Bad or Rad | Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Bad or Rad | Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review

Y’all I had the toughest time finding the right words to describe the Viseart Grande Pro Volume I eyeshadow palette. To say it in the simplest terms, not all products can be easily defined as being “bad” or “good.” Please keep reading for an in-depth review on the Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette.

Brand Ethos

Viseart was founded by a former model, Anastasia Sparrow, in 2012 after she realized that there was a need in the market for high-quality, long-lasting cosmetics that wouldn’t irritate the skin or cause any allergic reactions. The brand quickly filled a gap in the pro beauty market and garnered a reputation for high-quality products. However, since Viseart’s initial launch in 2012, the brand has slowly been expanding by launching more consumer-led products. Click here to read more about Viseart.

Product Claims

The Grande Pro Volume I is a limited-edition 30-shade, an all-matte eyeshadow palette that comes in the brand’s simple, flexible magnetized packaging. This palette includes 6 shades from previous Viseart palettes, as well as 24 new shades.

Personally, I purchased this after watching several reviews from one of my favorite YouTubers, Stephanie Nicole, where she raved about the Viseart formula. If you’re curious for her thoughts (and live swatches), check out her review here.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume I comes with flexible packaging and a mirror
Viseart Grande Pro Volume I comes with flexible packaging and a mirror

Price & Packaging

As briefly touched on above, this palette includes a mix of 30 matte shadows ranging from neutral to color shadows. The palette comes in simple, flexible packaging that pro artists can easily grip while doing makeup on clients. Additionally, there is a plastic sheet that covers the shadows, which helps to keep the shadows from getting everywhere.

As with all of Viseart’s palettes, there are no shade names for these shadows. Although this would normally bother me, I don’t mind the lack of shade names in this palette because the shadows can be easily swapped out for other Viseart shadows.

The Viseart Grande Pro Volume I retails for $150.00 USD, however, I purchased this for $120.00 USD during Sephora‘s November VIB Sale in 2018. When this palette originally launched, it sold for $175.00 USD because it had more elaborate, limited edition packaging.

Ingredients & CF Status

The Viseart Grande Pro Volume I does contain talc, but it does not contain silicone, petrochemicals, gluten, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. This palette is not tested on animals as Viseart is Cruelty-Free. Finally, it is important to note that these shadows have a 3-year expiry period… which is 3X longer than many other popular palettes.

Eyeshadow Swatches

As always, swatches are not a perfect indicator of eyeshadow performance. However, they do provide a clue as to a shadow’s pigmentation and ability to blend. Per usual, I’ve swatched each eyeshadow on my inner arm without any primer. Each color was swatched using a finger (top) and brush (bottom). Each swatch represents one swipe of color.

At a high level, these shadows are much drier than the majority of the shadows in my collection. Moreover, the formula of the neutral shades are quite powdery and do produce a lot of kickback. However, the brighter colors are super dry and feel hard in the pan.

Column I & Column II: The colors in the left-most columns are the lightest shades in the palette. As evident by the above swatches, the shades in these first two columns are light and fairly neutral.

Column III & Column IV: I find that Column III was the easiest column to swatch and to use on the eyes. This column includes a medium to a darker mix of browns and purple shades. Column IV contains the most colorful shades in the palette. Although these shadows swatched relatively well, I found them harder to swatch than some of my less expensive, indie brands. The purple and deep blue shades are easily two of the driest matte shadows I’ve ever felt.

Viseart Grand Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review - Swatches (Column 5)
Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review – Swatches (Column 5)

Column V: The last column in the Viseart Grande Pro Palette is the deepest shades in the palette. This includes a mix of browns, purple, and blue colors. These shadows are extremely pigmented.

Application & Wear-time

First, I commend Viseart for creating a formula that truly is long-wearing on the eyes. Moreover, I was impressed by the ability to blend the neutral shadows on the eye and in the crease. The darker shadows perform well when packed onto the eye with a dense brush.

Positives aside, I was disappointed by the way the darker shadows in the Grande Pro Palette applied patchily and blended away into nothing. I’m sad to say that I own less expensive palettes that perform much better than this palette. t

Viseart Retail Distribution

Viseart products can be purchased at Sephora, Muse Beauty, and Viseart’s online shop.

Viseart Grand Pro Volume 1
Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 – Close Up

Final Thoughts

I’m sad to say it, but the Viseart Grande Pro Volume I is my biggest product regret of the year (so far). However, I want to clarify that I don’t regret buying this palette because I think the eyeshadows are poor quality; I wish I didn’t buy this palette because I think it is too expensive for what it is and I have a hard time recommending this to others given the steep price point. Also, I know that everyone in the beauty community seems to love matte shadows, but I don’t live for them in the way that other larger beauty influencers do. Thus, I don’t feel as inspired to create looks when I look at this palette… because this is an incomplete palette without shimmers.

Although I would not recommend this palette to a beginner beauty junkie, this may be a worthwhile buy for those looking to build their professional makeup kits. If you are a professional makeup artist, then this palette may be worth the investment due to the sturdy packaging,  wide array of colors, long lifetime (3-year expiry date, compared to the standard 6-12 months), and the wear time of the shadows on the eye.

Would I purchase a Viseart palette again? Most definitely – but I won’t purchase one of the larger all matte palettes. Instead, I’d rather try one of the mini palettes.

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Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Bad or Rad Review

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Have you tried the Viseart eyeshadow formula before? Would you pay this much for a luxury or pro eyeshadow palette? Please let me know in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Bad or Rad | Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

  1. I also find that I have such a hard time with completely matte palettes! It’s just so difficult to be truly inspired by them, in my opinion! I loved this post so much 💛

    1. Aw thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with all-matte palettes. I can make use of them if they are smaller and have a very curated color scheme, but when they’re large, I struggle to find inspiration.

  2. I have always heard such mixed review of The Viseart formula, some say it’s worth the money and some don’t. I couldn’t imagine myself spending that much on an eyeshadow palette because I would be terrified that it wouldn’t work out for me..especially since you can’t return used Make up in the uk! I always love how thorough and in-depth your review are girl because you really want to show and tell everyone what’s what. I admire the hard work and effort you put into your posts!
    Alex xx

    1. OMG not even at Sephora???? In the US, most stores that sell cosmetics (drugstore and high end) will let you return cosmetics if they come damaged, you don’t like the product, or if you had a bad reaction (within 30-90 days of purchase). Obviously, they can’t resell that product after but I’d be scared to buy anything luxury if that was the case!

      And thank you so much – I realize that sometimes it may be “overboard” but I never want to encourage someone to buy something (especially something expensive) without providing them with as much detail as possible!! Because I’d hate to make a purchase not knowing all the facts… because I’ve done that before based on some Beauty Guru reviews and it never feels good to purchase something you don’t like!

      1. WE DONT EVEN HAVE ANY SEPHORAS! No we cannot return anything used so we usually have testers or samples but that’s it when it comes to trying before buying. That’s why I SCOUR reviews before purchasing anything to make sure it’ll be good. No problem, I think it’s great you’re so in depth because it can help people make really educated and informed choices. I’m glad you care about your audience!

      2. OMG the makes zero sense because Sephora is owned by LMVH and is a French brand! You’d think they would be in UK since we have them in the US/Canada and Australia!!

  3. That’s too bad that this was so expensive and didn’t perform well, LP. I wonder if the 3 year expiration is why some are so dry? Like they put something extra in them to preserve them that also affects the application. Thanks for your your thoughtful post.

    1. I hadn’t thought about the longer shelf-life potentially impacting the formula in that way, but I wonder if it could be! I know that their shadows are meant to be buildable so that pro makeup artists can work on clients without fear of going to heavy handed, but this was just too much effort for me… at this price point!

    1. I was honestly just surprised by how dry the formula was compared to other popular brands on the market. I will say that the neutral shades did perform better on the eye than they swatched on my arm… but not good enough for me to be happy that I bought this.

  4. I have the ND Lilac and the Viseart Theory in Amethyst and I think I prefer the Viseart Purple’s for sure. The mattes have no fall out, and whilst the shimmers aren’t like ND, they aren’t bad. I know purple’s are meant to be difficult I’m surprised about the patchiness of the dark colours 🙁

    1. I was so surprised by the difficulties I had with this palette overall – maybe its just a formula preference thing. These just felt bone dry compared to the other shadows I typically reach for.

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