Is the new ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette – Magical Must-Have or Forgettable Flop?

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Review

ColourPop needs to Colour-Stop. Between September 1st and November 17th, ColourPop released more than 10 pre-made palettes and countless bundles or sets.

Without a doubt, the third ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection, Midnight Masquerade, is one of the biggest releases from the brand this Fall. But does the Midnight Masquerade Palette live up to the hype? Is the newest Disney Designer collection palette just a bunch of pretty packaging?

Please keep reading for an in-depth review of the ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette.

What is ColourPop all about?

ColourPop creates affordable, high-quality, “luxury” beauty for everyone. The brand’s direct-to-consumer business model enables the brand to react quickly to market trends.

Although ColourPop often gets its inspiration from prestige and luxury brands, it is not a “dupe brand.” ColourPop goes beyond imitating luxury goods.  The brand creates new-to-market products in uniquely stylized packaging.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Claims

The ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette is a limited edition, 15-pan palette. The palette promises to include a range of buttery mattes, luxe metallics, and sparkling pressed glitters. 

The pressed powder shadows are intended to apply evenly, blend smoothly, and last all day. The pressed pigment is meant to provide maximum color payout in a vibrant, creamy formula. The glitters are meant to provide a multi-dimensional, reflection in a self-adhering formula that lasts all day.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade
ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Packaging & Price

The Midnight Masquerade Palette is the prettiest of the three collaboration palettes created in the ColorPop x Disney Designer Collection. The Midnight Masquerade Packaging is a vibrant, royal blue color featuring a dreamy, detailed depiction of some of Disney’s most beloved princesses.

Depictions of Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Esmerelda, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Megara can be seen on the inner cover. To learn more about the design inspiration and process, check out this behind the scenes look at the making of the palette.

The Midnight Masquerade palette is made out of a sturdy, lightweight cardboard material. The shades are clearly labeled. The colors are organized from lightest to darkest. However, I wish that this palette came with a mirror.

The Midnight Masquerade Palette retails for $22.00 USD. This breaks down to approximately $1.47 USD per pan or $1.63 USD per gram.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Palette Collection Ingredients & Cruelty-Free Status

The ColourPop Midnight Masquerade Palette is Cruelty Free and manufactured in the United States.

Although not tested on animals, the Midnight Masquerade Palette is not Vegan. Carmine is used the shades Spinning Wheel, Damsel, Pip, Enchanted, Mama Odie, Djali, Frog & Wife, Nutmeg, New Dream, Quasimodo, and Merryweather.

Many of the shades in the Midnight Masquerade Palette contain Mica and Talc. However, Mica and Talc are not the top ingredients in each shade.

The shade Gaston is a pressed pigment. As such, it is not considered safe for the immediate eye area. Pressed pigments can stain the skin. Also, pressed pigments may contain potential eye irritants that are not yet FDA approved. To avoid irritation, consider patch testing Gaston on your skin.

Finally, the pressed glitters, Floating Lantern and Royal Ball, are not considered safe for use in the immediate eye area. ColourPop does not include cosmetic-grade glitter. Its formula is far chunkier than cosmetic glitter. This thick, chunky glitter can cause abrasions or irritation if it lands in the eyes.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Swatches

Although swatches are not the most accurate indicator of quality, they can provide clues about a shadow’s pigmentation, ability to blend, and ability to last on the eye.

Please see the below finger swatches of the ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette. Each swatch was done using my finger on a bare arm. I did not use a primer. Each swatch represents two swipes of color.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Review | ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Palette Swatches
ColourPop x Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Palette Swatches

Within the Midnight Masquerade palette there are seven matte shadows, five metallic shadows,  two pressed glitters, and one pressed pigment.

Pressed Glitters

I was surprised to find how fluffy the pressed glitters felt. These are self-adhering glitters that feel wet to the touch without feeling slimy. However, it should be apparent from the above photo that these glitters produced a ton of fallout on my arm.

  • Floating Lantern – rosey copper with lavender glitter
  • Royal Ball – white gold with multidimensional glitter 

Pressed Matte Shadows

Damsel, Pip, and Enchanted felt creamy. The shades almost felt wet to the touch. These colors glided across my arm with ease, but did produce a fair amount of kick up.

  • Damsel – dusty rose
  • Pip – peachy nude
  • Enchanted – warm coral

However, I’m not sure if I received a dud palette, but the bottom row of dark matte shadows were extremely dry. I had a difficult time building the swatches evenly to full opacity on my arm.

  • Nutmeg – a true terracotta
  • New Dream – warm dusty violet
  • Quasimodo – muted deep brown
  • Merryweather – deep navy blue

Pressed Metallic Shadow

The metallic shadows felt smooth and were pigmented without feeling crumbly. The colors looked rich and dimensional on the arm.

  • Spinning Wheel – opal with a pinky flip
  • Mama Odie – soft peach with a duo chrome green flip 
  • Djali – soft copper with a pink flip with a duo chrome flip
  • Mrs. Potts – antique yellow gold
  • Frog & Wife – hunter green

Although the metallics swatched fine, they lacked range. In other words, Spinning Wheel and Mama Odie provided a similar effect. Djali and Mrs. Potts look rather similar in tone, too.

Pressed Pigment

Gaston, the pressed crimson pigment felt more creamy than the dark-toned mattes. As such, this shade swatched much better compared to the other colors in the bottom row.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Application & Wear-Time

I received compliments every time I’ve created looks with the Midnight Masquerade Palette. Yet, I still have mixed feelings on the palette.

The Rad:

The lighter colored matte shadows in the palette feel creamy. The light neutral shadows are pigmented. They blend like a dream and last all day long.

The metallic shadows look wet and glide across the eyes. They do not fade nor crease, even after a long day of wear.

The Bad:

Despite looking varied in color range, the palette’s color story is limited. There is a lack of colorful metallics in the Midnight Masquerade Palette. The palette would have benefited from at least one more metallic.

Additionally, the metallics crumble. This is the first palette I’ve used where the metallic shadows produce just as much fallout as the mattes.

Second, the deep matte colors blend away into nothing. They need to be packed on the eyes. Any rubbing or blending will case the shadows to fade. If additional colors are blended onto the crease, the deep mattes need to be reapplied.

The matte formula is powdery. The slightest touch produces kickback in the pans.  Even worse, the matte shadows crease. The shadows fade to the point where they looks patchy on the eyes.

Finally, the glitters are not as self-adhering as advertised. They make a mess. Glitter fallout lands everywhere on the face. I nearly got glitter in my eye! Even after double cleansing, masking, and showering, I still had glitter remnants on my face.

Sadly, this palette is not up to par compared to other ColourPop palettes in my collection. The magic is certainly missing from this collection.

Where can you buy the ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette?

The Midnight Masquerade Palette is available internationally on ColourPop’s website. The Disney store and Shop Disney website sells the newest ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection. Finally, the collection is sold at Ulta locations across the United States.

ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Review
ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade

Final Thoughts on the ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette

The best thing about the Midnight Masquerade Palette is the packaging. Disney’s design team did a wonderful job in creating a magical, visually stunning design that Disney lovers are sure to love.

Packaging aside, the palette leaves a lot to be desired. More than half the palette is sub-par. Both the glitters and deep matte shadows did not impress. If you have young children, keep this palette out of their reach.

I would only recommend this palette to Disney lovers who want to collect this limited edition packaging. If you love Disney and are willing to put in the work, this palette may be worthwhile.

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ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette Review

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Who is your favorite Disney Princess? What do you think of the ColourPop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Palette or the new collection? Please let me know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “Is the new ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Palette – Magical Must-Have or Forgettable Flop?

  1. I feel like Colourpop’s quality is slowly going down because of their amount of releases. First of all, I don’t order much from Colourpop lately because I’m starting to think like “well next week they’ll probably have an even prettier palette/lipstick/etc.” and when I decide to order Colourpop products, some seem to lack quality. I’m so sad to say this! I really love the brand but I gotta be honest. 🙁

    1. I was sad how about this one – tbh it’s on my chopping block and I’m not sure it will make it through the end of the year. the packaging is beautiful and the metallic shadows are lovely…. but too much of the palette was a let down

    1. I picked up a few of the cheek products, too. I loved the three blushes that I picked up!! My favorite is the one from Tiana’s set. I grabbed one highlighter, too (Coronation). While I like the highlighter, I prefer ColourPop’s Super Shock Highlighter formula!

  2. I kinda thought about picking this up but overall I’m glad I didn’t. You’re 100% right about the limited color story! And that’s unfortunate about the matte shades. In my opinion matte shades are the backbone of any makeup palette because of their versatility, so I value matte shades more than any metallics or shimmers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. What I will say though is that the blushes are super beautiful – I grabbed 3 of them and I intend to put up a review, too. However, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you have a favorite princess in this collection, then the blushes may be worthwhile!

      The palette I may not keep for much longer, but it is the packaging and the Mama Odie shade that keeps it in my collection!

  3. I saw this palette and thought the packaging looked gorgeous. The colors didn’t really impress me though, so I didn’t buy it. I’m glad I didn’t based off of your review; I liked the darker matte colors the best, and if they were dry/hard to build up the color, I’d be disappointed. Great review!

  4. Lol at “ColourPop need to Colour-Stop”! I didn’t even realize this was whole NEW Disney collection. I thought it was the same one but, artwork is different, right? The Princesses look gorgeous & the packaging is nice but, they totally could have inserted a mirror. 😛 The swatches turned out really well! Kind of scary about the glitter, though, I wouldn’t risk it when there ARE cosmetic glitters that are safe for the eye area, aren’t there? What a shame the mattes weren’t consistent! So sorry this palette wasn’t up to par with CP’s other ones. It seems a lot of brands do this on purpose with enticing collabs! Like Ipsy with Tetris, Betty Boop… etc.

    As always, thank you for your honest & thorough review!

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