Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #2 June Recap

Yearlong Low-Buy Update #2 | Huda Beauty Neon Obessions & Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palettes

This year, I’ve been working hard to reign in my spending lately. Although May was not as successful as I hoped, this past June I continued on with my first Yearlong Beauty Low-Buy.

Please keep reading for an update on my Yearlong Beauty Low Buy. I share what I wanted to buy, what I actually bought, and what I learned during the month of June.

Beauty Low Buy 2019-20 Rules Recap

  • I cannot spend more than $75.00 on NEW cosmetics in a given month
  • Exclusions: haircare (I have a sensitive scalp), skincare, repurchases (if I have no suitable alternative ex. concealer)
  • Dollars not spent in a given month can roll forward, but cannot be pulled forward
  • Ex. If I want to buy a $90.00 eyeshadow palette in May, I cannot pull $15.00 forward. I would need to wait until June to buy the palette.
  • Exclusions: Items received via influencer networks, as gifts, or purchased via gift cards do NOT count against the dollar value

Beauty Low Buy Update #2: What I Wanted to Buy (but Didn’t)

List-making has been one of the ways that I’ve been trying to navigate this Beauty Low Buy. The below items are products that intrigued me:

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette

When I saw the promo shots for this palette, I had full intentions to purchasing the Alyssa Edwards Palette. After closer inspection, I realized that this palette looks very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette.

Although I think Alyssa Edwards is super talented, I can’t justify picking up this palette. Would I consider purchasing in the future? No.

ColourPop – Cream Blush + Lite Stix

It took all the strength within me to refrain from buying all of the new ColourPop Cream Blush + Lite Stix bundles. If it weren’t for my beauty low buy, I would have picked up each of the flower-themed bundles.

Given how frequently ColourPop has sales, I refrained from picking up any of these new cream blushes and highlighters. I no longer feel the urge to buy these.

Thinking of ordering from ColourPop for the first time? Please consider using my referral link for $5.00 off your first order. If you make a purchase, I’ll also receive $5.00 off my next purchase. Please note, I’ve purchased all of the aforementioned items.

Persona Cosmetics – Nude Lip Gloss Bundle

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that Sona Gasparian is one of my favorite Beauty YouTubers. Sona’s brand, Persona Cosmetics is one of the brands that I’ve been most excited to explore in 2019.

So far, I’ve LOVED everything I’ve tried from the brand and I love the brand’s Instagram account. Seeing the glosses promoted on the brand’s Instagram has made me lust after these glosses.

Ultimately, I didn’t end up picking up the Nude Lip Gloss Bundle. I own similar shades AND I picked up a few different goodies from the brand.

Beauty Low Buy Update #2: What I Actually Bought

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Update #2 | New Moon, Yes, Please!, and I Think I Love You Eyeshadow Palettes
L-R: ColourPop New Moon, Yes, Please!, and I Think I Love You Eyeshadow Palettes

ColourPop – Memorial Day 30% Off Weekend Buys

ColourPop has a personal vendetta against my wallet. The brand knows how to come for my money. During the MDW sale, I picked up three palettes: Blue Moon, I Think I Love You, and Yes, Please! palettes.

I’ve had my eye on the I Think I Love You and Yes, Please! palettes for some time, but held off on buying them. However, lost all sense of self-control with the launch of The Blue Moon Palette and the MDW Sale.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Update #2 | Top-Bottom: Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Eyeshadow Palettes in Orange and Pink
Top-Bottom: Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Eyeshadow Palettes in Orange and Pink

Huda Beauty – Neon Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes

Out of all the Summer/Spring releases, nothing grabbed my attention more than the Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Palettes. I love the Obsession Eyeshadow formula and the curated collection of shadows!

Although I debated holding off on picking these palettes up, I picked up two of the palettes (orange and pink). I had a huge Sephora credit that was burning a hole in my pocket. Given that I didn’t have to spend any of my own money on these two palettes, these palettes do not count against my Low-Buy.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Update #2 | Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette
Close up of the Natasha Denona Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona  Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

Originally, I had no intentions of actually purchasing the Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette because of my beauty low-buy. The color scheme of this palette is a pinker take on the classic red, sunset palette. Also, it sells at a much more accessible price point for the brand.

Given how much I hated the Mini Lila Palette, I was nervous about how these cheaper ND shadows will perform. Read my full review of the Sunrise Palette here.

In the end, I purchased this eyeshadow palette because I had a HUGE credit from Sephora. I wanted to give Natasha Denona one more shot. Given that I didn’t have to spend any of my own money on this palette, it does not count against my Beauty Low-Buy.

Yearlong Beauty Low Buy Update #2 | Persona Cosmetics Mini Haul | Persona Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Cali Glow Highlighters, Identity Palette, Pink Color Theory Kit
L-R: Persona Cosmetics’ Lip Glosses, Laguna Cali Glow Highlighter. Identity Palette, Pink Color Theory Kit, and Liquid Lipsticks

Persona Cosmetics Mini Haul

Although I refrained from buying the Persona Cosmetics Nude Lip Gloss Bundle, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing a ton of other goodies. After receiving a 20% Off Coupon, I decided to pick up two liquid lipsticks (Holy Grail and Phoenix), the new summer gloss bundle, the Laguna Highlighter, and the Identity Palette.

To be fair, I actually forgot that I picked up the ColourPop Palettes at the very beginning of the month so I thought I was a lot closer to my monthly budget.

If you are considering picking up something from Persona Cosmetics for the first time, please consider using my referral link for 5% off your purchase. Please note, if you make a purchase, I will receive 5% commission on the sale. All products mentioned in this video have been purchased on my own for my own personal enjoyment and for reviewing purposes.

Planned Beauty Low Buy Budget for May: $75.00 USD

Total Spent in May: $131.20 USD

Remaining Budget: $00.00 USD

Beauty Low Buy Update #2: The Importance of Detaching

It should come to no surprise that I state that I have an unhealthy attachment to makeup. Despite all my project panning, inventory tracking, and constant decluttering, I still hold sentimental value for my beauty collection.

In an effort to curb my excessive shopping habits and make myself more aware of the financial and environmental waste I am creating, I did a brutal declutter this spring. I tossed or re-homed tons of items that I’ve been keeping for purely sentimental reasons. Throughout my decluttering, I asked myself the following questions:

  • When was the last time I used this product?
  • Do I feel inspired to use this product?
  • Can I return this item? (If a product caused a reaction or was unopened)
  • Is this in good enough condition that I could donate or re-home this item?
  • Is this something I could potentially finish?

As a beauty-obsessed individual, I don’t want to feel bogged down by the products I no longer love and feel unmotivated to use. Beauty is a major source of inspiration and self-care for me. I don’t want to feel forced to use products that I dislike. If I have a friend or family member that could benefit from an item that I don’t use, I’d rather give it away.

Decluttering can be wasteful, but it can help in preventing future waste! Through my recent declutter, I was able to get a better understanding of the products that I buy, but don’t actually love. Thus, I’ll (hopefully) avoid making these types of purchases in the future.

P.S. I’m aware that I went over my budget again this month, but I did spend considerably less than I did last month. If I didn’t receive the large coupons/credits to Sephora I actually wouldn’t have picked up the Huda Beauty or the Natasha Denona palettes.

I consider this month a win for my wallet! Realistically, anytime I can edit myself or stop myself from making a frivolous purchase is a win.

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Interested in following along with my Low Buy Journey? Check out my Low Buy Introduction or my Low Buy – Update #1. Looking for advice on curbing excessive spending? Please check out my Smarter Shopper Posts – Volume I and Volume II.

If you’re considering your own low buy or no buy year, I recommend checking out Hannah Louise Postin who chronicles her 2018 No-Buy Year and 2019 Beauty Budget, Whitney Hedrick who chronicles her current No-Buy Year and provides tips on smart consumerism, as well as Elle S who was a steadfast project panner and who is currently chronicling her own No-Buy Year.

Have you ever partook in a Low Buy or a No Buy? What advice would you share to anyone embarking on this type of challenge?

41 thoughts on “Yearlong Beauty Low Buy | Update #2 June Recap

  1. I have tried a low buy before and it worked out about like yours did for me! I was over but did better than I had done the month before! Never done a no buy.

    1. YAY – glad to hear that it helped you to spend less, too! I’m currently following a strict No-Buy for the next couple of months and have been using a cash-only budget for weekly spending and so far this seems to be even more helpful at keeping me accountable for my spending.

    1. I did pick up Uh-Huh Honey, but I didn’t grab the Orange You Glad Palette. When it first released, I was on the fence… but all the reviews and demos I’ve seen look awesome. So I’m hoping to pick it up sometime in the Fall once my No Buy ends OR to receive it as a birthday gift from a family member.

      1. How many products do you have saved for when your no buys end? 😂 have you made any friends/family buy something for you and you say you’ll lay them back at the end of ur no buy? That’s something I would do if I’m desperate lol

      2. My birthday falls during my No-Buy period (planning to do my No-Buy from August through October), but I don’t have a crazy amount of things I’m going to rush out to buy but def a few things that I’d love to own! The only exception I’ll make is that if I finish another foundation during these 3 months, I want to pick up a new one!)

        I’ve typically been more successful with my No Buys over my Low Buys, so I haven’t had to ask anyone to buy me anything yet though lol.

      3. Mine is later in the fall! ☺️ I have a few makeup items I may ask for, but I also might ask to enroll in a photography class because I’d love to take better photos on my blog.

  2. Never heard of Persona before! ColourPop is just using hacks to attract everyone to buy their palettes! I just saw their Uh Huh Honey palette and even though I rarely wear yellow, it def looks so tempting haha!

    1. ColourPop is ~literally~ addictive… once you start buying it is hard to stop because the products are so good and SO affordable…. plus they’re constantly releasing so many new and interesting things!

  3. I’ve tried low buy and it worked pretty well- I ended up saving some money and learning I actually have self control when it comes to makeup 😂

    1. So so true – I’ve done a 6-month no-buy before and it was super successful… this year I def let my shopping be my “fix” for feeling anxious which has not been healthy, but so far my strict “no-buy” is actually going much better than the low buy lol.

      1. I think no-buy works better because I feel like at least for me once I start it’s pretty hard to stop but if I don’t buy at all it’s not that bad.

  4. This is such an interesting concept and one I’m in the midst of in my own way at present. Over the years I’ve been a downright makeup HOARDER – buying anything and everything, barely using most of it and keeping items purely to own them. This year I’ve barely bought anything frivolous, mostly keeping to re-buys or one-off ‘special’ purchases that I know I’ll use repeatedly. I’ve decluttered once already and am going through a re-do now as well.
    I think for me it’s proving easier than I anticipated because I have other things to keep me focused in terms of money-orientated goals, such as house buying, wedding planning and family holidays, so I feel as though any money waiting to be spent is better off in one of those pots, or I’ll spend it on something for my son instead. In my mind I’d rather now spend the money on a few good-quality long-lasting products than any and every bit of makeup like I would even 18 months ago.
    Oh ALSO I’ve been really turned off to the majority of the beauty community this year because dramatics~ so I don’t keep up with many new releases and only go looking at brands when I need to rebuy or want to try something different that I’ll get a lot of use from.

    Sorry this comment is so long but this is a topic that really interests me and it’s nice to see other peoples’ thoughts and ways around the issue of excessive makeup buying. It makes us feel good so it’s an easy thing to fall into but it’s only a positive thing to be more mindful.
    K x

    1. Thank you so much for this incredibly thoughtful comment – I’m always glad to connect with others on a financial journey / those trying to reign in spending. Totally agree that having other money-oriented goals helps… and I agree that the beauty community has had so much toxic energy this year. Plus, there are just so many new releases it is getting hard to catch up.

      What I’ve noticed since I’ve started to slow down my spending is that new releases are tempting me way less than older classics, so for me, this is showing me that I need to really WAIT before I drop money on something new because I need to make sure I’ll still love the new thing once the hype dies down!

      1. Girl you’re so right about catching up, it feels like things are being pushed in our faces with barely any breathing space before the next wave. I know it’s business and the brands need to make money but I’ve 100% hit my limit for now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and I’m not going to never try new things but it’s doing me well having a step back from it all.

        The comment about old classics is so true for me too. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or whatever but I kind of feel like I’m 32, I know what I like, I know what suits me and if I’m still rebuying Modern Renaissance in 10 years so be it! New releases can be exciting if they’re really innovative but those kinds of things are so few and far between it really is the lure of owning something lovely-looking that gets us to spend…it’s just getting to that realisation and understanding that you don’t HAVE to buy it that’s the difficult bit.

        Have a great week!
        K x

      2. Yes! I’m on a strict No-Buy currently (for at least this month and potentially 2 more), but I have all my July Haul posts coming. I picked up so many things during an intense period of stress.

  5. I have never tried the low buy method before but I definitely should. I don’t buy makeup much, but I’m always buying unnecessary things on amazon, haha. Although you went over, you should feel proud. I’m excited to see your progress throughout the year. Btw, those ColourPop palettes are stunning.

    Much love always,
    GABBY |

    1. During my most successful No-Buy I stopped shopping for everything accessories/clothing/beauty …. basically everything but necessities/food and I saved sooo much! P.S. almost purchased some ankle weights today at Marshalls after reading your suggestion for working out!!… I think I’m going to grab a set tomorrow. Thank you again for sharing that tip!

  6. It’s great that you’re working on your spending. Big plus that you set yourself a rule to follow, especially with being able to see results of the goods you end up not buying. It’s all baby steps with budgeting. Sending you lots of love!

    Nancy ♥

    1. What’s so crazy is that I used to be a budget queen, but when I went back to school I didn’t change my spending habits even though my income was drastically reduced. Now I’m keeping a weekly cash budget and having more luck!

  7. You inspire me every time when I’m reading your blog posts about a low buy! I’m always postponing no-buy months (as you probably already know lol) and I think I should start giving myself a monthly budget, just like you. Maybe a low-buy month will help me spending less!

  8. This is such a great idea and something I haven’t heard of before!
    I need to work on my spending over the next few months as I would like to do some saving.
    How difficult is it when you have 100 things you need (maybe more want) to buy! A money tree is needed.
    I would love your make up collection.

  9. I am the same way with my makeup, attaching sentimental value to my products, but I’m reeeally practicing throwing out stuff I don’t like right away instead of continuing to try to make it work & doing more declutters. You’ve inspired me!

    You did great on your low-buy this month & got some pretty palettes. I am in love with the Huda ones. 😍

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