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My scalp is quite sensitive, but I am trying to venture out to try new haircare brands. While I’ve had some success from brands like LUSH and Sexy Hair, I am still struggling to find other brands that don’t make my scalp freak out.

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After a hair appointment earlier this year, I decided to try a brand sold at my local salon since they tend to stock their shelves with products that claim to be gentle on sensitive scalps. Although I’ve tried two brands that irritated my scalp sold at the salon, I decided to try another brand this time – Loma.

As a brand, I love what Loma stands for: natural, sustainable beauty. Their products are free of Paraben, Gluten, Sulfate, and Sodium Chloride. Per my hair stylist’s recommendation, I tried the Daily Shampoo and the Daily Conditioner. Both products are formulated for fine to normal hair and contain great ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel and Jojoba Oil. Both products have a fresh, citrus smell.

Despite my love for the brand’s stance and use of natural ingredients, the Daily Shampoo irritated my ultra-sensitive scalp. In the past, I’ve had difficulty using aloe-based haircare, so I think that my scalp is the issue rather than the product. One of the brands my hairstylist previously recommended, Euforia, had a line specifically called Aloetherapy, which caused my scalp to itch.

Even though the Loma shampoo did not work for me, I do love the conditioner and am considering repurchasing because of the effective formula and lightweight gel-like consistency.

In conclusion, while I cannot recommend Loma shampoo for sensitive scalps, I would recommend checking out this brand if you are interested in natural beauty products and have a scalp that responds well to aloe based products.

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Have you tried Loma Haircare before? What are your favorite haircare brands for sensitive scalps?

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