Bad or Rad | MAC x Aladdin Collection Review

MAC x Disney's Aladdin Collection Review + Demo_Flatlay

Make way for MAC x Disney! Say hey, its MAC x Disney!

Say what you will, but as an avid Disney lover, I have been stalking the MAC x Aladdin Collection since I first saw sneak peeks on TrendMood’s Instagram. But is this collection really worth the splurge? Please keep reading to find out.

MAC Cosmetics Brand Ethos

MAC has long been considered an industry leader known for creating high-quality products for professionals and for makeup artistry leadership. In addition, MAC has long been known for their inclusive shade ranges and age, race, and gender diverse advertising and product offerings. For decades MAC set the trends in the market.

In recent years, MAC has lost much of its relevance and cult status as hotter, indie brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills have blown up.

For a long time, MAC was Cruelty-Free, but they lost its Cruelty-Free status after entering the Chinese market. Although MAC does not personally test its cosmetics on animals, the brand complies with the animal testing standards set by certain countries where the brand does business.

From a sustainability standpoint, MAC has one of the most well-known recycling programs. Through the recycling program, consumers can return six MAC products in exchange for a lipstick. Read more about this program here.

MAC x Disney's Aladdin Collection Review + Demo
MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection – x9 Eyeshadow Palette, Bronzer, and Lipstick

MAC x Aladdin Collection:: Eyeshadow x9 Princess Jasmine Palette

The Princess Jasmine Palette is described as limited-edition Eyeshadow Palette with nine smoky, metallic and desert shades, from lustrous gold to blackened plum to duo-chrome blue-green with red shimmer. Transformed in specially designed opulent packaging inspired by the rich patterns and vibrant hues of Agrabah.

Price & Packaging: The Prince Jasmine x9 Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition mini 9-pan eyeshadow palette that retails for $35.00 USD. The palette is packaged in gold-colored plastic with a see-through cover with intricate detailing stylized to match the theme of Aladdin.

This palette is currently sold out on MAC’s online website, but is still available in some MAC and Ulta stores and at Macy’s (in the US).

Eyeshadow Swatches: The 9-pan palette contains a mix of matte, metallic, and shimmer shadows inspired by the desert. I was pleasantly surprised with how effortlessly these shadows swatched on my arm because MAC’s eyeshadow formula is often described as dry (compared to other popular mainstream brands).

As always, swatches are not a perfect indicator of quality but can they provide clues as to a shadow’s pigmentation and ability to blend.

MAC x Aladdin Collection Review + Demo | x9 Princess Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
MAC x Aladdin Collection x9 Disney’s Aladdin x9 Princess Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

From top to Bottom: No Ordinary Lamp (light rose matte), Creative Copper (peachy gold lustre with gold shimmer), Agrabah (cool rose frost), Riffraff (mauve matte), Rags To Riches (pale gold frost), Live The Genie Life (red frost with green pearl), Princess Jasmine (duo-chrome blue-green frost), Abu! (plum VLXP with red pearl and Shadowy Lady (blackened plum matte)

If, like me, you’re unfamiliar with MAC’s finishes, please refer to the below explanations of each unique finish:

  • Lustre shadows are typically less pigmented, shimmery, glittery MAC shadows
  • Frosts are typically iridescent metallic MAC shadows
  • VLXPs (Veluxe Pearls) are similar to Frosts but are typically more metallic

Shadowy Lady was the only shade that did not swatch well. Compared to the other mattes in this palette, this shade felt very dry and had difficulty blending.

Application & Wear-Time: I can’t lie, I saw Jackie Aina struggle with this eyeshadow palette in her review and I actually contemplated returning this palette. However, as a hardcore Aladdin fan, I really wanted to test this palette.

All-in-all, I had no issues applying any of the shades in this palette, with the exception of the dark plum matte, Shadowy Lady. The frost, lustre, and VLXP shadows glided across the eye whether applied with a wet or dry, flat brush. Shadowy Lady had to be applied with a stamping motion because this shadow was a struggle to blend.

MAC x Disney's Aladdin Collection Review + Demo
MAC x9 Princess Jasmine Demo Look

I didn’t notice any fading or creasing throughout the day when wearing these shadows for long periods of time. Although the matte shadows did produce some kickback, they produced considerably less than other popular formulas (such as Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Bad or Rad: The Princess Jasmine Palette was a surprising love from me. Not only do I feel joyful looking at this palette, but I’ve enjoyed wearing this as my everyday eyeshadow palette. The palette has a curated, easy color story.

However, I do feel that this palette lacks depth and may not work for individuals with medium-to-deep skin tones. There aren’t enough mid-tone matte shades. Also, a few of the shades look similar on the eye (the two golds).

Yearlong Beauty Low-Buy Update #1 | MAC x Aladdin Collection
MAC x Aladdin Collection

MAC x Aladdin Collection :: Amplified Lipstick in Friend Like Me

Friend Like Me is described as a limited-edition Amplified cool, beige lipstick. Amplified lipsticks are considered to be a creamy, pigmented finish. MAC’s iconic bullet tube is specially designed opulent packaging inspired by the rich patterns and vibrant hues of Agrabah.

Price & Packaging: Friend Like Me retails for $20.00 USD. Again, this packaging makes me feel so happy whenever I look at it. The intricate design pattern is perfectly reminiscent of Aladdin.

Bronzer & Lipstick Swatches: The online photos of Friend Like Me look a little terrifyingly light, but as you can see by the below swatch the color is actually deeper than it appears. MAC’s amplified formula glides across the skin with full pigmentation.

MAC x Aladdin Collection Review + Demo | Bronzer & Lipstick Swatches
MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection | Your Wish is My Command Bronzer & Friend Like Me Lipstick Swatches

Application & Wear-Time: Personally, I enjoy wearing this lipstick with a slightly deeper lip liner to add greater dimension to the lips. Friend Like Me wears well with or without a lip liner and on its own or under a gloss. This has quickly become my everyday lippie because it is comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, and plays well with other products. However, I will caveat, Friend Like Me is not long-wearing given that it is a cream finish.

Bad or Rad: MAC knows how to make a killer lipstick. I would highly recommend Friend Like Me to anyone that loves cream finishes and is looking for a beige-nude lipstick.

MAC x Aladdin Collection :: Powder Blush in Your Wish is My Command (Bronzer)

For whatever bizarre reason, MAC describes the “bronzer” and “highlighter” in this collection as blush. However, I will be referring to Your Wish Is My Command as a bronzer. 

MAC refers to Your Wish Is My Command as a limited-edition oversized blush in deep golden matte brown. Transformed in specially designed opulent packaging inspired by the rich patterns and vibrant hues of Agrabah, with the genie’s lamp embossed into the powder.

Price & Packaging: Your Wish Is My Command retails for $35.00 USD. This bronzer is available for sale both online and in-store. Again, like the rest of this collection, the packaging is beautifully designed with intricate details that really are reminiscent of the magic of Aladdin. Additionally, this bronzer compact comes with a large mirror and has the genie lamp imprinted on powder.

Bronzer & Lipstick Swatches: Your Wish Is My Command is an ultra-creamy bronzer that swatched with total ease. As evidenced by the photo below, the bronzer is very warm.

MAC x Aladdin Collection Review + Demo | Bronzer & Lipstick Swatches
MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection | Your Wish is My Command Bronzer & Friend Like Me Lipstick Swatches

Application & Wear-Time: Personally, I find this bronzer difficult to apply because of how highly pigmented it is. As someone with fair skin, this bronzer is actually a little too deep for me, so I have to use the tiniest amount of product to warm up my face. When too much is applied, it is difficult to blend out in a natural fashion.

The above being said, the bronzer doesn’t fade or budge throughout the day and I LOVE the large mirror.

Bad or Rad: Unfortunately, I would not recommend picking up this bronzer because it will not work for anyone with very light or very dark skin. Moreover, I find the bronzer to be a little expensive for how it performs.

MAC x Disney's Aladdin Collection Review + Demo_Flatlay

Final Thoughts on the MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection 

First, I have to commend MAC for the packaging of this collection because every piece in this collection is stunning. My heart actually swoons when I look at the intricate designs. Of the pieces that I picked up, I was most impressed by the Amplified Lipstick and the Princess Jasmine x9 Eyeshadow Palette.

The above being said MAC didn’t do enough to create a color story that really connects with the movie or to release products that would work for a wide variety of skin tones (outside of the lipsticks and glosses). Especially given that this collection is based off a movie set in the Middle East, I would have expected MAC to include a greater range of colors that would work on medium to deep skin tones.

From a quality perspective, I enjoyed everything I picked up and would recommend grabbing something from this line to avid Aladdin fans or anyone looking for a basic, everyday eyeshadow palette, lipstick, or bronzer. In addition to the products mentioned in this review, the collection consists of glosses, three more lipsticks, a kohl liner, loose eyeshadow, and a highlighter.

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MAC x Disney's Aladdin Collection Review

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What do you think about the MAC x Disney’s Aladdin Collection? Are you a fan of all these Disney collaborations? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Of course now I want most of these things, LP! Luckily I know from what you wrote it’s hard to find, so I am not shooting straight off to buy it (I don’t need this, but wow, I do want it!). The packaging is TOO cute and your reviews have me wanting that lipstick (you are so right about MAC lippies!) and the palette, especially! Your eyes are stunning in that pic- wow!

  2. I absolutely love your review posts because you’re so in-depth and honest. I love that you include pictures of looks and swatches too because it helps show us how it actually looks. This was such a beautiful and amazing collection but I too felt like the palette let down the collection. The lip products look so gorgeous and I think they did quite well with the collection. Great post lovely!
    Alex xx

    1. Aw thank you so much, girl! I <3 I always appreciate your kind words!!

      Totally fair assessment with the palette – its very safe so many beauty lovers likely have colors like this already in their collection!

  3. Just the packaging alone has me swooning. I’m dying to try these gorgeous products. I love Aladdin and I love MAC so it’s a match made in heaven!

    1. The packaging is really what had me hooked! MAC did such a great job in incorporating design elements that were reminiscent of Aladdin without being too overpowering or childish!

  4. I used to love MAC until they started selling to China. Their lipsticks are unbeatable, aren’t they?! This Aladdin collection is just gorgeous. The packaging makes up for the price & the small cons you mentioned, for sure. 😍

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