Blogger Love | Bet You Didn’t Know: Random Facts About Me Tag

The Newbury Girl | Bet You Didn't Know Tag

I’ll admit it: I love reading “get to know me” tags from other bloggers, but they actually scare me. I’m pretty coy when it comes to my personal life, so sharing facts about me can sometimes feel intimidating. Nevertheless, I was elated when the lovely, Sarah, (creator of A Woman’s Confidence) tagged me to participate in the “Bet You Didn’t Know” Tag. This tag was created by Jenni over at Housewife Hustle.

Please keep reading to learn seven random facts about me!

The Newbury Girl | Bet You Didn't Know Tag

Seven Random Facts About Me

  1. The Newbury Girl is not my first blogging endeavor. | I originally launched my first blog in 2016, Looks from Lash Night, and quickly fell out of love with it. When I came back to the blogging world in February 2018 my blog was called SustainingU, which I rebranded to The Newbury Girl in July 2018. For my full blog story click here.
  2. My dream is to be a CMO for a major beauty brand. | I’ve been beauty obsessed since I was twelve years old – well before the days when YouTube and social media made it accessible and easy to learn about makeup trends and techniques. That passion evolved from wanting to be a makeup artist to wanting to work on the business side of a beauty brand.
  3. Hayley Williams (of Paramore) was my ultimate style & beauty icon. | Were you an alternative kid if you didn’t want to either (a) be Hayley Williams or (b) date her? With her powerful vocals, bright red-orange hair, eclectic makeup and fashion choices, she was my biggest influence on style.
  4. I’ve been to well over 100 concerts / festivals. | I love the rush of standing in the crowd, singing along to my favorite songs from my favorite musical artists. There’s such a magic to these experiences.
  5. I am a Christian. | I don’t often write about my faith on my blog, but I’ve been a follower of Jesus my whole life. My faith has been a major influence in my life and has been a source of strength and hope during my darkest times.
  6. I am an (awkward) extrovert. | Although I am relatively shy (*cough, cough* awkward), I am very extroverted. I love being around people and connecting with others. If given the opportunity, I will happily chat your ear off.
  7. I am Ross + Monica + Chandler. | If I’m being honest, I couldn’t stand the show, Friends, until this year. As I’ve worked my way through the show, I’ve come to the realization that I can relate to various aspects of each character’s personality and quirks, but realistically I feel I am a combination of Ross (nerdy desire to learn and know-it-all tendencies), Monica (Type A personality, and obsession with cleaning/organization), and Chandler (quick mouth and use of humor to deflect).

Seven Bloggers I’m Tagging

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Tag Rules Recap

  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Tag 7 bloggers you’d like to see participate in the Bet You Didn’t Know Tag
  • Shoutout back to me, so I can read your posts and get to know you more

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What are some random facts about you? Please let me know in the comments below.

32 thoughts on “Blogger Love | Bet You Didn’t Know: Random Facts About Me Tag

  1. Woah! It’s great to know interesting facts about you 😉
    Great to know that you’ve been blogging from long and it’s quite visible in your posts😊

    Also, Thank you so much for nomination 😁

  2. Wow 100 concents/festivals! That is awesome. I love the concert feelings too! Everyone jumping, dancing or singing to music together is the best. What has been your favorite one? xx

  3. Wow, this is a really interesting to read! And I hope you are well on your way to being a CMO for a brand you are passionate about or maybe even founded by yourself!? hehe! I love that Hayley is your icon, she is so unique and abstract, I don’t think I have the right head for such originality and boldness! I’m definitely an introvert where i love to hear people talk but hate it when they start asking me questions.

  4. This were really interesting facts! I’m definitely gonna have a read of your blogging story 🙂 and omg YES I was so in love with Hayley Williams when I was younger (who am I kidding, I’m still obsessed with her) xx

  5. It was great reading this!! I believe you will reach that goal of being a CMO of a beauty brand, you are sooo destined for it girl!! Hahah these were really interesting facts about you, love it!!

  6. It was so interesting learning more about you and I was totally obsessed with Hayley William’s style too! I even cut my hair like her and everything!

    1. It breaks my heart how the band ended up but I suppose all good things must come to an end. Still hopeful that they’ll release new music that sounds a little more reminiscent to their original sound!

  7. I absolutely love the photo you shared of yourself. Girl, you’re so beautiful! I looooove reading these kind of posts, as well. I enjoyed learning a few new things about you and seeing how alike we are! I know you will accomplish all of your dreams, with the help of God!

    Thank you for tagging me. I have been dreading all things blogging lately, but you just gave me something to write about….so thank YOU, girl! (:

    Much love always,
    GABBY |

    1. ahhh thank you, girl!!! I’m so shy to share photos of myself. I understand the blog dread – sometimes I look at my blog or think of working on it and think of it like homework.

  8. Ahhh thanks for thinking of me! I will get to this on my blog eventually– I talk about myself so much it’s gonna hard to think up facts I haven’t already shared.

    I used to love Hayley Williams when I was a teen, too & I hope your dreams of becoming a CMO come true. 😊 Always love learning more about you, LP! 💖

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