Bad or Rad: IT Cosmetics Skin Care

When the opportunity arose for me to try It Cosmetics skincare for free, I jumped on it. I genuinely want to understand why so many people rave about this brand. Luckily, I used some of my Sephora points to pick up the “It Cosmetics – It’s Your Glow Getting Essentials” 500 point kit. Keep reading to see how It Cosmetics skincare worked out for me.

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Best Affordable Drugstore Skin Care for Oily Skin

A good skin care routine is vital for maintaining, clear, glowing, youthful looking skin and preventing early signs of aging. Unfortunately, many of us operate under the misconception that skin care becomes a necessity in our 30s and 40s. But this is so wrong! Why?┬áIt is far easier to maintain your skin’s youthful qualities rather than take measures to treat set in wrinkles, dark spots, or other signs of aging.

While I regularly splurge on more expensive skin care, the drug store is upping their game by offering affordable, high quality skin care to help individuals with a myriad of skin care issues at any age. Please keep reading to discover your new favorites at the drug store.

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Saying Goodbye to $200 Worth of Skincare

This May, I decluttered over $200 worth of skincare due to a painful chemical burn caused by my skincare items interacting with one another. If you’re interested to hear about what went wrong and what I’m getting rid of, then please keep reading.

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My Daily Skin Care Routine

Admittedly, when I was younger, I never thought much about skincare, because it was never was exciting to me as color products (i.e. makeup). Even though I suffered from bad acne as an adolescent, I never felt the need to invest in good skincare because the root of my “bad” skin was genetic.

Now I am a skincare junkie with a set morning and evening routine. Not only does my skincare routine help to maintain and improve my skin, but it has become an essential part of my self-care routine.

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