8 Underrated Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

8 Underrated Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching | Small YouTubers

With tons of beauty content on YouTube, it can be a struggle to discover new content creators. If you’re bored with your current subscription list, then please check out these 8 underrated Beauty YouTubers worth watching.

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Artists

Julia Mazzucato | Cruelty-Free Beauty Tutorials, Lookbooks, and Hauls

I found Julia’s channel after YouTube suggested I watch her Massive Eyeshadow Declutter.ย However, I knew I’d enjoy her content because of her outstanding talent.

When it comes to crafting creative designs and playing with color, Julia is gifted. Her makeup looks alway fills me with tons of creative inspiration. She shares in-depth color-theory videos, artistic tutorials, and tips for better eyeshadow application.

As a cruelty-freeย creator, she often mentions indie brands that are new to me. She adds a twist to her content by incorporating memes in each video.

Stephanie Lange | Cruelty-Free Beauty Tutorials, and Reviews

Australian YouTuber Stephanie Lange is a talented, cruelty-free makeup artist. She is constantly sharing tips and tricks for better makeup application, as well as in-depth tutorials.

One of the things that set Stephanie apart from her peers is her honesty. She constantly shares raw and unfiltered experiences about her journey with self-love. Also,

I started watching in 2014 and I’ve been following her ever since. I always learn something when from her videos.

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Reviewers

Angelica Nyqvist | Beauty Tutorials, Reviews, and Makeup Updates

Angelica is the queen of color. She is unmatched in her ability to put together uncommon colorful eyeshadow combinations. She played a huge role in influencing my return to colorful eyeshadows.

From a product review standpoint, Angelica constantly pushes out thorough reviews. Her reviews detail her experience, showcase swatches, and demonstrate 1-2 looks with the featured product.

Angelica constantly updates her subscribers about new makeup releases in her weekly series “New Makeup – Going on the Wishlist or Nahh.” I like that she includes a mix of mainstream and indie brands and that she offers critiques on each release she mentions.

Andreaย Matilliano | Cruelty-Free Beauty Reviews, Hauls & Declutters

I’ve been watching Andrea for years, so it has been exciting to see her channel grow. Andrea is a cruelty-free influencer who posts reviews, hauls, unboxings, and declutters on her channel.

I always find Andrea to be really upbeat. Her content can be a motivator in helping me to refrain from making a purchase or in inspiring me to declutter or organize my collection.

Jen Luvs Reviews | Beauty News & In-Depth Beauty Reviews

Jen puts out extremely well-researched and thorough product reviews. Not only does Jen speak on a product’s wear-time and ease of application, but she often will provide an analysis of a product’s ingredients.

Jen’s weekly makeup news series set her apart from other creators in the beauty space. These series, What’s Up in Makeup and the Makeup Minute are a rundown of the week’s biggest industry news.

Underrated Beauty YouTubers – The Commentators

Smokey Glow | Beauty Commentary, Reviews, and Tutorials

I started watching Smokey Glow in the latter half of 2018 and I’ve been addicted to her channel ever since. When I watch her videos, I feel like I’m having a conversation with one of my friends about makeup.

Although she sometimes discusses beauty community drama and other controversial topics, Hannah is always articulate and thoughtful in her responses.

Outside of her beauty commentary, Hannah does product reviews and tutorials. Even though her tutorials do not garner as many views as her commentary-style videos, I appreciate her for continuing to share her tutorials. She isn’t afraid to post a look that didn’t come out like she hoped it would.

Makeup Struggles | Beauty Commentary, Reviews, and Tutorials

Makeup Struggles provides some of the rawest opinions on beauty releases and products on YouTube. Also, she isn’t afraid to speak honestly about brands or about controversial issues in the beauty community.

Like so many of the YouTubers I’ve mentioned previously, she isn’t afraid to play with colorful products. Also, I’ve learned about quite a few new, indie brands by watching her channel.

Tea Spill | Drama Channel

Watching drama channels can start to feel toxic. I’ve cut down on the number of drama channels I follow. That being said, Tea Spill is one of the channels that I still enjoy watching.

When she first came onto the scene, Tea Spill‘s style of editing and sharing drama was innovative. Tea Spill typically takes a neutral, fact-sharing stance. in her videos.

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8 Underrated Beauty YouTubers

Who are your favorite beauty (or non-beauty) YouTubers? I’d love to know in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “8 Underrated Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

  1. I havenโ€™t actually heard of most of these channels but Iโ€™m loving the sound of them all! I watch Angelica too and her looks are incredible!! Have you heard of Nicole Renee cutler? Sheโ€™s a cruelty free beauty youtuber and sheโ€™s my all time favourite! Thanks for the recommendations love๐Ÿงก x
    Alex x

  2. YES!!! I love Stephanie Lange. I definitely have to check out the other YouTubers you mentioned, though. I haven’t heard of them, but they sound great. I’m especially curious to check out Julia’s channel since she is cruelty-free (yaas) and her style seems to be very artistic. I don’t personally do colorful makeup on myself, but I really enjoy watching others playing with color. Thanks for sharing, girl.

    Much love always,
    GABBY | http://www.gabbyabigaill.com

    1. Aw yay – glad you found some new YouTubers through this list. I used to do a lot of colorful looks, then shied away from it during college, but lately I’ve been re-inspired to return to color since for me it’s like art on the eyes haha!!

  3. This is the first time I heard of these channels but I will for sure be checking a few of them out. I feel like most mainstream YouTubers have gotten a bit boring and unoriginal with their content so it’s always a good thing when I hear from young/fresh creators.

    Thank you so much for sharing this roundup.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your fav underrated beauty bloggers. So many people only focus on the YouTubers and Instagrammers with millions of followers and while i love them too, I do appreciate how you shed light on the smaller ones who still work super hard. Great job! xoxo

    1. Aw thank you so much – I love supporting small creators. Just like how indie brands really innovate, I feel like indie or smaller creators are innovative too! โ˜บ๏ธ

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