because the nozzle squirts out the spray in an uneven and inconsistent way.

Neutrogena – Hydro Boost Hydrating Overnight Gel Mask | $3.49 USD

Like so many things I’ve finished or decluttered, I received the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Overnight Gel Mask at Beautycon, specifically from CVS Health at Beautycon L.A.

To-date, I’ve enjoyed and been impressed with everything I’ve tried from the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line. I wholeheartedly believe that this line is one of the BEST affordable options at the drugstore. The Overnight Gel Mask is a thick gel moisturizer that is left on overnight to lock in hydration. The mask leaves the skin feeling supple! Would certainly purchase.

sheaMoisture – African Black Soap Problem Skin Face Mask | $5.99 USD (CF)

I purchased the African Black Soap Face Mask from sheaMoisture at nearly a year ago at Marshalls. This affordable, cruelty-free brand offered a mask that seemed like it could be a dupe for the Origin’s Black Charcoal Mask.

While this mask does work to clarify the skin, it is by no means a dupe for the Origin’s Black Charcoal Mask. I am not planning to repurchase at this time.

Simple – Facial Cleansing Wipes (7 Pack) | $2.99 USD (CF)

Like many of the products on this list, the Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes were a freebie that I received from Beautycon. These wipes were gentle, but effective at removing makeup.

Given that I try not to purchase single-use makeup wipes, I would not repurchase. However, I do recommend the Simple Micellar Water!

SkinThesis by Dermstore – Daily Cleanser 

Like so many other items on this empties list, I received the SkinThesis Daily Cleanser in my Beautycon LA ’18 Haul Bag. Weirdly enough, I can’t find this product anywhere online.

I’m not sure if this wash is still sold or whether it is cruelty-free. This wash lasted me months and was gentle, but effective at cleansing the skin.

Sol de Janeiro – Bum Bum Cream Deluxe Sample | $6.67 USD (CF)

Once again, I hate that I love Sol de Janeiro due to the brand’s expensive price point. The Bum Bum Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that packs a punch. The cream locks in lasting hydration and gives the appearance of more radiant, firm looking skin.

Additionally, the cream has a deliciously warm, sweet, coconut smell that lingers on the skin. I would certainly repurchase a full size of this cream.

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties - Haircare (Amica, Love Beauty and Planet, DNA Hairtools, Briogeo, System Professional)
A few full-sized haircare empties

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties | Haircare

Due to my scalp issues, I wash my hair nearly every day. I constantly switch shampoos so that my scalp doesn’t suffer from excessive product buildup. Some of these finished hair products have been in rotation since last year, but I’m finally finishing them now. I didn’t fly through all of the below in a 3-month period.

Please keep reading for haircare products collected during my  Summer 2019 Beauty Empties Round up.

Amica – Triple Rx Shampoo | $9.99 USD (CF)

Amica’s Triple Rx Shampoo was an amazing find at Marshalls (for my European friends, the sister company to T.J. Maxx/T.K. Maxx). To my knowledge, it appears that this shampoo has been discontinued or repackaged, so I cannot repurchase this exact product.

I will happily try more from Amica. This was the BEST smelling Shampoo I’ve ever used.

Briogeo – Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Micro-exfoliating Shampoo | $42.00 USD (CF)

I purchased the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Micro-exfoliating Shampoo at the start of 2019. I have an incredibly sensitive scalp. This shampoo worked wonders for my scalp by cleaning it without stripping it.

However, I will caution that potential users should only use this shampoo 1-2X a week. Frequent use can dried out hair. Also, this is an expensive product. I wish the shampoo came in more traditional packaging, but I will still repurchase.

DNA Hair Tools – Argan  Shampoo & Conditioner | $45.00 USD (each)

I received the DNA Hair Tools Argan Shampoo & Conditioner as freebies with a purchase of a straightening brush at Beautycon NYC this past year. Surprisingly, this shampoo and conditioner worked well on my hair but I would not repurchase given the steep price tag.

Love Beauty and Planet – Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Shampoo | $6.89 USD (CF)

When I first received the Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Shampoo at Beautycon NYC 2019, I was super salty given that my hair isn’t exactly curly. That being said, this Shampoo is wavy hair-friendly.  My hair looked thick and luscious. I had defined waves with the body after using this shampoo. Definitely planning to repurchase.

sheaMoisture – 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment | $12.99 USD (CF)

Like so many other items on this list, I received the sheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment at Beautycon L.A. in 2018. This is an amazing, lightweight moisturizer that is super affordable and Cruelty-Free. Would certainly repurchase in the future.

System Professional – Volumize Shampoo | $37.99 USD 

I received the System Professional Volumize Shampoo for testing via Influenster. Let me tell you: this shampoo is a thin-haired gal’s best friend! This shampoo really does add mega volume to the hair and cleans it without stripping it or irritating my scalp.

Summer 2019 Beauty Empties Total

Products Used Up: 39

Product Value: $483.69 USD

Final Thoughts on My Summer 2019 Beauty Empties

Per usual, I finished way more skincare and haircare than color cosmetics during my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties roundup. Personal hygiene products like shampoo or moisturizer are used more liberally and frequently than color cosmetics.

Similarly to previous empties round ups, the biggest overall issue that I’m having is that I’m bringing in new products quicker than I’m finishing old products. While I finished approximately 13 products per month during my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties, I purchased way new more products.

I find it telling that much of what is included in my Summer 2019 Beauty Empties roundup are products that I wouldn’t repurchase right away OR that I wouldn’t buy at all.

So much of what I finished was a free mini, free sample or something I received as part of a gift bag. This begs the question: are hauler bags for beauty events really worth it, if I don’t love enough of the products?

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Summer 2019 Beauty Empties | Huge Empties Round Up

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Have you tried any of these products before? What products did you use up this Summer? Please let me know in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Makeup Minimalism | Summer 2019 Beauty Empties (Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare)

  1. I enjoyed reading this, LP, and you’ve inspired me to try the scalp mask and and shampoo for wavy hair! Good insights too. I was getting a beauty box for a while, blanking on the name, and I didn’t use hardly anything in it though I LOVED receiving it. I finally cancelled it a couple years ago.

    1. LOL I did just sign up for a Beauty Box at the start of the month, but I do still believe that many items in boxes can be duds. We’ll see how it goes haha. I’m curious what box you had?

      I used to have Sephora Play! but cancelled it several years ago.

  2. Love these type of blog posts by you! Also, I’m buying more minis since I saw you doing that. I feel like that’s a way better way to try new products and not paying full price immediately (and maybe end up with a product you don’t like).

    1. Aw I’m so glad to hear it, girl! I honestly wish more and more brands jumped on the minis trend… aside from things like foundation or everyday things like brow pencils/mascara, I rarely end up repurchasing a full-size product!

  3. Not even kidding but seeing your butter bronzer at pan I was like OH MY GOD, how in the hell did she do that! I’m also trying to finish up things for the first time ever and putting myself on a ban! And thanks for reviewing so many things at one go although you have made me want to pick up some items on your list hehe! Fantastic!

    1. haha thank you girl, I am so excited to have finished that bronzer but I do miss it so much. Panning powder products is super difficult, but I wear bronzer every single day, so it made it a lot easier for me to finish.

      I just put myself on a ban – full disclaimer: I 100% panic shopped right before it started – and am hoping to really cut down on my collection. Ideally I’d love to get my collection down by at least 100 products next year. How long is your shopping ban going??

      1. Right! I don’t think I’ve ever panned anything because I’m always moving on to something new woops! HAHAHA PANIC SHOPPED! I’m banning new things until I can empty this list of things but I’ve given it a maximum period of 2 months hehe!

  4. I love blog post so much. I definitely get through skin care a lot faster than makeup. I use up cream and liquid makeup products fastest. I’ve been trying to project pan more. I set out to pan nine products this year. Ive done really well with most of them- the eyeshadow has been a pickle though I’ve made a dent in it which makes me happy. I have a face palette too while I’ve made progress I just don’t reach for it as much because it’s not a fav.

    1. I think panning 9 beauty products is an amazing goal – color cosmetics is 100% the hardest category of products to go through (especially eyeshadow and cheek products). I’m starting a yearlong no-buy and I’ve never really done an actual “project-based” project pan, but I’ve been toying with the idea of doing one next year.

      Whenever I don’t like a product I’m panning, I always feel so torn as to whether I should keep it, use it, and get my money’s worth… or just toss it!

      1. I’ve found that too how little powder products I actually use up. I would like to curate my eyeshadow collection much more in 2020. I think I’ve found the direction I’d like to take it recently.

        I chose a full face of nine products (initially I thought I was choosing ten but miscounted lol) that I liked enough to use a ton multiple days in a row. I did find that the face palette while I like it just isn’t my favorite formula anymore and I probably will declutter it. It was really amazing to see “do I really love this to use it everyday” because I think my answer is no. I reach for other things so much more.

      2. That is always so hard to fall out of love with a product!! Some people seem to fly through brow products, but one full size pencil (especially from Benefit) can take me a year or more to get through even though I use it everyday. Foundations and concealer I can typically work through with a little more ease (since I wear both daily and use a good amount while doing it), but my weak spots are powder blush, highlight and eyeshadow. They’re the categories that build up the fastest because they’re the hardest for me to work through.

  5. So many nice products here LP!! My friend doesn’t have rosacea either I think so she may benefit from that Ren anti-redness cream. It’s unfortunate the Mario badescu lavender spray sprayed unevenly and such, I heard their products themselves are pretty nice. I’ve gotta try Love Beauty and Planet, I’ve been meaning to for the longest time now!!

  6. Wowza, LP! I can’t believe you accumulated this many Empties! *applauses* 👏🏽 I could not take my eyes off the completely panned bronzer– so satisfying!!

    I hope you’ll do a comparison posts of all the concealers you’ve been trying. I’m super curious! I really liked how the KUSH Milk Mascara made my lashes look, too. I must have done something wrong though because I got some smudges from it. 😭 & I agree about the blendercleanser solid. I can’t wash my brushes with anything else now! I used to be a huge First Aid Beauty lover but all of this new stuff they have been coming out with all sucks! Didn’t even know they made a cannabis oil?! Not a surprise it wasn’t anything special. The Mario Badescu sprays seem to be so popular, I feel like the only one who hasn’t tried one lol. Sorry you weren’t a fan of the nozzle– it does sound annoying! I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to scents so I could’ve tried the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream when I received it instead of giving it away, it sounds amazing. I totally noticed that the items at Marshalls/Ross/TJ’s have different packaging sometimes but most of the time, the product is still out there– just named or designed differently. So weird! You are the first to give a positive review to the Love Beauty Planet shampoo, that’s so nice to hear! If I ever run out of my current Alterna one, I’ll have to check out that System one. I need some volume!!

    Anyways, I’ll see myself out now. Always fun chatting with you about beauty products. 🙂

    1. haha thank you!! I honestly wish I could have gotten through more stuff, but I’m hoping to finish a ton more minis before the end of the year. This was the first time I’ve ever completely finished a bronzer and it felt so good to use it up entirely.

      I’m so sad to hear that the KUSH Mascara smudged on you – I have heard others say the same thing before, but I haven’t had this issue myself. So frustrating.

      I was surprised I enjoyed the Love Beauty Planet Shampoo too. To be honest, I had written off the brand after a bad experience with one of their other shampoos (made my scalp irritated), but the curly hair shampoo felt very gentle but still cleansing. I haven’t decided if I’ll repurchase it… I’m currently using the curly shampoo from Maui Moisture and I enjoy that one, too!

      1. It’s so hard to get through makeup, there’s usually so much product & you use so little of it each time. You shouldn’t feel bad at all, you did so good! & the minis are gonna be quick ones. 🙂

        It must be the concealer or something with the KUSH Mascara? I did love the effect it gave me though. Please try Thrive Causematics mascara when you are off your ban!!

        I had a bad experience with both LBP & Maui Moisture. It’s really nice to hear you have had good ones with both. The brands sound amazing! I just have a picky head.

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