Bad or Rad | Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review & Swatches

Since launching in 2016 with her infamous lip kits, Kylie Cosmetics has become one of the fastest-growing beauty brands with over 20 million avid fans on Instagram. The brand catapulted Kylie Jenner to billionaire status, but is Kylie Cosmetics really worth the hype or is the brand only successful due to the mega-stardom of the brand’s famous founder?

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses. Please keep reading for arm swatches and my honest thoughts.

Kylie Cosmetics Brand Ethos

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing brands to launch this decade and helped to make Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire in the world. The brand is most well-known for their Lip Kits. Each kit contains a matching lipstick and lip liner to create a cohesive Kylie-inspired look. The Kylie Cosmetics line is meant to capture Kylie’s beauty aesthetic.

Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2016 as part of the Seed Beauty family of brands. Like all all other Seed Beauty brands, Kylie Cosmetics is Cruelty-Free and made in the USA.

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review & Swatches #4
My complete Kylie High Gloss Collection

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Product Claims

The Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses promise to be an ultra-glossy, luminous gloss that glides on the lips. The brand claims that the glosses apply evenly due to the shea butter in the formula. Each gloss is meant to be radiant and moisturizing, whether worn alone or overtop another lip product.

High Gloss Packaging, Price, & Retail Distribution

High Gloss Packaging | The High Glosses come in a clear plastic tube with a millennial pink cap and pink Kylie label. The tubes are thick and sturdy. The glosses come with large, fuzzy doe-foot applicators.

High Gloss Price | The High Glosses retail for $16.00 USD individually. However, the high glosses are often bundled for a slight discount. Available kits include the 4 High Gloss Set ($49.00 USD), 5 High Gloss Bundle ($66.00 USD), 7 High Gloss Bundle ($100.00 USD), Complete High Gloss Bundle (containing 9 glosses, $120.00 USD). The price is comparable to those of other prestige glosses.

Where to Buy the High Glosses | The High Glosses are sold on Kyle Cosmetics’ online shop and at Ulta in the USA. All Ulta orders qualify for free shipping starting at $35.00 USD, while Kylie Cosmetics Orders over $40.00 USD qualify for free shipping.

High Gloss Arm Swatches

The below High Glosses were one-swipe swatches of each shade I own in the line.

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Swatches - Shades: From Top-to-Bottom: Snatched, Crystal, Lost Angel, Oh You, Fancy?, Klear, Daddy's Girl, My Moon and Stars, I'm the Catch, and Slept On
From Top-to-Bottom: Snatched, Crystal, Lost Angel, Oh You, Fancy?, Klear, Daddy’s Girl, My Moon and Stars, I’m the Catch, and Slept On

Most of the Kylie High Glosses pictured above are glitter-infused, with the exception of Snatched, Crystal, and Clear.

High Gloss Application and Wear-Time

The large doe foot applicator of the High Glosses make it easy to apply the glosses with just one swipe. The formula glides across the lips and feels hydrating and comfortable. Each gloss is high shine, without feeling sticky or thick. For comparison purposes, the High Gloss Formula is less sticky than the ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips & So Juicy Plumping Gloss, but stickier than the Fenty Gloss Bombs.

There is a mix of opaque, pigmented shades and sheer, shimmery finishes within the High Gloss range. The sheer shades are transformative while the opaque shades overpower what is applied beneath them.

The high glosses last for several hours on the lips. However, these are glosses that you will have to reapply throughout the day to maintain that high-shine finish.

The Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses have a fruity smell and taste that lingers. Keep this in mind if strong fragrances don’t appeal to you. Finally, as strange as this might sound… the glosses are loud. As you turn the doe foot applicator and remove it from the tube, a loud juicy sound is made.

Ranking my Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses 

Although I enjoy the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses, I love some glosses in the line more than others. Please see the below for my ranking of the glosses in my collection, from my favorite to my least favorite.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Daddy’s Girl (Sheer Baby Pink with Copper Shimmer)
  2. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Oh, You Fancy? (Sheer Silver Champagne Pearl)
  3. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Klear (Sheer Light Pink Tint)
  4. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Lost Angel (Baby Pink with Pink & Gold Shimmer)
  5. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Crystal (Clear)
  6. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – My Moon & Stars (Warm Pink with Multi Dimensional Shimmer)
  7. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Snatched (Opaque Mauve Pink)
  8. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – I’m the Catch (Amber with Gold Shimmer)
  9. Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss – Slept On (Watermelon with Gold Shimmer)

If the above list didn’t make it Crystal Klear, I prefer less pigmented, transformative glosses with shimmer and glitter over the brand’s more pigmented shades. Not only do the clear glosses make the lips look more supple and plump, but they are more universally flattering and can be worn over a wider array of lip products. The more opaque colors paint over base lip products worn underneath and fade less gracefully throughout the day (especially after eating).

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review & Swatches
Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review

Final Thoughts on the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses

If it wasn’t apparent by the number of glosses that I own, I enjoy the High Gloss Formula for an easy, high shine, luscious-looking gloss. The packaging is simple and sleek, but still trendy and the price is slightly less than the majority of the prestige glosses that I own.

Naysayers often remark that Kylie Cosmetics’ products are ColourPop products with a markup, I can say that ColourPop’s glosses are nothing like the High Gloss formula from Kylie. I find the high gloss formula to be easier to apply, much less sticky, and more impactful on the lips in terms of shininess and plumping ability. If you’re interested in trying something from the brand, I’d definitely recommend any of her lip products – especially the lip liners, bullet lipsticks, and high glosses.

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Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics or any brands in the Seed Beauty Family? What is your favorite gloss formula? Please let me know in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “Bad or Rad | Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review

  1. Wow, great in-depth review and comparison! I like it when lippies have a smell actually it just makes it so delicious! I’d love to get my hands on my moon! I’m gradually moving towards hydrating lippies and this sounds perfect!

  2. God damn it, I kind of wanted you to say these glosses were bad so I don’t feel tempted to get them. I’ve always seen the High Glosses in pictures and think they look stunning and it seems like this is actually true. I love my Fenty Gloss Bomb but I think there are some shades in Kylie’s range that appeal even more. Thanks for providing such an in-depth (and persuasive review), I now want the glosses more than ever lol x

    1. SO while I do love these Glosses, the Fenty is my number one favorite formula! If you hold out, you may like some of the new Fenty shades being released for the holidays!!! Comparative to Fenty, these are a little stickier but I still wouldn’t consider them a sticky gloss, if that makes sense?

      Also, Kylie always does bundles for these High Glosses too!

  3. Such a thorough reveiw! I always tend to prefer glosses with more pigment, but I never thought about less pigmented ones like you do lol. Maybe it’s time I give them a shot πŸ˜‰

  4. Interesting review! I haven’t tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics yet and I don’t know if I ever will but most people do seem to enjoy her products.

  5. I am always amazed how someone’s name behind a brand can really boom. I like that Kylie Cosmetics is cruelty-free and is made in the states. At least there are laws to make sure that they don’t try to sneak any weird chemicals into the mix. The pricing of her products are pretty cood. I am in love with the shimmery gloss! Glad you enjoy the high glosses!

    Nancy β™₯

  6. Wow! You have so many of these glosses, girl! I love how you ranked your fave shades & how you included “Crystal Klear” in your writing LOL. It’s nice to know these are better than CP but not quite Fenty level, that really does give me a good perspective.

    Great review, as always, but you already know how I feel about this line from your Beau-Tea talk. πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL I’m a little embarrassed by how many I own, but to be fair – I purchased a few a bunch in a set and the others at a discount lol! I couldn’t resist the little pun. Fenty is still my ultimate fave formula, but these are still good!! And yes – totally fair to prefer other brands lol.

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