6 Tips for Surviving Beautycon NYC

Beautycon NYC 2019

Ya girl is at it again – so excited to be attending Beautycon again in 2019! Last year, I had so much fun attending Beautycon LA, so my bestie and I decided to give the Beautycon NYC festival a try. This is a must-attend event for beauty bloggers and lovers.

Please keep reading for a breakdown of Beautycon, details on the 2019 event, and my 6 tips for surviving Beautycon NYC.

What is Beautycon?

Beautycon is premier fashion, beauty, and lifestyle convention and shopping event held in New York and Los Angeles every year. At the event, beauty fans, influencers, and creators come together for a one-of-a-kind exhibition featuring celebrity speakers, influencer meet-and-greets, branded booths and major shopping and Insta-worthy moments. Additionally, the brand hosts smaller, Beautycon Pop events with 1-2 brands in various US cities.

In addition to offering branded, pop-up shopping experiences, Beautycon hosts panels with celebrity talent, as well as live tutorials. This year Beauty Con is offering a mini-course on building your own brand, too.

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending Beautycon L.A. 2018 with one of my best friends, but this year, she and I opted to try the NYC Convention instead! I have quite a few posts detailing the goodies I received for free, the items I purchased, and my experiences at the event.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Featured Creators & Brands 

Headliners | I’m so stoked to say that Cardi B is the headliner for Beauty Con NYC this year!!!! Other talent includes Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s MUA, as well as Tokyo Stylez, best known for creating many of Kylie Jenner’s wigs, and Angel Merino a.k.a. Mac Daddy, the founder of Artist Couture.

Most brands at the event will work to coordinate their own influencer talent, too. As the event draws nearer, more creator talent should be announced.

Brands | Some of the notable brands at Beautycon NYC include Too Faced, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Dove, Lime Crime, Pixi, Say Yes To, SheaMoisture, Target, VERB, Violet Voss, etc. As with the talent, more brands should be announced as the event draws nearer.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Ticket Options

Beautycon offers various tiered ticket options for attending the event:

  • General Admission (One-Day): $44.99 USD
  • General Admission (Two-Day): $64.99 USD
  • Hauler (Two-Day): $199.99
    • Early admission to the event (10:00 AM compared to 12:00 PM)
    • Swag Bag with more than $200 worth of goodies
  • All Access (Two-Day): $499.99
    • Early admission to the event (10:00 AM compared to 12:00 PM)
    • Swag Bag with more than $200 worth of goodies
    • Dedicated VIP Entry & Lounge
    • Concierge coat check service
    • Front of Line Access at participating brand booths
    • First 100 tickets sold get reserved seating at Main Stage
  • Insider (Two-Day): $899.99Early admission to the event (10:00 AM compared to 12:00 PM)
    • Swag Bag with more than $200 worth of goodies
    • Dedicated VIP Entry & Lounge
    • Concierge coat check service
    • Front of Line Access at participating brand booths
    • Guaranteed front row seats at Main Stage
    • Exclusive access to Halo Room photo booth
    • Ticket to the official Beautycon NYC Afterparty

Although the Beauty Con LA Hauler Bag was quite impressive, I received a lot of products that I likely wouldn’t have picked up myself. That being said, I purchased the Hauler tickets again because the early admission is 100% worth it. Once the event opens to General Admission, the lines got INSANE.

For additional details or to purchase tickets for Beauty Con NYC 2019, check out the brand’s site.

Keep reading for my 6 top tips for surviving Beautycon NYC and making the most of the event.

6 Tips for Surviving Beautycon NYC

Events like Beautycon LA and Beautycon NYC are expensive, so it is important to make the most of your trip. I’ve compiled my top 6 tips for surviving Beautycon NYC below.

  1. Arrive Early | Unless you plan to purchase one of the tickets that allow you to skip lines, arrive early to the venue. Beautycon sells more Hauler tickets than you’d think. Thus, if you want to truly be at the head of the line, then you should plan to get to the event early.
  2. Wear Comfortable Shoes | I cannot state this enough, BeautyCon is an event that keeps you on your feet (and waiting in lines) all day. Knowing this, I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you!
  3. Don’t Grab the Hauler Bag Before the Event | I learned this the hard way. I had to lug the incredibly bulky, heavy bag around with me to every booth and panel when I could have just grabbed the goodie bag as I was leaving.
  4. Plan Ahead | Plan out the booths you want to hit and the order you’d like to visit them. I found that it was best to visit certain brands before GA ticket holders arrived because of how the line sizes ballooned.
  5. Take Turns in Line | Second, if you are attending the event with a friend or family member, take turn visiting smaller booths and waiting in line. For example, while my friend and I waited in the Kylie Cosmetics Line, she and I took turns actually waiting in the line and visiting other nearby booths (Rimmel and JOAH).

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Beautycon NYC 2019 | 6 Tips for Surviving Beautycon NYC

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Have you been to Beautycon or any other makeup exhibition show before? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! That sound like soo much fun. Was it awesome or was it awesome? Although it also sounds like when it’s done you just want to fall into bed from so much walking 😅 . Thanks for sharing with us 😊 ❤️

    1. Hahaha yes it was definitely a little tiring – my feet may have hated me by the end! But it was so much fun so I’m excited to see what the East Coast convention will be like! 💜

  2. Haha I never would’ve known of Beauty Con!! There are so many Cons for everything under the sun haha, so figures beauty would have one of their own! I live a bus or train ride away from the city and I never know the events taking place there haha. It sounds so hectic but fun!!! Thanks for sharing info about it girl! I’m imagining you grabbing that hauler bag like Santa Claus and a bag full of toys 🤣

    1. lmaoo chuckled so hard at that last statement. Literally some of the booth workers thought I was crazy… they were like “boy, I can see you really love makeup” as if I purchased an entire duffel bag of makeup myself during the event lol! 🙈🙈🙈

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