Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #5 (September Recap) – Part II

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Update #5 (September)

I’ve been working hard to reign in my spending this year and to stop my beauty collection from expanding beyond control. Although some months have been more successful than others, I’ve been struggling to reduce my hyper consumerist tendencies. Despite these struggles, I want to keep trying to change my habits. Please keep reading for my latest recap of  my first Yearlong Beauty Low-Buy.

Spoiler alert: this was my worst month of spending. This was in no way close to a beauty low buy. In fact, this past month was so bad, that I’ve broken up this post into two posts. In today’s post I’ll be sharing what I purchased this month.

Beauty Low Buy 2019-20 Rules Recap

  • I cannot spend more than $75.00 on NEW cosmetics in a given month
  • Exclusions: haircare (I have a sensitive scalp), skincare, repurchases (if I have no suitable alternative ex. concealer)
  • Dollars not spent in a given month can roll forward, but cannot be pulled forward
  • Exclusions: Items received via influencer networks, as gifts, or purchased via gift cards do NOT count against the dollar value

Beauty Low Buy Update #5: What I Actually Bought

Before we even dig into what I purchased, I want to be bluntly honest: I started out this month with every intention of following a strict budget or not buying anything at all. I wanted to keep my beauty low buy. Instead, I let sales and stress dictate my shopping habits.

I need to move away from buying makeup when I’m stressed and using what I have as a way to destress. I need to stop having the mindset to “treat myself” whether I’m treating myself for a big win or a big occasion. There will always be a reason to justify overspending.

I was so ashamed at how much I spent that I contemplated “hiding” some of my purchases (i.e. not including them in this post). However, that doesn’t do anyone any good. I hope that my honesty with my shopping struggles can help someone else. If that’s you – just know you’re not alone.

Alamar Cosmetics – Reina Del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette Bundle | $37.50 (CF)

Alamar Cosmetics has been a brand that I’ve longed to buy since it exploded onto the beauty scene in 2018 with the launch of the beloved, Reina Del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette. Both big and small YouTubers, alike, praised the brand for its pigmented and easy to use formula. I jumped at the chance to buy this Palette Bundle when I realized I could snag this at 25% Off. (Sale Price: $28.13 USD)

Alamar Cosmetics – Colorete Blush Trio | $22.00 USD (CF)

The Alamar blush trios were another hyped up release from the Cuban indie brand, but I’ve been so drawn to these trios since I saw them make the rounds on YouTube. Once again, I was thrilled at the opportunity to try the Alamar formula at a discounted price. I picked up the Medium/Tan Trio. (Sale Price: $16.50 USD)

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 & 2 Palettes and Colorete Blush Trio; ColourPop Orange You Glad? Palette
Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 & 2 Palettes and Colorete Blush Trio; ColourPop Orange You Glad? Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer – Rosewood | $28.00 USD (CF)

I have no good justification for buying this Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosewood Bronzer other than the fact that it was 30% off as part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty. This was a last minute add to my cart after I decided I was going to purchase a few of the below goodies on this list. (Sale Price: $19.60 USD)

Edit 11/3/19: All the shades are now at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores across the US. Had I followed by beauty low buy, I could have gotten this bronzer for even less.

Benefit Cosmetics – Cheekleaders Pink Squad Mini Cheek Palette | $30.00 USD

Believe it or not, I’ve never tried a blush from Benefit Cosmetics. Suddenly, I felt entranced by Cheekleaders mini blush and highlighter trio after seeing glowing reviews online.

Benefit Cosmetics – Cookie Highlighter | $30.00 USD

Strangely enough, I’ve never tried a powder highlighter from Benefit. I’ve tried and loved Benefit’s liquid and cream highlighters so much that I’ve gone on to repurchase them multiple times.

Similarly to the aforementioned palette, I felt like everyone on YouTube was raving about Benefit’s Cookie highlighter. In reviews and demos, this highlighter looked wet and dewy on the cheeks. I needed to have it.

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights So Jaded Palette | $39.00 USD (CF)

As soon as I saw Kathleen Lights’ newest collaboration with ColourPop, I knew I’d be purchasing the So Jaded Palette. I purchased it immediately. I purchased this palette at a discount because the brand originally listed the price wrong. (Price I Paid: $35.00 USD)

ColourPop Orange You Glad Eyeshadow Palette? | $12.00

When the orange edition in ColourPop’s Monochromatic Palette series launched, I had mixed feelings. After watching so many amazing demos and reviews, I felt inspired to try the Orange You Glad? Palette. (Discount Price: $10.80 USD)

Thinking of ordering from ColourPop for the first time? Please consider using my referral link for $5.00 off your first order. If you make a purchase, I’ll also receive $5.00 off my next purchase. Please note, I’ve purchased all of the aforementioned items.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Benefit Cosmetics Cheekleaders Palette, Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii palette & highlighter, KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Palette and Contour Kit, and Laura Mercier
A lil bit of Benefit Cosmetics, Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii palette & highlighter, KKW Beauty, Laura Mercier,

Dose of Colors x iLuvSarahii Eyeshadow Palette | $35.00 USD (CF)

I bought this palette during a frenzied Ulta shopping spree during the Points-Event taking place during the 21 Days of Beauty. Iluvsarahii is one of my favorite YouTubers, so I felt a strong pull to purchase this stunning neutral palette.

Dose of Colors x iLuvSarahii Highlighter – Bathe | $28.00 USD (CF)

I purchased the Bathe highlighter  while I was experiencing major anxiousness. When I’m up late and feeling anxious, my credit card seems to fly out of my wallet.

Dominique Cosmetics – Celestial Storm | $44.00 USD (CF)

Y’all this palette GOT ME. The Celestial Storm Palette is one of the prettiest, most intriguing color stories I’ve seen in a while. It is an a-typical rainbow palette full of eye-catching purples, teals, and warm neutrals.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Lime Crime Venus Immortals, Dominque Cosmetics Celestial Storm, Laura Mercier L'Exotic Highlighter Palette
Lime Crime Venus Immortals, Dominque Cosmetics Celestial Storm, Laura Mercier L’Amore Exotic Highlighter Palette

KKW Beauty – Classic Blossom Eyeshadow Palette | $45.00 USD (CF)

The KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Eyeshadow Palette has been in the back of my mind for months. When I saw this was 30% off during the KKW Labor Day Sale, I jumped at the chance to buy this. (Sale Price: $31.50 USD)

KKW – Powder Counter & Highlighter Palette (Light 1) | $44.00 USD (CF)

Since buying the KKW Creme Contour Stick, I’ve stopped reaching for my other contouring products. I use my creme contour stick on a daily basis. After an amazing experience with the Creme Contour, I had to try the Powder Contour Kit from KKW. (Sale Price: $ 30.80 USD)

Sephora Favorites Lashstash | $48.00 USD 

Every holiday season Sephora releases several “favorites” style product bundles. When I saw this year’s Lashstash favorites my jaw legitimately dropped. This kit an insane value (originally $135.00 USD value.

Most of the mascaras included in the set are beloved, hyped-up mascaras. Two full-size mascaras are included in the kit, too! Also, how could I turn down a mini of my Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara, AND lashes from Huda Beauty?

Laura Mercier – L’Amour Exotique Highlighter Palette | $58.00 USD 

Here’s the tea: I didn’t want the L’Amour Exotique Highlighter Palette… sadly the trio I wanted had already sold out online. However, I’ve wanted to try Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator formula and at 40% off, I couldn’t resist. (Sale Price: $34.80 USD)

Laura Mercier – Nights Out Eyeshadow Palette | $58.00 USD

Did I need the Laura Mercier Nights Out Eyeshadow Palette? No – but the 40% off sale price pushed me over the edge and I ended up adding this beautiful, jewel-toned palette to my shopping cart. (Sale Price: $34.80 USD)

Note: I’ve already decluttered this Laura Mercier Palette (unused) because looking at it made me feel sad.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Moira Beauty Like A Melody and Sandcastles in the Sky Palettes, and ColourPop x KathleenLights So Jaded Eyeshadow Palette
Moira Beauty Like A Melody and Sandcastles in the Sky Palettes, and ColourPop x KathleenLights So Jaded Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime – Venus Immortals Eyeshadow Palette | $38.00 USD (CF)

As soon as I saw the Venus Immortals Eyeshadow Palette promotional photos, I fell  head over heals. This silver and gray smokey palette looks chic and dramatic and unlike the other cool-toned palettes in my collection.

Moira Beauty – Like A Melody & Sandcastles in the Sky Eyeshadow Palettes | $16.00 USD (CF)

Moira Beauty is a brand that I discovered through Julia Mazzucato’s YouTube channel. When I saw the mini palettes I fell in love with the curated color stories and affordable price tag. I jumped at the chance to snag Like A Melody and Sandcastles in the Sky when I found an online coupon (Sale Price: $12.80 USD)

Ofra Highlighters – Blissful & Rodeo Drive | $29.00 USD (CF)

Many makeup lovers in the online beauty community agree that the Ofra makes glitzy, blindingly glow-y highlighters. However, these highlighters are quite pricey, at $29.00 USD for a full-size pan.

As part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, the Ofra Highlighters were 50% off. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to get the Blissful and Rodeo Drive highlighters at such a steal! (Sale Price: $14.50 USD)

Physicians Formula – Rose All Day Petal Glow Highlighter | $15.99 USD (CF)

The Physicians Formula Rose All Day Highlighters have been on my mind since I saw them advertised a few months ago. Sadly, I’d never seen them in-store.

I jumped at the chance to purchase this highlighter during my Frenzied Ulta Shopping Session where I received bonus rewards points. Plus, I was able to apply the $3.50 USD coupon. (Sale Price: $12.49 USD)

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy - Benefit Cosmetics Cookie, Ofra Cosmetics Highlighters, Physicians Formula Rose All Day
Hey there highlighters: Benefit Cosmetics Cookie, Ofra Cosmetics Highlighters, Physicians Formula Rose All Day

Planned Low Buy Budget for September: $75.00 USD

Total Spent in September: $551.18 USD

Remaining Budget: $00.00 USD

I wish I held myself accountable with my beauty low buy. In years past, I was able to keep a strict budget for myself. Lately, late night shopping has become my answer to stress.

Beauty Low Buy Update #5 Takeaways: Shopping is NOT an Effective Form of Self Care

Although I’ve yet to mention her in one of my YouTube roundup posts, Hannah Louise Poston has been a favorite beauty YouTuber this past year. If you are embarking on a beauty low buy, I highly suggest checking out Hannah’s channel.

Hannah started her YouTube channel in 2018 with project-focused posts recapping her No-Buy Year (a year where she went without shopping for accessories, beauty, clothing, home goods, etc.). Although she is no longer on a No Buy, her posts center on budgeting and smart consumerism.

In August, Hannah said something that really resonated with me: Shopping is often only surface level self-care. While shopping may ease stress or sadness in the moment, compulsive shopping can actually be to our detriment in the long-run. How so? If we’re spending all of our money on physical goods that we don’t need, then we (1) could incur debt and (2) may have to deprive ourselves of healthier forms of self-care in order to feed our shopping habits.

Hannah’s sentiment hit me hard because I often complain about not having enough money to attend barre classes since enrolling in my Grad Program. But here’s the thing… if I wasn’t spending so much money on makeup, I’d have plenty of money to spend on exercise classes. I complain about wanting to travel more. Imagine how much I’d have saved for a trip if I stopped my compulsive spending on makeup.

I need to go beyond a beauty low buy. It it isn’t enough for me.

I’ve decided to try my own version of a No-Buy Year specific to color cosmetics. More to come on this in next month’s mid-year Beauty Low Buy recap.

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Have you ever partook in a Low Buy or a No Buy? What advice would you share to anyone embarking on this type of challenge?

11 thoughts on “Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #5 (September Recap) – Part II

  1. I love all the goodies you’ve got! I know you’re disappointed in yourself because of your spendings but I’m proud you’re still sharing this and I’m sure you’ll motivate and inspire people who read this (just how you inspire me!).

  2. Omg there are so many beautiful palettes here haha! I know, it’s so hard to NOT buy these, their packaging and the colors look super dreamy and just… so pretty. I feel the same as you on buying stuff. It really is only a form of surface level self care .. I also complain a lot about how I can’t afford to do x y and z but If I restrained myself much more, I may actually be surprised that I can afford things LOL.

  3. Oh my gosh, LP, you picked out SO many goodies. The Dominique Cosmetics palette definitely caught my eye the most. Those shades are gorgeous! & I’ve never seen anything like that Laura Mercier quad, it looks so interesting– sorry the one you intially wanted was sold out though! The Alamar blush trio is so good & I’ve always wanted to try their eyeshadow. KKW & Lime Crime are brands on my list, too.

    I totally get what you mean about buying fashion & beauty stuff possibly becoming detrimental but, don’t be too hard on yourself. ♡ Enjoy all of these beautiful products & don’t feel guilty. Look how much you have to play with during your future No Buy Year now. 🙂

    1. I really appreciate how thoughtful you are with your encouragement. I was truly ashamed to post this and I’m embarrassed for next month’s round up post (which has all the stragglers that didn’t arrive in time for this past month’s post). I hope I can make some positive changes this year

      1. Oh, stop it, babe 💗 do not be ashamed or embarrassed!! I cannot wait to see what else you got– thank you for not hiding it!

  4. At first I read these low-buy posts, I thought it would be absolutely difficult to use so much in a month, but it also got me thinking about how much I actually spend on skincare and makeup…
    One month’s makeup bills and a calculator later; I apparently used – over the last month.- 200 Euro. I seriously thought I used about 50 at maximum…

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, and making everyone pay attention to the fact, that impulsive shopping is actually something we should take serious.
    It get’s too easy to tell yourself that it is okay to buy something because “you deserve it”, “It’s for my blog/work” or “I have been wanting it for a long time”.
    These claims may be true, but it is also important to not give into them every time; just like it is important to give into them sometimes. That balance is damn hard to find!

    Keep on doing your best, but remember to also enjoy and not feel too guilty about the things you actually buy. I will stand on the sideline cheering you on, while trying my hardest to not spend all MY money 😉

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