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Is social media overwhelming to you? Do you feel like Twitter isn’t making an impact on your blog growth? In today’s Blogger Love post, I’ll be sharing the best Twitter tips for bloggers and 40+ Blog Retweet Accounts to Boost Blog Engagement.

Why Is Twitter Under Hyped?

As a marketer, Twitter is an often overlooked platform for many brands for quite a few reasons. Twitter does not command as many daily active users as other powerhouse platforms. The platform is not as visually appealing as other larger social media players.

In contrast, Instagram and Facebook, offer a wide variety of organic and paid methods of communicating with consumers and have a greater ability to communicate a brand’s essence visually through photographs and videos.

Despite the platform’s shortcomings for brands, Twitter lends itself well for media and news organizations, writers, and bloggers!

Why Twitter is the Best Platform for Connecting with Bloggers

Twitter is the most underrated platform for growing your blog and connecting with other bloggers for a number of reasons.

Authentic | I find that Twitter tends to be the most authentic platform. On platforms like Instagram, it can be really easy to hide behind a facade or pretend everything is perfect. On Twitter there is so much less pressure to conform like this – some of my favorite people on Twitter are those who aren’t afraid to be raw with their emotions or struggles. Personally, Twitter is much less stressful to use as a platform because I feel less pressure to always be perfect.

Newbie-Friendly | blog retweet and chat accounts make it so easy for new bloggers to connect with one another. People tend to be much less selective about following back on Twitter than they do on other platforms, so Twitter is a great place to start growing your network. Nearly all of my closest blogger friends were made through interactions facilitated by a blog retweet account. The blogging community on Twitter can often feel like a little family.

Growth Hub | Twitter is actually a great source for growth across other platforms. Through Twitter, I joined quite a few Group Pinterest boards, an Instagram Pod, and Twitter Engagement Group. Additionally, many bloggers share amazing resources aimed at helping other bloggers grow.

All the above being said I will say that Twitter won’t cause your blog views to skyrocket in the same way that Pinterest can. Logically, this makes sense since Twitter is more social and interactive in nature. However, I’ve found that blogging can be quite lonely without friends, so I recommend most bloggers start with Twitter rather than Pinterest.

Twitter Tips for Bloggers: Profile Set Up

First thing’s first, there are essential Twitter Tips for Bloggers regarding setting up a profile that highlights who you are and what you have to offer.

Use a Relevant Username | If you are using a Twitter account to promote your blog, then your username should be tied to your blog name OR your blog name should be prominently featured in your bio or featured photographs.

Profile & Header Photo | Not only should you have a profile photo and header image,  but these images should be cohesive with one another. In this day and age, lacking a profile picture or a header image may indicate that you are not fully invested in your blog. Moreover, if the two images don’t work well together, then this may show your personal brand in a disjointed and confusing way.

Complete Your Bio | Use your bio to briefly tell the Twitter-verse who you are, what you do, and what you love. Be confident and assertive. In other words, don’t tell the world you’re an “aspiring blogger, writer, marketer, chef, etc…” communicate to the world that you already ARE a blogger or writer. Also, be sure to leave a link to your blog URL.

Use of Lists | As your following grows, lists become a helpful way to stay organized. I make use of lists so I can keep up-to-date with the bloggers, celebrities, and brands that I follow in an organized way. Lists can be private or public.

Twitter Tips for Bloggers: Crafting Top-notch Tweets

Now that you’ve set up your profile, you need to craft tweets that keep people engaged. Check out my Twitter Tips for Bloggers regarding writing engaging tweets.

Use Hashtags | Whether you use blog retweet hashtags or trending, topical hashtags, try to include at least one hashtag within each tweet. Why? Using hashtags increases the likelihood that your tweets will be seen by others.

Used Mixed Media | Even though Twitter is not as visually appealing as other social channels, play around with the media featured in your content. I make sure to use a mix of GIFs and photos to *spice* up my Twitter feed. On occasion, I’ll even post a poll to see what my Twitter family thinks about a certain topic.

Tag Brands | I was super afraid to tag brands when I first started tweeting because I was afraid they wouldn’t like my content. However, most digitally-savvy brands have a social media team that monitors brand fan activity. As a result, brands like Drunk Elephant and Glossier have seen and liked my content on occasion.

Be Genuine | Unlike Instagram, where we often show the most perfect version of ourselves, Twitter is a platform that really lends itself to being genuine. I see so many people using Twitter to share hard truths, personal anecdotes, and positive affirmations in addition to promoting posts and pithy humor.

Twitter Tips for Bloggers: Etiquette 101

Last but not least, etiquette is an important element of the best Twitter tips for bloggers. Remember, bloggers are people, too. 

Be Courteous | Many bloggers LOVE to help out other bloggers. One common way another blogger may offer help is to tweet to request bloggers  “drop links.” Too often, I see people dropping links without introducing themselves or returning the favor to the original requestor or anyone else in the thread. Not only is this type of behavior tacky, but I find it incredibly rude. Always remember that we’re all people.

Follow Blog Thread Rules| What do I mean by this? Although there is no official rule to comment on others’ posts or follow anyone back on a Blogger Retweet comment or follow swap, there is an unspoken assumption that you’ll reciprocate the same love to someone that has helped you. Moreover, if you say “I Follow Back” or “I Return All Comments”… then do it! Once those statements are made, there is an expectation that you’ll keep your word. Also, don’t abuse social follow threads. In other words, if you plan to unfollow everyone within a few days, then don’t bother joining the thread in the first place.

Support Other Bloggers | If you want to be supported, you need to support others. Period. For example, although I may fall behind on keeping up with social posts or blog posts, I always make sure to catch up and support all the amazing bloggers who I’ve come to think of as my friends. It is apparent when you’re being genuine with others. Sometimes, support can be as simple as retweeting a friend’s blog promo post or giving them a shoutout in a #FollowFriday or #WomenWednesday

Don’t Violate Someone’s Personal Privacy | This should go without saying; however, I’ve seen too many individuals’ personal information compromised online. Whether or not someone chooses to share their real name or use a pseudonym (like I do), do NOT dox them on the internet. A.K.A. don’t out someone’s name, profession, or living location.

40+ Blog Retweet Accounts

In addition to retweeting blogger content, Blog Retweet Accounts often host blogger chats, comment swaps, and various follow threads. All of these accounts are a great way to interact with other bloggers and make friends – in fact, I made the majority of my closest blogger friends this way.

  1. All Those Blogs
  2. BeeChat
  3. Best Blog RTs
  4. BBlog RT
  5. #BlissBloggers
  6. BloggerBabes
  7. BloggingBabes RT
  8. Blog Buddy Program
  9. BloggingBeesRT
  10. Blogger Clan
  11. Blogger Hive
  12. Bloggeration
  13. BloggingLadiesRT
  14. BloggerLoveShare
  15. BlogLove
  16. #BlogLove2018
  17. BloggersLoveRT
  18. Bloggers Sparkle
  19. BloggersTribe
  20. BloggerVue
  21. Female Blogger RT
  22. FierceBloggersRTs
  23. FierceBlogLove
  24. GRLPOWR Chat
  25. GirlsWhoCreate
  26. Influencer RT
  27. LittleBlogRT
  28. #LiveLuvBlogRT
  29. PrettyLittleBloggers
  30. Sunshine Bloggers
  31. Tea and Post
  32. The Blogger Bunch
  33. The Blog Club
  34. The Blogger Crowd
  35. TheBloggerGalsRT
  36. TheBloggersPost
  37. The Blogging Tribe
  38. The Clique – Bloggers RT
  39. US Blog ReTweets
  40. We RT All Blogs
  41. We Tweet Blogs
  42. AdventurousFolk

P.S. If you are shy, these accounts can make the process of reaching out to others less daunting and overwhelming. Also, since most Retweet accounts have rules for posting, I generally find them to be a “safe space” to interact with others.

Looking for more blogging resources? Check out my previous two posts in the serious where I detailed my blog journey, helpful tools for pre-planning blog and social posts, and the five things I wish I knew before starting my blog.

Let’s connect on social media: Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest  | Bloglovin’

Twitter 101: Essential Tips for Bloggers

Do you use Twitter to promote your blog posts or interact with other bloggers? If so, what tips do you think I’m missing? Are you new to Twitter? Let me know in the comments below.

45 thoughts on “The Best Twitter Tips for Bloggers & 40+ Blog Retweet Accounts to Boost Engagement

  1. What a great post idea!! I looove Twitter because of how easy it is to engage with people and how much more supportive it is with the RT features and more!! I do use it to rant about the horrid things some people (pretty much all random weirdos!) do but never specifically name anyone, that should go without saying but I guess sometimes some of us may be a little too hot headed and just really want to bash that person haha … 😅 but totally agree! Thank you so much for researching all the RT accounts! I am following most of them 🙂 xx

    Geraldine |

  2. This is such a useful resource for bloggers so thank you for sharing. I get most of my engagement from twitter because it is so easy to find people and chat to them. It’s so easy to share things too. People are usually so supportive over there and so I find blogging twitter can be a really great space to find yourself in. I will definitely be checking out some of the accounts recommended by you! Another awesome post!
    Alex xx

  3. Great post! I started my blog about two months ago and had no idea how to start building a potential audience. At that time I joined Twitter and sort of stumbled around to figure out the etiquette. Everything in your post rings true to me. Thank you for posting!

  4. Such a good list! Twitter took some time for me to get used to, but I’ve come to check it every day now. I probably don’t use it enough – it’s usually where I go to have manic episodes 😂. Blogger chats helped me out when getting started. I’ve met a few bloggers that way, and it was so encouraging! I still find it hard to connect with people there because there is a sense of “keeping up” that comes with it. It’s definitely a great platform for creating genuine relationships though.

    1. I agree about “keeping up” for sure – it can be so hard to stay up to date with what everyone is doing without it consuming so so much of your time. But def appreciate all the relationships I’ve made through Twitter! 💜

  5. Yes! Twitter is amazing and I’m so much more genuine on there then, well I’m learning things about myself every day and realising just how strong some of my opinions are!

    I agree on the blog thread rules; especially on comment threads – I find it difficult to always write a comment on every post but I do at least read the post of everyone who replies (it’s why I only participate when I have the time to do so) and I can tell from my analytics and views that only a very small percentage of people on those threads looked at my blog.
    That perhaps sounds more rude and presumptuous than I mean it to be. Maybe I secretly envy people who are capable of not following the rules *shrug* I much prefer the threads where it tells you to comment on 2 blogs or something rather than ALL the replies because that feels so much less overwhelming to me.

    1. Thank you so much for this very thoughtful comment! 💜 My analytics also show a smaller percentage of views directly attributed to Twitter, BUT I’m wondering if maybe the WordPress reader takes the credit when someone is redirected to their reader… because I do see a halo effect of more traffic on the days that I promote on Twitter.

      Yes – I used to go ham commenting on everyone’s posts in these threads, but now I do usually like 2-5 comments!! Much less overwhelming.

      1. I’ve never looked that deeply to think about where traffic is coming from, I was just thinking about overall traffic.
        I’d love to see someone do a “shy” thread where you just read the post; I tried to start one today but nobody joined in 🙁 lol obv I’m still too little for such an idea to take off

  6. I love Twitter so much! I find it SO much easier to connect with other bloggers and make friends. It feels so much more accessible and fun than Instagram. Totally agree using those retweet accounts and twitter chats are awesome ways of not only growing but also connecting with others! Definitely saving that list of accounts to check out! 🙂

    Andrea |

  7. Thank you for the advice! I’m not really that big on having a public social media account or promoting my blog, but there will come a time when I’ll want to be, so these tips are really great! I’m now considering using something other than word-of-mouth to build a stronger community on my blog. My blog isn’t that well organized so it’s mainly for friends to see, but when I post artwork I want to see people look at it. I just don’t know how to take the leap from a kind of friends-only blog to something with more well-written versions of my content, that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone I’ve never met saw it. Do you have any advice?

    Also, do you use Canva for your designs? I’ve been using it for a long time, but I’ve never really thought to put my designs in my blog (I have a secret passion for graphic design).

    Thank you so much for your post!

    1. I’m so glad that you found this helpful. 💜Funnily enough, my blog is the opposite in that only those closest to me know my blog name and blog URL… so it’s mainly people I’ve never met reading it! I felt shy for friends and family to read my work lol!

      I think it can be quite scary to put yourself out there at first – especially on social media, but Twitter really was a huge help in getting me out of my comfort zone and sharing my content with others! There are so many blogger chat / connect threads that it takes some of the scariness away!! So my suggestion would be to try connecting with others that way since I’ve found those bloggers most likely to be kind / helpful. ☺️

      And yes – I use Canva to create all my header images for my blog! So much easier to navigate than photoshop!

  8. I love using Twitter to promote my content. It is very interactive and doesn’t seem too spammy. Twitter is very versatile. YES on following the Twitter thread rules. I hate it when people follow and unfollow… People DO notice! Thanks for sharing these resources!~

    Nancy ♥

  9. Great post!!! I enjoyed your entire “Blogger Love” category.

    I was wondering if you’re interested in guest posting/being a contributor on another blog? (We’re looking for people to talk about blogging, business, marketing, anything in relation to creating a brand.)

    If that’s something that may interest you, let me know! I’m looking for some talented writers and we have a compensation plan set up.

    Thanks, Alex (

  10. This was such a helpful post to read! Thank you for your insight. I’m new to Twitter as well and I’m still learning on how to engage with others on it. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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