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As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda and buckle up and just keep going. – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

This September, I’ve been taking part in the Busy Boycott Challenge created by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. Lately I’ve found that my mile-long to-do lists have taken over my life.

It feels like I’m spending more and more time doing things I feel like I need to do, rather than things that I want to do. I want to simplify my life so that I have time to truly live for the things that bring me the most joy.

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In today’s post, I’ll be recapping Week #1 and Week #2 in the Busy Boycott challenge.

Nature Walk
Simplified my Sunday with a sunset nature walk

The Busy Boycott Week #1 Recap

Week #1’s challenge in the Busy Boycott called on me to remove the word “busy” from my lexicon. Instead, I was tasked with finding other things to talk about besides how busy I am.

Week #1’s challenge proved to be more difficult than I realized it would be. I never knew (1) how much time I spent talking about my life to others and (2) how often I answer the question “how are you?” with a response that pertains to my overloaded schedule or workload.

Instead of asking people about what they’re doing and instead of sharing how busy I am, I found myself asking my family and friends better questions about their lives. Also, I found myself listening more and talking less, which was a welcome change. Sometimes, we need to be active listeners rather than pointless talkers.

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The Busy Boycott Week #2, Challenge #2

This week’s challenge takes the Busy Boycott a step further. Week #2’s challenge encourages participants to completely eliminate one thing from our calendar or to-do list. In other words, I need to eliminate something from my daily to-do list. I need to have the intention to let the task go, rather than simply pushing the task back a week.

On Monday morning when I first read about this week’s challenge, I was baffled as to what I could give up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of truly eliminating something from my work to-do list. Also, I do not really have the ability to turn in an incomplete graduate school application. That left me to question, what can I remove from my to-do list?

I could remove blogging tasks from my to-do list, but blogging makes me happy. Sitting down to write fills me with joy. I wouldn’t classify blogging as being burdensome to me.

As I write this post, I’ve decided that I will not be meal prepping on Monday night. Additionally, I won’t be grocery shopping on Tuesday. Although I cannot postpone these tasks indefinitely, I am choosing to forego these tasks this week for the sake of my sanity.

The goal of the Busy Boycott is to help simplify my life. However, this week’s challenge may prove to be more work than I am willing to put in.

A stress-relieving challenge should not be adding more pressure.

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What would you delete from your to-do list this week? Please share with me in the comments below.

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  1. <That's a tough one. Like you – I don't think I can "let go" of any of the items on my list. I need to have shelter, food, and clothes, etc.
    But I like your alternative – to postpone something that does not have to be done "right away". Sometimes enough is enough, and you need a break.

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