The Busy Boycott: Week #1, Challenge #1

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Before delving into this week’s Busy  Boycott Challenge, I want to share my thoughts on the original questions posed by Courtney.

Challenges and fasts are great, but I want to make sure I am gettin the most out of this challenge. I need to be introspective. My self-analysis is always the most eye-opening part of any habit-changing challenge.

The Busy Boycott Motives

What are you compromising for the sake of being busy? 

The biggest and arguably most important, compromise that I’m making for the sake of my busyness is my general wellbeing and peace of mind. Lately, I seem to be trapped behind the computer screen, working on weekends and working more than twelve hours some days. While I know my work overload isn’t permanent, I still feel drained and deflated. No matter how early I get to work or how late I stay, I feel trapped by my workload – unable to practice my regular self-care habits.

I don’t have time to go to the gym. I don’t have time to prepare two thoughtful, home cooked meals (lunch & dinner). I don’t have time to blog or journal every night. I don’t have time for eight hours of sleep. Out of all these compromises, the latter two concessions are the most disheartening because they impact both my physical and mental wellbeing.

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Cotton candy sunsets are the only benefit to leaving work late

How would you feel if you weren’t attempting to multi-task your way through the day?

If I weren’t attempting to multi-task my way through the day, I’d feel at more at peace and more accomplished. Due to the nature of my job, I am constantly pivoting to work on new requests being added to my “to-do” list or being given new priority tasks that need immediate attention. Dealing with ever-changing priorities and developing the ability to multi-task are essential skills needed for anyone working in a service related field. I am so grateful to be developing this skill set because I know this will always serve me well in the workplace.

However, I derive a greater sense of satisfaction when I can complete a task from beginning-to-end with little to no interruptions. Instead of going to bed with my head buzzing, thinking through today’s list and tomorrow’s list, and everything on my list for the next two weeks, I’d go to bed feeling proud of the tasks I was able to fully complete and I’d have a clearer mind to plan for the future.

Describe a perfect day. What time would you wake up? Who would you spend time with? What passions would you explore?

On my perfect day, I’d wake up at 7:30 AM, after getting a solid eight hours of sleep. Before starting any tasks, I’d get to the gym to take a barre class. Afterward, I’d shower and head to work, where I’d be doing marketing, analytics, or web-design for one of my favorite cosmetic or athleisure brands. My work day would be challenging and rewarding, with a constant, but not overwhelming stream of work. I’d leave work on time every day.

After work, I’d ideally have time to cook a healthy and filling meal. I’d spend my evenings relaxing: journaling, blogging, reading, and teaching myself more advanced web design and photo editing skills, and have time to practice fun makeup looks for tutorials. I’d be in a graduate program, furthering my degree. Most importantly, I’d have time to engage with others in meaningful ways and I’d be able to build even stronger relationships with my friends and family.


If you can’t tell by the above, I love being ~busy~ but not being overwhelmed and I love learning. In other words, I enjoy keeping myself active and being challenged, but not at the cost of my wellbeing, physical or otherwise. I long for balance.

The Busy Boycott Challenge #1

The Busy Boycott challenge this week is to forego using the word “busy.” Although this seems like a simple task, it is proving to be difficult because I never realized how many of my conversations revolve around how busy I am. Nevertheless, I am finding myself taking more time to think about my conversations with others.

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I’d love to hear from you – what are you compromising for the sake of busyness? What would your perfect day look like?

5 thoughts on “The Busy Boycott: Week #1, Challenge #1

  1. Great insights, LP! I work in a profession where I have to help others quite a bit, and I make sure I don’t convey that I’m too busy (because that would make people less likely to ask for help). But in my personal life, I’m always saying, “I don’t have time for that,” so I’m going to focus on this, too. I hope you have a lovely Thursday!

  2. That’s a great challenge idea.
    I don’t like it when people say: “I’m busy”, because I’ve seen it used as an umbrella excuse by people who aren’t really all that busy. Hence, I don’t use it myself. There is ALWAYS time for something that ranks higher on your priority list than what you are doing now.
    But I do complain about it being “so late” already.

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