8 Underrated Beauty YouTubers that You Should Be Watching

Underrated Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

With tons of video content on YouTube, it can be a struggle to discover new content creators. If you’re bored with your current subscription list, then please check out this list of 8 underrated Beauty YouTubers.

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Experts

Sona Gasparian

Sona is an Armenian makeup artist living in Los Angeles who originally turned to YouTube as a hobby. Sona’s videos are great resources for anyone wanting to learn how to better apply makeup. Also, she regularly posts on her Instagram and her blog, Simply Sona.

Sona launched her own cosmetics line, Persona Cosmetics. The brand sells eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses.

Check out some of my favorite videos by Sona below:

This video is actually how I found Sona’s channel. After finding this video, I admit that I binge-watched so many videos on her channel and became a loyal viewer.

I’m a sucker for anything that helps me show how to get flawless looking skin since I have acne-prone skin with large pores and discoloration. The above video was so interesting to watch because I could see her skin being transformed before my eyes.

Melissa Alatorre

Melissa got her start as a professional makeup artist. While Melissa provides more traditional first-impression reviews. She produces a lot of helpful makeup tutorials, too.

Melissa spices up her content by sharing an occasional vlogthat delves into health or lifestyle content. On her Instagram, Melissa provides tons of lifestyle and fitness inspiration.

Melissa is such an underrated beauty YouTuber who I am often inspired by. Please see below for some of my favorite videos:

When Melissa posted this tutorial, I was 100% inspired to do a monochromatic look with the cosmetic products that I already owned.

Melissa shares sneak peeks about her healthy lifestyle on her YouTube channel and Instagram, so as someone who is trying to improve her own health habits, I appreciate her healthy lifestyle content. I find her content helpful and motivating. Plus, it makes her more content more interesting.

Stephanie Nicole

Outside of YouTube, Stephanie is a professional working in the industry. Her content brings a unique business perspective to beauty YouTube.

Stephanie’s videos are always  long, but her reviews and content are educational. Recognizing that her videos are long, she lists time stamps in her description boxes.

Stephanie covers everything from product reviews, buyer guides, how-to’s, and generally informative videos. She loves to promote indie brands like Colored Raine and Juvia’s Place.

Please see the below for some informative videos from Stephanie:

I learned so much about facial oils watching this video. In fact, this was the video that made me realize that I could use these types of products without clogging my pores or making my oily skin worse.

Here’s an example of one of Stephanie’s reviews. She is one of the most comprehensive reviewers on the platform.

Wayne Goss

Disclaimer: Wayne Goss has the worst click-bait titles.

However, he is an extremely talented makeup artist who shares snackable content that is easy to follow and easy to digest. Wayne bucks the trend that “more is more.” He shows how to apply makeup in a fresh-faced yet glamorous way. His tips show his viewers how to enhance their natural beauty.

Do not watch Wayne for product reviews. Turn to Wayne to learn how to better apply makeup. Additionally, unlike many other “beauty gurus” he demonstrates how to apply makeup on himself and on a model.

In addition to being a professional makeup artist and YouTuber, Wayne produces a line of makeup brushes. I do not own any of his brushes, but I’ve heard rave reviews about them. Check them out here.

Out of everyone included on this list, Wayne has the largest pool of subscribers. However, I feel like he is still an underrated beauty YouTuber because his content is often overlooked. Here are a few videos I found helpful:

Wayne Goss is a truly talented makeup artist. His videos are snackable but informative. Amateur makeup lovers will learn effective tips from his mini tutorials.

While I don’t love a lot of Wayne’s product reviews, I did found this skincare video helpful.

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Relatable Reviewers

Jessica Braun

I’ve been watching Jessica Braun’s videos since she had less than 100K subscribers, so it has been incredible to see her grow to over the years. In many ways, I feel like I’ve grown with Jessica.

Out of all the YouTubers on this list, Jessica is the most relatable. She isn’t a makeup artist, but doesn’t quite fit the mold of a traditional beauty guru either. Her content largely covers beauty and lifestyle.

I love that Jessica regularly declutters and curates her beauty collection. Too often we see influencers with this massive hoard of products that they’ve purchased to review or received in PR, but don’t actually use in their daily lives. It is refreshing to see Jessica cull her collection.

Taylor Wynn

It has been amazing to see Tayla’s channel grow over the years. I trust her when she reviews or recommends products – especially foundation.

Tayla cultivated her channel through her famous Foundation Friday and 15 Days of Foundation series. For a long time, Tayla suffered from severe, cystic acne, so her reviews are great resources for anyone looking to cover or treat acne.

Since she’s gone on Accutane, much of Tayla’s acne has cleared up. She is open about her skin struggles and doesn’t hide her skin in her videos. During Tayla’s foundation reviews, she’ll zoom in so that you can see exactly how a foundation is wearing throughout the day.

Tayla regularly promotes the non-profit, Project Beauty Share, on her channel and specifically tries to raise awareness and funds for the charity. Project Beauty Share collects new and gently used personal hygiene products and distributes them to marginalized, underprivileged women through various women’s charities. Read more about how to re-home makeup here.

If you’re ever looking to try a new foundation, chances are Tayla’s reviewed it. Try typing her YouTube name and the name of the foundation into the description bar on YouTube. 

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Project-Panners

If you are unfamiliar with “Project Panning,” this is a growing community among beauty addicts. Those who participate in Project Pan challenges recognize that their beauty collection has spiraled out of control.

To pan a product means that you’ve completely finished that product. The name is in reference to the silver pan that many powder products, such as eyeshadow, blushes, and bronzers, often come in.

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Both Jacquelyn and Elle have largely moved on from the traditionally themed project pans, but I found their content super helpful.

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Jacquelyn Lovene

Jacqueline is a Texas native with a passion for cruelty-free beauty. If you’re interested in downsizing your beauty collection (and closet) or going cruelty-free, then her channel may be a great resource for you!

She has a tone of minimalism and decluttering related content on her channel. Her videos will  inspire you to get rid of the things you own but don’t use or need. The below video sums up her journey over the last four years.

In the above video, Jacquelyn discusses her project panning journey and what she’s learned over the course of her four years trying to downsize her collection and go cruelty-free. 

Elle S

I’ve been watching Elle since she had less than 5,000 subscribers. It has been exciting to see her channel grow over the years. Elle has been a major source of inspiration as I navigate through my own journey to minimize my makeup.

Beyond her project-pan related videos, Elle regularly uploads Tutorials, Get Ready With Me’s, and other creative beauty content. Although I don’t have the same aesthetic as her, I love to see how she plays with colors and shapes.

Editor’s Note 1/21/2019: in 2019, Elle embarked on a Yearlong Beauty No Buy. As of this writing, she is embarking on her second Yearlong Beauty No Buy.

Like Elle, I’ve been trying to pan my ABH Mario Palette this year. I haven’t been as successful as she has been, but her updates are a source of motivation for me.

Final Thoughts on my Underrated Beauty YouTubers Roundup

After compiling this list, I realize I’ve been watching most of these YouTubers since the were quite small. Even though I don’t know any of these individuals personally, it has been exciting to see how they’ve grown as creators.

I could have included quite a few more underrated beauty YouTubers, but I wanted to share some of my favorite micro and mid-tier influencers with you!

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Who are your favorite beauty creators on YouTube? Please let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for more inspiration.

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