The Transient Twenties: Moving & Chasing After What I Want in Life

Transient twenties

As I write this post, I am sitting on a worn-out, secondhand couch left by a former roommate. Currently, this is the only piece of furniture in my apartment that is suitable for sitting. Like many New Englanders, I am moving out of my apartment on September 1st, so much of my furniture has been sold or given to others for free.

My apartment, while spacious and affordable (when split four ways), isn’t a glamorous space. Nor is it the most up-to-date, but this place has been my home for the last two years. Nevertheless, as I pack up the last of my things, I cannot help but feel a sense of overwhelming nostalgia, as well as trepidation for the future. In some ways, this particular move feels like the end of my childhood sense of self. Although I must confess: this is not my first major move, but each time I’ve moved I’ve experienced a lot of internal reflection. In the last six years, I have lived in a house, two dorm rooms, and four apartments (including this one) across two continents and five cities. Given the constant state of change in my personal life at this stage of my life that I refer to this period as the Transient Twenties. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines transient, as:

(1) passing especially quickly into and out of existence

(2) passing through or by a place with only a brief stay or sojourn.

Both definitions seem fitting. During this stage of life, we adolescents begin the truly terrifying (and exciting) journey of figuring out who we are, what we want to do, and where we want to be. We’re moving in and out of apartments, to-and-from large cities. We are leaving the best friends from our childhood behind and forging new relationships or facing changing relationship dynamics. We’re learning to love ourselves and love others. With every move and life change we make, we can never return to our previous ways of living.

As I progress farther into my twenties, I’m beginning to wonder more about how I want to lead my life and what steps I can take to chase my dreams. An academic at heart, I hope to further my education to develop tangible skills and connections needed to help me succeed. But ultimately, I need to develop a strong sense of self-confidence and an unrelenting, courageous spirit to take risks that may be off the beaten path. Furthermore, I need to stop comparing myself to others because there is no universal measure of success.

This move feels particularly poignant because I am moving back home to save money. While I love my parents (they are my best friends), I’d be lying if I didn’t express some sense of disappointment. Nevertheless, I am using this change to motivate me to truly chase my dreams and to continue to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. In other words, I am actively looking at micro-moments of happiness and reasons to be thankful, rather than moments to “despair.”

Over the next few weeks, while I unpack my feelings (and my things), I will be blogging about my journey. In particular, I will be focusing much of my content within the realm of minimalism, smart consumerism, and beauty reviews/empties etc. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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transient twenties: chasing after your dreams


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