Blogger Love | Get to Know Me Tag

Blogger Tag | Get to Know Me Tag

Way back when… in November 2018, I was tagged by the lovely Molly Rose to participate in the Get to Know Me Tag. All I can say nine months later is that late is better than never. Please keep reading to get to know more about me!

1. What’s your middle name? As I’m sure most of you have realized by now… I’m coy about sharing certain personal details, so I’m going to keep this one a mystery!~

2. When was the last time you cried? June 10th.

3. What’s your favorite pizza? Pepperoni with jalapeño peppers… on Gluten-Free crust! 😀 Out of all the GF pizzas I’ve tried over the last year, Papa Ginos makes the best GF pizza BY FAR.

4. What’s your favorite flower? Sunflowers.

5. What’s your favorite season? Cliche but forever true – you’ve never experienced Fall until you’ve experienced a New England Fall. Nothing beats New England in the Fall.


6. Do you like to camp? I’ve never been camping, but I want to camp out West sometime! But, I do enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities…. if that counts!

7. Do you untie your shoes when taking them off? It depends on the shoe. 🙂 My Converse and High Skate Vans? Hell yeah, I do. Low tops from Vans or athletic sneakers from brands like New Balance or Nike? Nope!

8. Do you like rollercoasters? Yes, yes, yes!!! I love all rollercoasters except wooden coasters… I find those rollercoasters to be too rickety and painful to my neck.

9. What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate with peanut butter chunks.

Get to Know Me Blogger Tag | Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

10. What is your favorite thing to do? Again, cliche…but I love playing with, reading about, watching videos on and discussing makeup. I could spend hours upon hours doing this because makeup is my life passion – I love the art, science, branding, and self-care aspects of cosmetics.

11. Shorts or jeans? Jeans. All-year-round. I love my skinny jeans.

12. Country or rock? (Alternative) Rock. When I was younger, I was a huge fan of alternative rock, pop-punk, and metalcore. 

Get to Know Me Blogger Tag | Goo Goo Dolls live in concert
Goo Goo Dolls live in concert

13. What is your favorite color? Black. Blue and teal are other top contenders.

14. Do you have any tattoos? Sadly, I don’t have any tattoos but I hope to get a few micro tattoos eventually. I do have seven piercings.

15. Do you color your hair? Yes. Over the last three years, my hair has been every color from bright blonde to nearly black. I’ve been trying to get back to my natural, brunette roots…. but I’m fighting the urge to refrain from dying my hair a fun blush or rose color.

Get to Know Me Blogger Tag | Dyed Hair
One of the many shades of blonde I’ve been

16. What color are your eyes? Brown.

17. What is your favorite thing to eat? Chocolate. I blackout and lose all sense of control whenever I see chocolate. Hershey’s is my ultimate favorite.

18. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas – if you want to read more about my love for Christmas check out this post or this post.

19. Beer or wine? Cider 🙂

20. Night owl or morning person? Prior to returning to student life, I was a morning person. Since rejoining the student struggle, my schedule has been such a mess so I’ve reverted to my night owl tendencies.

21. What is your favorite day of the week? As a full-time student who also works two jobs, I don’t have a traditional weekend so I don’t really prefer any particular day of the week. However, I will say that Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings are a struggle because of my non-stop schedule.

22. Do you have a nickname? LP

23. Three people who will do this: I tag: Elias, Geraldine, Jenni

As always, I know not all of you will do this tag, but I hope that seeing this tag brightens your day! I love reading your blogs, so I’d love to see your answers.

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Get to Know Me Blogger Tag

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Do you untie your shoes before taking them off? Let me know this or any other fun fact in the comment below. 

40 thoughts on “Blogger Love | Get to Know Me Tag

  1. We have quite a bit in common it seems. I love Fall and Christmas as well, fellow chocolate junkie and alternative rock listener. These tags are great, you always find more things in common with someone.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and realised we have quite a few things in common. I too enjoy a bit of Alternative Rock, am rather coy about some personal details online and prefer the Autumn/Winter months!

    1. Aw I’m glad we have some things in common! 🙂 Sometimes I wish I was more open, but I like having some boundaries online. I love the cold weather – the only thing that would make it better would be if the sunlight lasted longer!

  3. This was so fun! Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is THE best and it’s not as easy to find as it should be. Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter World is a limited edition and one of my favorites because I can’t get it easily at the local ice cream shops. I’d love to see your hair blush colored! I did it right before I got married, and I’ve not been brave or bold enough to do it again, but it was FUN!

    1. Very true that it isn’t that easy to find chocolate peanut butter flavors in store… I actually had no clue that Ben & Jerry’s had a flavor – I know that Halo Top has one, too!

      Haha I’m still debating switching my hair up this fall, but I’m unsure since I wash my hair so frequently lol. We’ll see though! 😀 That’s so rad that you died your hair such a fun color!!

  4. I really want to experience a New England fall someday; I love already love fall but that would make me love it even more! I don’t untie my shoes before taking them off! I hate tying shoes haha. I’m also a jeans all year round person!

  5. I really want to experience a New England fall someday; I love already love fall but that would make me love it even more! I don’t untie my shoes before taking them off! I hate tying shoes haha. I’m also a jeans all year round person!

    1. haha Fall in MA is def one of the best things about living here. 🙂 Chocolate and makeup are my two major life weaknesses – gotta work on developing better self-control with those two things lol!

  6. Oo yay another tag! I love doing tags, thanks LP!! I was told wooden roller coasters def hurt your body so I stayed away from those went I went to an amusement park LOL! Seven piercings is impressive, are they all on your ears?! I want some more on mine, I’ve only got one on each haha. Thanks for sharing girl!

    Geraldine |

  7. Ooooh, sunflowers are gorgeous! Love that they’re radiating in pure yellow. I love the autumn season too! Haha, rollercoasters are great. The chocolate and peanut butter chunks ice cream sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing all of these facts about yourself!

    Nancy ♥

  8. Yay I love these types of posts! That is so cool – I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair! I also LOVE fall, its my favourite – I’d love to visit New England one day it looks stunning! Also, I’d never been camping till this year but its actually super fun! I’d recommend it 😀

  9. I’m on board with ice cream and peanut butter anything! Seeing the leave change in the fall is the best! Nice to meet you. Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

  10. I always love reading award posts! It was so fun to get to know more about you since you are so coy with personal details. 😉 Thanks for sharing, LP!

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