Thoughts on Hauls & the Massive 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag

Beautycon L.A. 2018 | My Experience at Beautycon | Beautycon LA Haul

Are hauls wasteful? Should we be doing them? Keep reading for my thoughts on Hauls & the Beautycon LA Hauler Bag

Thoughts on Hauls

Fun fact, as of this writing, hauls account for over 31.2 million videos on YouTube and countless posts across WordPress.

As previously mentioned, haul posts are personally uncomfortable because I never want to come across as too showy or consumerist. While influencer hauls can help people to find products that are new or interesting, often times online reviewers never tell readers or consumers how those products performed for them. Therefore, those hauls are potentially inspiring others to buy products that they may hate or may not have needed.

As someone who was buying beauty products almost addictively throughout college, hauls can be triggering in terms of inspiring impulse shopping. If you happen to have stumbled across this post and are unfamiliar with my previous blogs, I’ve been making immense efforts over the last two years to reduce my spending and to minimize my beauty collection by using up, donating, selling, or trashing items that no longer bring me joy. Part of this journey, has lead me to focus on developing smarter shopping habits and to stop buying things in excess or solely for an emotional pick-me-up.

One of the ways that I keep myself accountable with shopping and minimizing is keeping thorough lists of what comes in and out of my home, as well as sharing when I make  new purchases or receive gifts from others. Additionally, I share with the online world (and those close to me), my progress in downsizing. Knowing that I will share an end of year update on my progress, I don’t want to surprise anyone if I end the year with more products than I started with…. which seems likely (unfortunately due to the items I received in my Beautycon LA Hauler Bag).

If you enjoy watching, reading, or posting hauls, my critique is not meant to cast judgment or shame. I do want to share my honest thoughts on this subject matter in case there is anyone else who finds these types of posts troublesome for their personal shopping behaviors. In the interest of transparency, I want to share what I received in my 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag and evaluate the worth of the bag.

If you are interested in seeing what I received in my 2018 Beautycon La Hauler Bag, please keep reading:

Beautycon LA Hauler Bag & Ticket Value

Beauty Con L.A. offers a series of tiered tickets to the annual event ranging from one-day or two-day general admission, two-day early admission (with haul bag), VIP All Access, etc. When my friend and I were evaluating ticket options we were deciding between the two-day GA tickets  ($75.00 USD) or the early admission passes ($200.00 USD). Ultimately, we purchased the two-day early admission tickets because we felt that the early admission to the event and the products would be worth the cost, even though we didn’t know what products we’d be receiving in the haul bag.

The tickets were more than worth it. The value of the products in the bag are worth more than $650.00 USD and two-day GA tickets cost $75.00. Therefore, the package is valued at over $725.00 USD. I received so many products, that I needed to check a suitcase at the airport returning home to the East Coast.

To cut down on words, I will not be describing what I received in the bag, but will provide links to nearly everything I received in case any of these items intrigue you. To note, for items that are not full-size (excluding samples), I’ve listed the equivalent cost. For example if a 10 oz. item cost $10.00 USD, but the version I received was only 2 oz. then the associated cost is $2.00 USD)

Finally, I’ve made notes below as two products I already donated prior to taking my photos. Many more items are currently being re-homed – aka more than half of the haircare and lip products.

Beautycon LA Hauler Bag Products


The below items are the haircare goodies I received in my 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag.

2018 Beautycon LA Hauler
Shampoos & Conditioners
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler
Hair Styling Treatments
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Hair Masks


The below items are the skincare goodies I received in my 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag.

2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Washes, wipes, and samples
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Sheet Masks
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler
Sheet Masks
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler
Face Masks
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Sheet Masks


The below items are the cosmetic goodies I received in my 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag.

2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Face Makeup
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Eye Makeup
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag

Not Pictured

Mugler – Angel Fruity Fair Sample ($3.14 USD)

Tools & Nails:

The below items are the beauty tools & nail products I received in my 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag.

2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Brushes & Tools
2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag
Nail Polish & Tools

Thoughts on the 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag

While I don’t plan to keep every single product in the haul bag, I was impressed with the the value, the sheer number of products (and the brands included), as well as the overall product selection. Not only did the bag provide a variety of brands from indie to drug-store and prestige, but they provided products across haircare, skincare, cosmetics, tools, and snacks. For an avid beauty junkie, the ability to test so many new products that I may have never purchased is exciting.

Beauty Con did a good job in ensuring that there would be products for everyone, regardless of skin concern, skin tone, or hair type. For example, there were quite a few products for textured or curly hair, as well as haircare for thin hair. Additionally, I think that the brands who provided lip products were smart to include colors that weren’t nudes, since there is no universal nude shade.

Would I Buy the Beautycon LA Hauler Ticket Again?

Honestly, when I opened the bag I felt extremely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products because of the minimalism journey that I’ve been undergoing the past few years. However, if I were to attend Beauty Con (whether in L.A. or N.Y.C) again, I would still purchase the Hauler tickets again because getting into the convention early was worth it. I was able to see and interact with way more brands between 10:00AM-12:00PM, than I did during the remaining six hours of each convention day because of the long lines at every brand’s booth.

Moreover, I don’t have to stay overwhelmed. Anything I do not plan to use can be given to friends or family, or donated. Giving to others without expecting anything in return is a rewarding feeling.

*Item or price not found online 

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What are your thoughts on hauls? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Hauls & the Massive 2018 Beautycon LA Hauler Bag

  1. I’m impressed with the overall value of the bags as well. I tend to compulsively buy makeup and skin care as well and I totally agree with you that watching hauls on youtube is a huge trigger.
    As a blogger, I try to stay away from hauls and only write about products I’ve used time and time again and that somehow forces me to be less spendy and careless.

    1. Thank you for your comment! If I’m watching or reading a haul online nowadays, it tends to be an anti-haul. ☺️

      I’m hoping to gift away the majority of what came in the freebie bag to friends, family, and coworkers since there is no way I’ll use everything here (nor do I want to).

      Nevertheless, since I post so much content revolving around empties, panning, and minimalism – I didn’t want anyone to think I was shadily making purchases or going ham on Sephora as soon as my no-buy ended (lol).

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