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Not Your Basic Beauty Blogger Tag | End Table Flat Lay

Hi – my name is LP and I love participating in Beauty Tags that no one tagged me in.

Of course, when I saw my fave, Smokey Glow, participate in the “Not Your Basic Beauty Guru Tag” I knew I had to join in. This tag was started by Agape Love Girl.

As a beauty blogger, I’ve modified some of the questions to fit my little niche on the WWW. Please keep reading for my thoughts on the Not Your Basic Beauty Guru Tag.

The Not Your Basic Beauty Guru Tag

1 | People tend to think beauty influencers are experts (or should be) at doing makeup. Of course, that’s not always true. What is one thing you struggle with doing? My biggest struggle is STILL applying false eyelashes because I have bad vision and worry that I’ll damage my lashes or eyes somehow. Also, I’m not used to wearing them on my eyes so I tend to feel like my finished looks with lashes feel off.

2 | On that note, are there any makeup techniques you’d like to improve or learn how to do? I’d love to improve my false eyelash application, my ability to do cut crease eye looks, and my technique for overlining my lips.

3 | Are there any makeup looks, styles, trends, or technique you absolutely refuse to do or follow on yourself? (Ex. winged liner, false lashes, etc.) I’ve never been a fan of the overly perfected and boxy Instagram brow even though it looks more precise in photos. I like my slightly messy, dark brows.

4 | Are they any makeup trends or styles that you used to dislike, but now love? Or vice versa any that you used to love that now you don’t care for anymore? I used to live for ultra smokey eyeshadow and black liner a la Avril Lavigne circa 2003. While I still love a smokey eye, I don’t go ham on my eyeliner anymore.

Not Your Basic Beauty Blogger Tag | Lip Gloss Flat Lay
Nothing a glossy lip can’t fix

5 | Are they any beauty/makeup trends that most people hate that you (maybe secretly) like? Honestly, nothing that I can think of right now.

6 | Are there any makeup “rules” or stereotypes that bother you? I agree with Smokey Glow’s answer here – it bothers me how judgmental people outside of the beauty community can be towards major beauty enthusiasts. Just because we love makeup our passions are still valid and aren’t mindless or vapid. I’ve seen some hurtful subtweets about how beauty content is meaningless and not a worthwhile read. 

7 |  What “old news” makeup products do you still love and use on the regular? Out of all the bronzers I’ve ever tried, my Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is still my favorite for adding warmth to my face. It is a cult classic at the drugstore for many reasons: – it is pigmented, flattering, and affordable. To date, this is the only bronzer I’ve completely panned.

Not Your Basic Beauty Blogger Tag | End Table Flat Lay | Milk Makeup | Anastasia Beverly Hills
These are a few of my favorite things

8 | It’s possible that there may be a specific influencer that inspired you to start your blog, but let’s talk about what, if anything, influencers inspired you NOT to do!? Even though I’ve worked on the brand-side of influencer marketing, I’m still hesitant to promote affiliate codes and work with large influencer networks because I don’t want my reviews to come across as biased. Please just know that if and when I do share any affiliate links or receive products for review I will always remain honest with my opinions.

Also, I’ve learned not to play the “Follow-Unfollow Game” or to buy followers across social … I want people to interact with me because they enjoy my content.

9 | What beauty content do you love creating the most? Out of all my series, I love my Bad or Rad reviews the most. They may be too long for some people’s taste, but I am genuinely proud of these reviews and the amount of effort that goes into providing my readers with such in-depth information.

Shooting flat lays and product shots for my blog and Instagram posts are always fun, too. It gives me a chance to be “artsy.” Plus, I’ve seen a lot of progression in my photography over the last year and a half.  

Not Your Basic Beauty Blogger Tag | Coffee Table Flat Lay | MAC | BECCA | MILK MAKEUP | KYLIE COSMETICS | ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS
A Golden Hour Flat Lay

10 | Is there any content that you create based on audience request or interest, that you actually don’t really like or prefer to create? Sometimes I feel less motivated to re-do blog tags that I’ve done before simply because my answers are often similar. HOWEVER, I always want to support my friends in the community by participating in their tags AND by tagging other bloggers.

I remember feeling so sad and depressed when I felt like the only blogger who had never been nominated for a blogger-to-blogger award or tag, so I always love adding a bright spot to someone’s day by tagging them. Also, this is why I’m always behind with tags… I try to space them out so I can tag a mix of new and old blogger friends.

11 | How often do you post? I typically share 2-3 blog posts and 1-2 Instagram posts a week.

12 | Do you have a job outside of blogging? Considering that I make no money through my blog, it goes without saying that I have a job outside of blogging. Currently, I work two part-time jobs and am a full-time graduate student.

13 | What beauty content do you enjoy consuming (watching or reading) the most? I love project panning challenges, beauty declutters, beauty commentary, beauty reviews, and tutorials. I don’t have one clear favorite because too much of anything can become monotonous.

14 | Any non-makeup blogs you love? Of course – y’all know who you are! 🙂

15 | Are there any makeup misconceptions because of Youtube, Blogging or Instagram, that you wish people knew the truth about or that you hope to change with your blog? The rise of the online beauty community has definitely created a warped perception that collecting huge volumes of makeup is okay and that it is totally normal for makeup lovers to have an entire room filled with beauty products. Not only is this mindset financially irresponsible, but I think it can promote excessive consumption and addictive tendencies. One of my earliest blog posts spoke to this concept of being addicted to buying makeup and my own journey with overspending.

Also, collecting makeup isn’t the same as collecting stamps because makeup literally expires and goes bad…. moreover makeup stored in dressers isn’t being displayed or seen – so why hoard it? 

Please know that I’m not speaking out of judgment but out of my own experiences as a consumer and lover of beauty. I often chronicle my own struggles with overspending through my No-Buy and Low-Buy challenges, my Empties and Declutters, and my posts on consumerism. I still struggle with overconsumption, but by talking about my journey I hope that others will be able to relate to me.

16 | Have you ever felt unqualified or like bad beauty blogger because you didn’t do things just like every other “beauty guru”? Sometimes I feel discouraged when I compare my Instagram feed to the feeds of other prominent beauty bloggers. Although I can celebrate the fact that I’ve slowly been strengthening my flat lay skills, I still sometimes feel inadequate when a post doesn’t seem to perform well or when my feed looks jumbled.

Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt like my editorial voice and style sometimes holds me back. It is common knowledge that content featuring newly released products typically performs best just after a product launch. However, I NEVER want to encourage someone to make a purchase on something I’ve barely tested, so I’ve shied away from First Impression Reviews even though they generate tons of views.

Finally, I’m sure every beauty blogger will relate to this: beauty blogs grow at a much slower rate than YouTube channels because viewers tend to gravitate to video content over written posts and still shots. Thus, many of us buck the “beauty guru” trend just by nature of blogging rather than starting YouTube channels.

Not Your Basic Beauty Blogger Tag | Persona Cosmetics Flat Lay
Can you tell I love Persona?

17 | If you could collaborate with a brand, which would it be and what would you create? If I were to collaborate with a brand I’d want to put together a mini bundle featuring my favorite products from the brand as opposed to creating something limited edition. Instead, I’d opt for limited edition packaging. If I could, I’d love to collaborate with Persona Cosmetics.

18 | Would you rather collaborate with a brand or create your own makeup/beauty line? Neither – I’d rather work on the business side of a brand in a marketing or e-commerce capacity. That is the ultimate professional goal.

Name some beauty content creators you think deserve more followers or recognition!

Final Thoughts on the Not Your Basic Beauty Guru Tag

Am I a basic beauty guru? No – I am not your basic beauty guru. When it comes to my perspective on the beauty community, I keep an open mind. I use my business and marketing acumen, as well as my consumer thinking to assess beauty releases from a well-rounded point of view.

However, while I may not wear certain trends or watch certain beauty gurus, I would never call another beauty content creator basic. At the end of the day, many beauty content creators love to share their love for cosmetics, skincare or hair care with the world. Nothing about self expression is basic.

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19 thoughts on “Not Your Basic Beauty Guru Tag

  1. I loved this tag!! I love reading blogs a ton Honestly. I’m trying to get in better habit of leaving comments to help algorithm numbers. I actually love idea to focus on one palette each week and video the looks to help reference back when forming final thoughts. I prefer actual reviews over first impressions. The excitement and adrenaline of something new is there and everything is liked (for me anyways). I love that no buys/low buys/panning are so popular atm. I’ve been panning this year and I feel a low/no buy coming. It usually happens because I get so overwhelmed with holiday releases being thrown in my face every ten seconds that I stop and love what I have instead. I’ve been planning and curating my collection down to things I love to use and things that need to be used up and moved on from. Though I still love talking new releases I see them going in a different direction of “this caught my attention but I already have this that’s similar”. Lauren Mae Beauty has a series like it and talks herself out of things with what she has.

    1. Kelly, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! I love talking beauty with you on social and here!! I subscribed to your YT, but need to have a catch up day to catch up with comments.

      I am so overwhelmed with releases this year but I’ve been going through such ups and downs of wanting to buy everything but then immediately regretting what I buy. I need to be better about talking myself out of buying things I KNOW I have duplicates of. I hope my No Buy/Low Buy will help me better realize how I’m buying tons of duplicates in different packaging.

  2. Fake eyelashes are so weird for me too. I’m certainly not used to them, so when I do wear them, my makeup feels kinda off. Oh, and I like brows a little messier than the perfected ones on Instagram. Although those look like a lot of work, so I ‘ve never actually tried them. I always love seeing your flatlays on Instagram (and on your blog), they looks so pretty and it definitely looks like you’ve been improving! Also glad that you mentioned that people don’t NEED to buy and hoard large quantities of makeup. It certainly can be hard to cut back sometimes, especially with all of the new releases, but since makeup can go bad, it’s good to be mindful about what you buy. Great post!

    1. Ugh I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who feels a little odd using lashes. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, girl! 💜 PS goodluck with midterms – hope you enjoy your Fall break! ☺️

  3. Such a cool and fun beauty tag, LP! I definitely really enjoy reading your Bad or Rad reviews. I learn so much about beauty products and companies from your page! I have never applied falsies on myself and I’m too scared to do it haha, but i hope you get better with that!! <3

    Geraldine |

  4. Oh man, I have a hard time putting on false lashes too. I am glad I am not alone, hehe. I found the boxy IG brow interesting but I know I can’t pull that off for sure. It is a bummer when people are just judgmental against people who use makeup. Why the hate?! I love that you bring so much to your readers with the different products you’ve tried out :).

    Nancy ♥

  5. I have the same fear with eyelashes & the hardest time applying them, too! I’ve never been a fan of the boxy eyebrows either & even worse how they blatantly don’t blend their concealer underneath it?! I also used to love wearing dark, smokey eyes, just not as long ago lol.

    Your Bad or Rad reviews are some my fave to read. I can’t believe some people say that beauty content is useless?! That’s not true at all. Don’t let them get to you! & your flatlays & photography definitely keep getting better & better!

    I enjoyed reading your answers so much, LP!! I’ll have to check out all those blogs soon, thanks for sharing. 💗

  6. Great post! Being a transgender (woman) blogger, I happen upon many lost souls trying to conquer makeup dilemmas. Ironically, as I transitioned, I pulled away from many makeup products. Settling into a few faves.
    Then I found myself in a rut and now search out sites like yours to follow and pass along to my followers too.
    I love your blog!

  7. This was such an interesting tag and I will for sure be making time to do it 🙂 Also, I hate false eyelashes, I just can’t get the hang of putting them on at all.

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