Bad or Rad | ColourPop Double Rainbow Review

Bad or Rad | ColourPop Double Rainbow Super Shock Eyeshadow Kit Review and Swatches

ColourPop is one of the most hyped-up beauty brands. Although the brand boasts a wide range of goodies, ColourPop originally made its mark with its Super Shock Shadows.

Curious to try the unique creme-to-powder formula, I picked up the Double Rainbow Kit. Please keep reading for a ColourPop Double Rainbow review.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Claims

Before diving into the ColourPop Double Rainbow review, let’s take a look at the claims about the formula.

ColourPop promises that the shadows included in the Double Rainbow Kit will be “super creamy” and “insanely pigmented” with one swipe of the finger. One swipe should provide full pigmentation without producing any fallout. The shadows are intended to last on the eye.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit
ColourPop Double Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit

ColourPop Double Rainbow Price & Packaging

ColourPop’s Double Rainbow Shadow kit retails for $25.00 USD. Given that ColourPop Super Shock Shadows normally retail for $5.00 USD, buyers receive a “free” shadow in this kit. However, each shadow can be purchased individually in the standard, white packaging.

ColourPop Limited Edition Double Rainbow Kit Packaging
ColourPop Limited Edition Double Rainbow Kit Packaging

The kit comes in holographic box with a plastic sleeve. Each shadow comes in the brand’s iconic, twist-top Super Shock Shadow case, but with a colorful twist. I love the contrast between the color of the packaging and the shadows.

ColourPop's Limited Edition Double Rainbow Packaging
Limited Edition Double Rainbow Packaging

It is important to note that this packaging is bulky. Each pot needs to be tightly closed after use otherwise the shadows will dry out.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Ingredients & CF Status

One of my favorite things about the ColourPop Super Shock formula is that it does not contain Talc. As always, ColourPop does not test on animals.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Swatches

Swatches are not a perfect indicator of eyeshadow performance. However, they do provide a clue as to a shadow’s pigmentation and ability to blend.

I’ve swatched each eyeshadow on my arm without any primer. Each color was swatched using a finger (top) and brush (bottom). Each swatch represents one swipe of color.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit

Eyeshadows (top to bottom in below swatch photo) | Falling Up (icy taupe with pink and blue glitter), ZZZ (metallic copper with rosy flip), Roy G. Biv (warm pink with gold duochrome flip), Milky Way (pinky violet with blue flip), REM (periwinkle with lavender and silver glitter), and IRL (Yellow-Green with bronze duochrome shift)

As you can see by this photo, each shadow included in the Double Rainbow kit swatches perfectly with a finger. In comparison, the shadows are nonexistent when swatched with a brush. Every shade included within the kit is high shine. The colors are vibrant metallics but do not look chunky.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit Finger & Brush Swatches
ColourPop Double Rainbow Eyeshadow Kit Swatches

Even though I don’t wear a ton of light eyeshadows, the colors that I use the most are Falling Up and Roy G. Biv. These are the most “wearable” shades for my daily life. The light color and  high shine make my eyes look huge.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Application & Wear-Time

The Super Shock Shadows are best applied to the eye with your fingers. A flat brush may work, but applying with my fingers provided the best color payoff. I needed to firmly press into each pan and pat two layers of shadow onto the eyes to reach full  pigmentation. As a result, the shadows did crumble and produce some fallout.

I’ve already hit pan in the shade Falling Up. Although the shadows look quite bulky, there is little product in each pan. The pans are not deep, so it is easy to go through these shadows. As someone with a large collection, this is a good thing for me. I love being able to work through makeup.

Overall, I was pleased with how these shadows performed on the eyes. When worn with a primer, the shadows stayed in place without fading or creasing for over 10-hours. When worn without a primer, the shadows only lasted 4-5 hours before creasing and fading.

Where is the ColourPop Double Rainbow Kit Sold?

Currently, this kit is only available on ColourPop’s website even though it’s sister palette, Chasing Rainbows,  is available at Ulta.

ColourPop Double Rainbow Review – Final Thoughts

All in all, after analyzing my ColourPop Double Rainbow Review, I am pleased with the kit. Despite some minor flaws, I love the Super Shock Shadow formula. I wholeheartedly recommend this kit to anyone who loves playing with colorful eyeshadow.

If less than four shades in the kit speak to you, I recommend purchasing single shadows in the standard packaging rather than purchasing the Double Rainbow Kit.

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ColourPop Double rainbow Eyeshadow Kit Review

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Have you tried ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow formula before? Do you like creme shadows? Let me know in the comments below.

48 thoughts on “Bad or Rad | ColourPop Double Rainbow Review

  1. Great review! They look so beautiful, especially the shade ‘REM’. It sucks you’ve hit pan though, the bulky packaging is quite deceiving. It’s so difficult to access Colourpop in the UK but if I venture to the US anytime soon I’ll definitely swatch these in store!xx

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! 💜 Hopefully ColourPop will expand more into the UK!! They recently did a collab with Zoella, so hopefully that is a sign they will be doing more in the UK soon. ☺️

    I was really pleased with the performance of these shadows! I don’t mind hitting the pan so early (because I own WAY too much makeup), but this might be a deterrent for someone looking to really invest in some shadows for the long-run.

  3. Love your thorough reviews and this packaging sings to me! Wow! But you are right- I’d do better with the individuals than the whole palette because so many are colors I don’t wear well. Wonderful job, LP!

    1. Aw thank you, Jennifer! 💜💜 ColourPop definitely sells many neutral Super Shock Shadows in matte formulas, too! They used to have a very neutral bundle that donated a portion of each sale to the LA Humane Society!! 🐶 🐱

  4. This is a great review, as always!! Wow, these shadows look amazing, I’m in love with the packaging! I don’t normally play with a lot of colourful shadows, but these shadows really make me want to experiment! The pinky toned shadows really speak to me, they look beautiful 😍 😍

    1. Aw thank you, girl! 💜 Your support always means everything to me!! ☺️ I’m so glad that these colors make you want to experiment with some color!! Brands like CP and ABH are so good at making color approachable. 🌈

  5. What a brilliant, thorough, in-depth review! I have (still) never tried Colourpop which is quite bad really, isn’t it? I love the look of these shadows so much though, and you’re right, the packaging is iconic. I am living for this rainbow twist to the packaging! The colour of the pots vs the actual shadow colour is very striking and cool. I love the look of Milky Way, it’s definitely the kind of shadow I’d pick up and then be scared to wear haha! I’m not sure I’d buy the whole set but there are a couple of shades I’ll have to check out as singles. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment! <3 I'm glad that you also love the striking contrast between the shadows and the packaging. Definitely let me know if you grab any Super Shock singles!! 😀

    1. Ahh I’m so glad that you found this at the right time. Having oily lids is such a struggle – like I can never use concealer to prep my lids because it won’t last! Definitely let me know if you end up picking anything up. <3

      1. Yeah same! I hate it when it creases on your eyelid! 😭 I’d recommend the Ordinary silicon primer though, I’m really impressed with it so far! 💜

    1. Thank you so much – I love the shades, too!! I really love ColourPop and they are so affordable, so I def recommend trying if you ever get a chance / something catches your eye!! 😀

  6. I love Colourpop, they do some really amazing products. I’m still yet to try the super shock shadows though. This looks like a really pretty set x


  7. Wow! I would not have expected that you hit pan on one of these in just 3-4 months. All of the shades are just gorgeous & the finger-swatches really turned out beautifully. Great review!!

  8. Your recent colourpop posts have made me really want to put in an order and get some bits for myself. Living in the UK you have to do a big order to make it worth it but I really just want to make one (especially with the release of the Disney Villan collection and the spring collection). There are some super shock shadows that are so unique that I just NEED to try one. Thank you for such an in-depth review lovely!
    Alex x

    1. Awe thank you, girl! 💜 And I just did some major damage ordering stuff from the Villain collection lol! ColourPop is so good, but so addictive once you start trying stuff from them lol!

      1. Please tell me there will be a review girl please!! I haven’t tried one thing and I’m buzzing to make myself an order. The spring collection looks amazing too so I can’t wait to try them😍

      2. Omg lol – I bought the spring palette collection too lmao!!!!! 🙈🙈🙈 and yes I will be doing a review! I wasn’t planning on making these purchases, but I watched the ColourPop “swatch party” videos on YouTube and I was hooked! I need to avoid those in the future lol

      3. Haha they are gonna be the end of all our money I swear. I need to see them all, even if it’s on insta😍 I’m gonna get myself some and try the hype out!

  9. These are sooo pretty!! I have actually never used their Super Shock Shadows but have used the Super Shock Cheek highlighters and really like them!

  10. I love the look of Falling Up, it’s so nice!! I would be too scared to wear it out though! Also, I had no idea about Talc, but I’ll definitely check next time. I can’t believe that it’s FDA approved.

    1. thank you so much for your comment – Falling Up is definitely a lovely shade. Some colors can be intimidating at first, but I’m definitely growing more and more confident in taking risks with my eyeshadow color choices. And yes – talc is such a strange mineral … I don’t mind it *as much* with shadows, but I may switch to a talc-free setting powder for setting my face makeup!

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