Pan That Palette 2018 | Update #3

Project Pan | Pan that Palette 2018 | Will I Do It Again?

My goal is to hit pan on every shade in my beloved, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Master Palette by Mario this year. I chose this palette for my Pan That Palette 2018 challenge because this is one of the most versatile palettes in my collection. Also, in my humble opinion, this is the best palette Anastasia Beverly Hills has released to-date.

Please keep reading for an update on my Pan that Palette 2018 progress.

Last Pan that Palette 2018 Update

ABH Master Palette by Mario – August 2018

During my 2nd update, I hit pan on Paris and Kim but had made virtually no dent in the matte shades or the deeper metallics (Bronx and Claudia).

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Current Pan that Palette 2018 Update

ABH Master Palette by Mario – November 5, 2018

I am proud to say that I’ve hit on another shade, Muse. Over the course of the Fall, I predict that I will widen this pan because this is such a beautiful shade for this time of year. With this new pan, I am halfway to my goal of hitting pan on every shade in this palette. Additionally, I’ve widened the pan on the shades Marina and NYC since my last update.

Despite this progress, I am frustrated by my lack of progress on the matte shades in this palette. In particular, I am frustrated that I haven’t yet hit pan on Lula or Isabel because I use these shadows in my crease for every single look I create with this palette. Similarly, I use Violetta to deepen my crease with nearly every look.

Close up of the ABH Master Palette by Mario

However, I don’t want to waste any of the eyeshadows in this palette by digging into them too hard. Not only does this waste product, but it is essentially the equivalent of throwing out money. I love this palette too much to do this. I will need to find ways to use more shadows in my looks by incorporating more colors or make more of an effort to wear eyeshadow every day.

I have roughly four months until this challenge comes to an end because began this project at the end of February. I will likely post one more update at the end of December before the finale in February 2019.

Side view of the ABH Master Palette by Mario. Of the matte shades I’m working on, Lula has the most noticeable dip in the pan.

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Are you taking part in the Pan That Palette 2018 challenge? Are you planning to do Pan that Palette next year?

Let me know what you’re panning and share a link to your latest update in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Pan That Palette 2018 | Update #3

  1. I’m so horrible about hoarding my palettes, LP. I really have the opposite problem. Luckily I don’t buy them often anymore. Once again, you’ve inspired me to actually use what I have! I think you’ve made great progress! ♥️

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! 💜 I hoarded palettes for quite sometime and was buying them like candy for a while, so my collection used to look insane! I had more palettes than there were days in the month 😲 … so project pans have been helpful ways of keeping me in check LOL.

    1. Yes I absolutely love it. I wish it was permanent in the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, but there are apparently some good / inexpensive dupes available online. Thank you for commenting!! 💜

    1. I’ve only known about this challenge since 2016, but this is my first time attempting. ☺️ The true challenge is really meant for someone to use up a palette entirely, but I didn’t think that was realistic for me. Even though I’ve modified my challenge, it has still been eye-opening to know how much makeup we buy that we’ll never finish!

      Love ABH – didn’t realize just much I liked them until I realized how many of their palettes I owned! Also, didn’t realize that I tend to hit the same spot in the pan over and over again lol.

  2. Those matte shades are really hanging on in there, aren’t they?! You’re doing so well with this challenge and it’s always surprising to see how long a palette can last us for. Yet, most of us own several and still buy more! It’s absolute madness but all good fun at the same time. I did a pan that palette challenge years ago as well as a few other project pans. I’m impressed by you’re valiant efforts using up this palette.
    Hanna Rose
    Latest Blog Post: Christmas Blog Post Ideas Part. 3

      1. You’re very welcome! 💜 It was the MUA Undressed palette. I think it’s a better idea to do what you’re doing though and choose a really outstanding palette. If it’s something your going to be using everytime you wear eyeshadow, you need to absolutely love it! The pans were probably far smaller than yours though, so that was one good advantage about it! x

  3. This is such a cool idea, I really want to try this!! btw i had no idea how beautiful the mario palette was wow, those are such pretty shades!! its sad that I’ve hardly hit pan on any of my palettes, I’m kinda scared to because they were so expensive haha!! xx

    1. Such an underrated palette! I know there is a company that makes nearly identical dupes to most of the ABH Palettes and Mariah Leonard shows a demo of her Master Palette vs the shoe on YouTube.

      I’m the same way with my palettes – this is the only palette that I have with pan, but I just figured if I don’t really start using what I have it will eventually be too old for me to use it!

      Thank you for commenting. 💜

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