Beautycon NYC 2019 :: Too Little Too Late or a Proper Apology? An Update on the Aftermath

Beautycon NYC 2019 - Update on the Aftermath

After a disastrous Beautycon NYC 2019, filled with fights and lackluster Haul Bags, many disappointed attendees were left wondering if the Beautycon team would actually listen to our feedback. Would the Beautycon team try to make things right?

Well. I’m happy to report that they did.

Beautycon NYC Takes Steps to Remedy the Situation

First, there was an overwhelming amount of cries of disappointment during and after the event. The backlash against the event was swift.

The first step the Beautycon Team took to mitigate their issues was to open channels for attendees to share their frustrations. After initial feedback was received by the Beautycon Team, status update emails were sent out to the affected attendees.

The overall process took a long time. However, each status update let us know what would be done to try to remedy the situation.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Beauty Box

Beautycon sent a goodie box of cosmetics, skincare, and haircare items worth ~$250-$300. I was pleased that this was done without charging attendees for shipping or asking for original haul bags to be returned. However, many of the items felt incredibly random.

My biggest complaint with the box is that my Rimmel eyeshadow palette was not properly protected. The palette broke, so one of the shadows shattered all over the other contents my box.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Beauty Box
Inner Contents of the Beautycon NYC 2019 Beauty Box

Final Thoughts on Beautycon NYC 2019

It takes a lot of humility and integrity to own up to your mistakes.  I appreciate that the Beautycon Team did the right thing by apologizing and sending out these make good packages.

Unfortunately, in the beauty industry, there aren’t always brand owners (influencers) who are willing to do this.

November 2019 Edit: I ended up decluttering nearly every item that I received in this box. The Luxie brushes were the best items in the box.

Also, there were even more problematic incidences that occurred at Beautycon LA 2019. The owner did not handle things well.

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Beautycon NYC 2019

Would you forgive a brand if they made a genuine, concerted effort to make things right? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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