Mid-Year Haircare Empties

This year, I accumulated an insane amount of haircare (for me) due to generous gifts from family and friends, as well as due to holdouts from my Sephora Play! subscription days. This year, I am making a pointed effort to work through or donate much of my haircare collection.

As of June 30th, I’ve finished 17 products, however, since I’ve already discussed some of these products in a previous post, I am only going to review the “new” items here.

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Sustainable Beauty: Loma Haircare Review

Loma Hair Care is an independent hair care brand that promises to provide natural, sustainable hair care that won’t break the bank or irritate the scalp. But will this work? Please keep reading this review to learn more.

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Damaging Effects of Dry Shampoo & Haircare for Sensitive Scalps

Although many haircare products tout their ability to make hair stronger, longer, shinier, less frizzy, etc. many products do nothing to help improve overall scalp health even though the foundation of healthy hair is a healthy scalp. If you’re tired of buying expensive products that do nothing for your scalp help, please keep reading.

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