Pan That Palette 2018 Finale/Will I Do It Again?

Project Pan | Pan that Palette 2018 | Will I Do It Again?

After a year of dedicated panning, my Pan That Palette 2018 Challenge has come to an end. As the challenge wore on, I lost the motivation to work on my Anastasia Master Palette by Mario.  After 12 months of using the same palette all the time I became bored.

Makeup is a creative outlet so I want to create different looks and feel inspired by my eyeshadow. Nevertheless, this challenge was eye opening for me.

Please keep reading for to see how my Pan That Palette 2018 progressed throughout the year.

Pan That Palette 2018 – Intro

ABH Master by Mario

I started the Pan that Palette Challenge in February 2018 – with the goal of finishing this entire palette before February 2019. Having heard that Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eyeshadow formula is “easy to pan” due to the brand’s soft, powdery formula, I figured finishing this palette in a year would be a doable goal. At the starting point, I already hit pan on the shades, Marina and 5th Ave.

Pan That Palette 2018 – Update #1

ABH Master by Mario

By the 1st update, I learned that even the most powdery shadows can be difficult to use up. Thus, I adjusted my Pan that Palette goal. Instead of aiming to use every shade completely, I wanted to hit pan in every shade. At this point, I only hit a new pan on one new shade, Kim.

Pan That Palette 2018 – Update #2

ABH Master by Mario

By my 2nd update, I realized that I likely wouldn’t even hit pan in every shade despite seeing continued progress. While the shimmers were relatively easy to work through, I couldn’t make a dent in the mattes.

Also, certain shades were harder to blend and produced a good deal of fallout. So I knew I wouldn’t hit pan on the shades, Bronx or Claudia. Nevertheless, I saw some improvement as I hit pan in Hollywood and Paris.

Pan That Palette2018  – Update #3

ABH Master by Mario

In my last update, the dents in the matte shades Lula and Isabel became more pronounced. Also, I hit “baby” pan in the shade, Muse. At this point, I still felt compelled to hit as much pan as possible and I set my sights on the shade NYC.

Pan That Palette 2018 Finale

If i’m being totally honest, I pretty much gave up on this challenge when I wrote this post late December 2018. However, I held onto hope that I might feel inspired to work on the shade NYC. However, I’ve only reached for this palette twice in the last two months. In fact, I was so sick of this palette and this shade that I started to prefer going out of the house without makeup.

Despite all my complaints,  I made great use out of the ABH Master Palette. I hit a sizable amount of pan in 6 of the shimmer shades and have large dents in the shades, Lula and Isabel. Could I have dug my brushes into each shade just to hit pan in every shade? Sure – but then this challenge would have been pointless because I would have wasted my money anyway.

Although the Master Palette is still one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow palettes and this served me well over the last two years, it is time to retire this palette from my daily routine.

Will I ever try to Pan that Palette again?

Honestly, I have no immediate plans to do this challenge again. Although eye-opening in showing me how arduous it is to finish an entire palette, I neglected so many other products just to attempt to use this palette more.

Makeup is fun – but by the end, I wasn’t having any fun. I felt obligated to use my Master Palette, so every look I created felt uninspired. Also, I learned that I can use a palette all the time, but still see no visible dents in a shadow and that is okay. In the future, I may include certain shades in my rolling year-long project pan, but I am unlikely to add a full-sized palette.

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Pan that Palette Finale

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What are your thoughts on Pan That Palette 2018? Have you done this challenge before or are you taking part in it this year? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

23 thoughts on “Pan That Palette 2018 Finale/Will I Do It Again?

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! <3 I was proud of my progress too … just got a little boring at the end. BUT I will say, that when I was traveling this weekend, this was the palette that I reached for lol!

  1. This challenge is AWESOME!! I can understand you getting sick of it. Maybe you will go back to the palette and finish it one day. I love eyeshadow palettes but I have never used them all up!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! <3 Funnily enough, when I had to pack for an overnight trip this past weekend – this was the still the favorite choice lol! I've never fully finished an eyeshadow palette either, but I've finished some quads before. 🙂

  2. The last update was a great one! Bravo! It is not easy using up the colors. But I build on the base colors in one palette (for example my Essence one) and use other palettes to make other looks/colors when combined with the base palette. Otherwise, it would get boring.

      1. Yes! I totally get it. Using the same type of colors together all the time. That can get so boring!!! But maybe you have an idea for the possible next Panning Project. If you feel up to it. Lol

  3. Wow you did great even if you weren’t able to hit pan on every single shade. I don’t think I’d be able to do this challenge because like you said, I would feel creatively trapped! I don’t blame you for not wanting to do it again. & I always wondered if some bloggers just dig their brush into the shades to make it look like they used it all LOL.

  4. It’s really great that you’re conscious about getting use of a product you love instead of just buying new new new all of the time. Have you heard of Project Throwback? It was created my Samantha Ravendhal on YouTube and what you do is use a few products you’ve not used for a while for a whole month and then swap it out for something else for the next month. That might be a bit better for you than a whole year? Well done for how much you got through though!
    Alex x

  5. I had the exact same feelings with Pan that Palette… I am glad I did it last year with the ABH Modern Renaissance. I just felt obligated to keep reaching for it instead of wanting to reach for it or feeling inspired to do so. I have been enjoying using all of my palettes this year!!

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