Beauty Minimalism

Beauty Minimalism

Hi Friends!

As mentioned in my first blog post, I am continuing to work on my poor shopping habits. In 2017, my main focus was reducing the amount of clothing, accessories, makeup and skincare items that I brought into my home, while curating my current collection through decluttering, donating, or using up items (in the case of beauty or skincare purchases). This year, I will continue to expand upon the progress I made in 2017.

For 4.5 months, I refrained from making any frivolous beauty or apparel purchases. My only purchase between January and April was a pair of black high-heels, which were purchased after my only pair broke. The first month of my no-buy was difficult, but as time went on, I found myself struggling less.

As I began to finish products in my beauty collection, my motivation to keep moving forward only increased. At the end of 2016, my goal was to use up 50 products, but by the end of 2017 I finished 122 items! (Roughly 2.5x my original goal). Additionally, I decluttered another 81 products (returning newer items that didn’t work for me, selling gently used goods that I didn’t use, giving away products to friends and family, or trashing things that were expired).

While my collection is smaller than it was at the start of 2017, I am by no means happy with the volume of beauty products I’ve amassed, nor am I pleased with the money that I spent to collect these items. This year, my “achievable” goal is to declutter or use up 20% of my beauty stash (which amounts to approximately 40 products); however, my “reach” goal is to use up 90 products.

Although 90 products seems feasible for someone who used or decluttered over 200 products in 2017, the majority of those products were deluxe samples accumulated from subscription services. Given that I will need to work through more full-size items and that makeup (particularly powder products such as blush and eyeshadows) are harder to go through, 90 products will be quite the challenge for me this year.

What many beauty addicts with large collections fail to realize is that unlike clothing or shoes, skincare, haircare, and makeup do expire. Holding on to buckets of items we aren’t using won’t make products last any longer. Those unused products will continue to hide in the bottoms of our shelves or storage systems decaying with age. Not only is this a waste of resources, but buying makeup items just to collect them is a financial waste, too.

Therefore, while my collection is far from minimal, I am working towards a much smaller stash. By limiting my purchases and using what I have, I will hopefully decrease my carbon footprint, minimize feelings of regret or unhappiness caused by wasted goods, and free up funds to spend on activities that bring me joy.

Over the next year, I will be sharing my tips for project panning and altering unhealthy shopping habits.

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What is your shopping vice? What does your 2018 beauty collection look like?

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