Was the 2019 Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag a Hit or Miss?

Beautycon NYC 2019

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen that there was drama surrounding this year’s Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag 2019. To summarize everything in the simplest terms possible, people were highly disappointed at this year’s Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag (Freebie bag) because (1) the bag had barely any product in it when compared to previous years and (2) many of us actually received bags that were only half-full.

Although Beautycon tried to rectify the latter issue, I still did not receive everything that my friend did. Others were so disappointed that they didn’t come back to swap out their bag.

Nevertheless, between the Beautycon NYC hauler bag, the free samples from exhibiting brands, and the purchases I made at the event, I actually came home with a ton of products!

Disclaimer: As always, I don’t share posts with the intention to brag. Personally, I like watching or reading this type of content. I genuinely love beauty, so I’m just curious to see what is out on the market.

If you’re like me, then please keep reading to see what came in my Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag.

Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag

The below products are items that I received in my Beautycon 2019 Hauler Bag. Overall, I received a ton of haircare products and very little actual makeup in this year’s bag.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Haul | Hauler Bag
Beautycon NYC 2019 Hauler Bag

Amlactin | Rapid Relief Restoring Lotion Mini ($3.72 USD)


Bioderma |Sensibio H20 Micellar Water ($9.90 USD)

CoTz | Prime and Protect Tinted Sunscreen – SPF 40 ($8.86 USD)

Dove | Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil ($5.99 USD)

*Eden Bodyworks | Peppermint Tea Tree Natural Shampoo ($2.31 USD)

KISS | Lash CoutureTriple Push Up Collection in Bustier ($6.99 USD)

*Lime Crime | Diamond Crushers Iridescent Lip Topper in Angel’s Breath ($20.00 USD)*This particular shade appears to be discontinued

*Lip Bar | Lip Gloss in Party Girl ($14.00 USD)

Love Beauty and Planet | Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hairspray ($6.99 USD)

Love Beauty and Home | Lavender & Argan Oil Multipurpose Cleaner Spray ($3.99 USD)

L’OREAL | Lash Paradise Mascara ($6.99 USD)

*Lumify | Redness Reliever Eye Drops ($11.99 USD)

*Mane Choice

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter|Daily Skin Therapy Solid Jar Mini ($1.17 USD)

Pixi by Petra | Endless Silky Eye Pen in Matte Mulberry ($12.00 USD)

Pond’s | Cold Cream Facial Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover ($9.99 USD)

*POP Beauty | Kajal Pencil in Inky Purple ($6.00 USD)

*Queen V | UTMI Women’s UTI Prevention ($15.00 USD)

Raw Sugar | Coconut + Mango Natural Lip Balm ($4.99 USD)

Sol de Janeiro

SheaMoisture | Rehydration Treatment Masque ($13.49 USD)

*The Balm | The BalmJour Creamy Lip Stain in Ni Hao! ($14.00 USD)

*TXTR by Cantu | Strengthen & Restore Moisture Mask ($9.99 USD)


Total Bag Value: $271.34 USD

Total Bag Value (of items I’m keeping): $116.05 USD

Any item with an asterisk was either be given to a family member or friend, sold, or added to an upcoming giveaway.

As evident from the above, the value of this bag is barely what it was advertised to be (especially when compared to previous years). However, when considering all the items I plan to declutter, the bag is worth far less than advertised. There are a few items that I’m still on the fence about, too… so it’s highly likely that this bag will actually be worth more like $100 to me.

Beautycon NYC 2019 | Free Samples

The below products are items that I received with purchase OR in exchange for a marketing/PR tradeoff (i.e. posting a photo to Instagram with a certain hashtag or providing my email address, etc).

Similar to the contents of the Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag, you’ll see that I decluttered nearly everything I received for free from the vendors. 

Beautycon NYC 2019 Haul | Beauty Freebies
Beautycon NYC 2019 Freebies

Clean & Clear | Blackhead Eraser Scrubby Pore Strip ($6.67 USD)

CVS Health

DNA Hairtools

Joah | Make Her Gel-Ous Gel Liner in Pearl Brown ($8.50 USD)

KISS | ImPRESS Nails Press-On Manicure in One Shine Day ($7.99 USD)

L’OREAL | Rouge Signature, Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Create ($11.99 USD)

Love Beauty and Planet | Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Shampoo ($6.89 USD)

Maybelline | Tattoo Studio Brow Tint Pen ($7.99 USD)

*Mugler | Eau de Toilette Angle Sample

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter | Daily Skin Therapy Solid Jar Mini ($1.17 USD)


Pixi by Petra

Raw Sugar


*Rimmel | Maxi Blush in Third Base ($4.28 USD)

*Sally’s Beauty

Sexy Hair | Fun Sexy Hair Bling It On Glitter Hairspray in 24 Karat (TBD)

*SheaMoisture | Manuka Honey and Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Split End Balm ($9.99 USD)

Sol de Janeiro

*Violet Voss | Liquid Lipstick in Paisley ($20.00 USD)

*Zoey Sweet | Eyeshadow Single in Rose’ (Unknown)

Total Value: $313.22

Similarly to some of the items in the Beautycon Hauler Bag items, some of these freebies will be given to family or friends, sold or added to my upcoming giveaway.

Beautycon NYC 2019 | Beauty Buys

The below products are items that I purchased at the event. I’ve never tried any of the below products, but could not resist the chance to try these products at such a good discount.

Beautycon NYC 2019 Haul | Beauty Purchases
Beauty Purchases

Clean & ClearLemon Zesty Scrub ($5.99 USD)

I purchased the Clean & Clear Lemon Zesty Scrub to receive the free product with purchase (Blackhead Eraser Scrubby Pore Strip). I’ve always loved Clean & Clear’s skin products because of how effective they are at cleaning the skin, so I was pleased to pick up this goodie. Also, Clean and Clear definitely win the award for cutest packaging.

Edit: this caused my skin to breakout so I decluttered this scrub.

DNA HairtoolsPink Thermal Brush ($350.00 USD)

The DNA Hairtools Thermal Brush has been on my mind since I tested it at Beautycon LA 2018. Like everything else on this list, I purchased this at a discount $200 discount AND received a free full-sized shampoo and conditioner.

Jouer | Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadows Palette ($40.00 USD)

The Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadow Palette was a limited edition release from Jouer that I was sad to have missed. This palette is currently available on the Jouer website for $40.00 USD…. but I got it for $7.00 USD at the event!!! BEST DEAL of the event.

Edit: I never reach for this palette so it was decluttered.

MODA BrushesSynthetic Eyeshadow Brushes ($29.95 USD)

I’m always on the hunt for eyeshadow brushes. I find it helpful to have backup brushes on-hand for when I don’t have time to wash my dirty brushes. I grabbed four blue brushes and received one brush for free.

Pixi by Petra | Face Mists & Glitter-Y Quad ($44.00 USD)

Y’all – Pixi had one of the longest lines at Beautycon because they were offering great freebies AND a killer discount on a variety of products (20%). Unfortunately for me, they ran out of nearly everything I wanted to try. Thankfully, Pixi extended the discount to Beautycon attendees online!

I’ve been testing out some Pixi skincare, but wanted to try a few more things from the brand. On Monday, I ordered:

  • Hydrating Milky Mist ($15.00 USD)
  • Glow Mist ($15.00 USD)
  • *Glitter-Y Quad in Rose Bronze ($14.00 USD)

Edit: the Glitter-Y Quad was decluttered

Rude Cosmetics | Whatever Forever Palette ($18.00 USD)

I’ve been wanting to try the Whatever Forever Palette from Rude Cosmetics since I watched Smokey Glow’s Tutorial Tuesday featuring this 90s-themed palette. When I saw that Rude Cosmetics was selling this palette for $10.00, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Edit: I decluttered this palette because I never reached for it

Sol de Janeiro | Glowmotions in Rio Sunset ($35.00 USD) and Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist ($32.00 USD)

Sol de Janeiro has been on my list of brands to try for years, but I’ve never pulled the trigger to make a purchase due to the high price tag. As soon as I saw that Sol de Janeiro offered 25% off to Beautycon attendees, my credit card flew out of my wallet.

After playing with various products, I settled on trying the Glowmotions body illuminator in the shade Rio Sunset and the Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist. I purchased both products for roughly $50.00 USD.

VERB | Ghost Oil, Ghost Dry Oil & Sea Texture Spray ($48.00 USD)

VERB is a super cool, indie haircare brand sold at Sephora. I’ve tried their Leave-In Mist but wanted to try more from the brand. They were offering a 3 for $36 deal at Beautycon, so I picked up the Ghost Oil, Ghost Dry Oil, and the Sea Texture Spray. I really want to take my hairstyling game to the next level this year…hopefully, these products will help!

Violet Voss | Sugar Crystals Palette ($42.00 USD)

I never thought I’d purchase from Violet Voss. I viewed them in a similar lens as Morphe. However, I’ve heard good things about the Violet Voss formula and was impressed by the products when I swatched them.

Originally, I was drawn to the Hashtag Palette, but opted to snag the Sugar Crystals Palette instead. I purchased this palette at a slight discount ($35.00 USD compared to $42.00 USD).

Zoey Sweet | Lash Holder & Eyelashes ($12.00 USD)

I see these little lash tins in so many makeup collection videos and they seemed so handy! This brand is supposed to be launching at Target soon.

Total Value: $644.94 USD

Total Cost: $365.94 USD (~43% savings)

Final Thoughts the Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag & Purchases

During Beautycon NYC I basically blacked out and went purchase-crazy. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been having a difficult time lately, so I’ve been purchasing a lot of beauty items almost as compensation or an escape

Overall, the Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag was disappointing given that there was little to no makeup. Many of the hair products that were included aren’t really meant for my hair type. Also, in comparison to last year’s bag (which was worth $650+), this year’s bag was a huge letdown.

HOWEVER, many of the brands stepped up their game this year by offering some killer samples and full-sized products. Special shoutout to Sally’s Beauty, CVS Health, and Revlon for offering the best samples.

I will be sharing another post regarding the overall Beautycon NYC 2019 experience but wanted to get this post regarding the Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag up first. My feelings on this year’s convention are quite mixed. Also, I’ll follow up with reviews on many of these goodies in future posts.

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If you enjoyed my Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag recap, you may be interested in seeing what I snagged last year at Beautycon LA 2018. Check out this post on the LA Hauler Bag, my Beautycon LA Purchases, and my Beautycon LA 2018 Experience.

What do you think of the 2019 Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag? Is there anything I received that you would have kept? Please let me know in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Was the 2019 Beautycon NYC Hauler Bag a Hit or Miss?

  1. I loved seeing all your goodies, LP! That is a disappointment about the haircare items. I’m so particular about what I use, that would be a waste for me, too. But I still see things I’d like to try and the samples are nice sized like you said. I loved seeing all the other items you got too. I’m sorry things are difficult for you right now. I’m thinking of you and sending lots of hugs, good thoughts, and sunshine. It’s not the exact same, but my first year in grad school was super rocky. It’s a BIG transition, which comes with lots of emotions, changes in routine, and on and on, and I went straight from college. Be gentle with yourself and know you have lots of friends out here who care about you. ♥️ ☀️

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Know I say it all the time, but your constant support has truly meant so much to me! Literally, so grateful to have connected with you through WordPress. It is a comfort to know that I’m not alone in experiencing some rocky times during this transitional period. <3 You are such a light to everyone you connect with.

  2. Giiiiiiirl this is a HUGE haul and I love it!
    I’m sad to hear that you’re having a difficult time though, sending you lots of love!!

    1. Thank you so much! My full experience recap will be posted this weekend… but as a spoiler.. you didn’t miss out on much. This year’s event had a lot of drama, BUT hope you get to go next year! <3

  3. The discounts you got were crazy good, wow! Nice purchases!

    The Hauler Bag does sound like a disappointment though, but at least the brands & their freebies made up for it a bit.

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