7 Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

Bad or Rad | Viseart Grande Pro Volume I Eyeshadow Palette Review

Not every new beauty find can be a winning product for everyone because we all have different needs when it comes to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. Even the biggest beauty enthusiast will sometimes try a new product that is a dud.

Although I love reading about what products my favorite bloggers and influencers are loving, “negative” reviews can be just as informative. Please keep reading to see the beauty products that I regret purchasing.

Least Used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Prism Palette | $42.00 USD (CF)

I don’t need to own every single ABH palette even though Anastasia Beverly Hills makes one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. And I don’t – I don’t own any ABH palettes released prior to the Modern Renaissance nor do I own the Sultry or Alyssa Edwards palettes. However, after coming off of a lengthy No-Buy in 2017 I felt like I needed to buy an eyeshadow palette, so I purchased Prism.

Y’all. I. Have. Never. Touched. This. Palette.

The color story is beautiful, but for whatever reason, this palette doesn’t seem to inspire me enough to actually pick it up and use it. Also, I was trying to pan my ABH Master By Mario Palette in 2018, so I didn’t use much of anything. I regret buying this (and never returning it).

Melt Cosmetics Blueprint Eyeshadow Stack Review

Melt Cosmetics – BluePrint Stack | $58.00 USD (CF)

Please don’t come for me – I know that I recently recommended this stack in a review. I stand by that recommendation, BUT here is the thing: I am disappointed with the texture and softness of the shadows. The eyeshadows in this stack are the messiest shadows that I’ve ever owned and I feel like so much product is wasted whenever I open the stack to use it. Do I love the colors and creating looks with this palette? Yes, for sure. Do I love the insane mess that comes with using this stack? No.

Milani – Baked Blush in Red Vino | $7.99 USD (CF)

I love the Milani Baked Blushes, but I was insane to think that this color deep would work on my very pale skin. I wholeheartedly recommend these blushes because they are some of the best affordable blushes at the drugstore. I regret wasting my money on a color that was far too dark for me.

Biggest Regrets: Natasha Denona Mini Lila & Viseart Grande Pro Volume I
Biggest Regrets: Natasha Denona Mini Lila & Viseart Grande Pro Volume I

Natasha Denona – Mini Lila Palette | $25.00 USD

Honestly, if my mom didn’t love purple eyeshadow I would have tried to resell my Natasha Denona Mini Lila Palette at a very steep discount.

This palette was my biggest purchase regret of 2018 for several reasons. First, the eyeshadows in this palette have zero staying power and have difficulty building pigmentation. The colors fade and crease within a matter of hours. Second, the colorful matte shades in the palette are quite dry. Third, this palette was way too expensive given the poor quality of the shadows.

Viseart – Grande Pro Volume I | $150.00 USD (I purchased for $120.00 USD)

I want to love the Viseart Grand Pro Volume I, but I just don’t find myself reaching for this palette. I don’t tend to reach for or buy all-matte eyeshadow palettes, so I should have realized that this palette may not have been a good investment.

Are the shadows in this palette bad? No – the neutral shadows in this palette essentially blend themselves. They are creamy, buttery, and easy to build up. However, the colorful shades in the Grand Pro Palette, particularly the purples, are dry and hard to build on the eye. Furthermore, the darker shades seemingly blend away into nothing.

I would be open to trying another palette from Viseart, but I regret spending so much money on a palette from a brand that I had never tried before. Given the price tag and the gentle use, I’ve decided that I will try to return this or give it away if I don’t use it more.

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner in Calling Your Buff! | $1.49 USD

At a price point of $1.49 USD, I can’t be too upset that the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner didn’t work out for me. My main issue with this liner is that it is far too dry and stiff. The Color Icon Liner requires users to apply a lot of pressure, otherwise, the pigmentation is nonexistent. This can be quite painful – especially when the pencil is freshly sharpened. Also, this particular shade is a little too dark for me to use as a nude eyeliner in my waterline.

Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation | $5.99 USD

Ummm, why was this foundation so hyped up?

I literally can’t understand the hype that surrounds this foundation because this is one of the worst foundations I’ve ever used. First, this foundation isn’t full coverage. It is barely medium coverage. Second, no matter what primer, powder, or spray I use to set this foundation, this foundation does not last beyond three to four hours before completely breaking down and melting off of my face.

Knowing I have oily skin, I would have just thought that this foundation wasn’t intended for oily-skinned individuals. However, my best friend tried this foundation and had the same exact issues. Her skin is normal-to-dry…..

P.S. The spatula applicator is quite strange and the foundation has a strong chemical scent.

Final Thoughts

There are two reoccurring themes that pop up throughout many of my purchase regrets. First, given their higher price tags, I expect that prestige or luxury products perform without any major issues. Second, when influencers and brands create unwarranted hype around a new release, I have high expectations that the hyped product will meet or exceed those expectations. Believe it or not, as I caveated, I actually enjoy some of the products on this list (such as the BluePrint Stack) but was slightly bummed when that item didn’t meet my high expectations.

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Beauty Products I Regret Buying

Disclaimer: Again, even though certain products may not work for me that does not mean that they won’t work for you. My intentions are not to trash or bash any of the brands mentioned in this post, nor is it my intention to make anyone feel bad about products they love.

Do you have any products that you regret purchasing? Have you tried or do you want to try any of the products mentioned on this list? Please let me know in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “7 Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

  1. Thanks for sharing products that you regret purchasing! I feel like a lot of the times I read product reviews and it’s a big hit with people! I also know of the hype surrounding the focus foundation but that’s actually really disappointing to hear it doesn’t perform as well! And that palette for $120 HOLY COW haha I would have hoped for something that costs that much, it would be perfect!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these. It’s good to get an honest opinion about these products! I haven’t bought much makeup lately, but I did buy an eyeshadow palette by w7 a year or so ago that I haven’t really used. I’ve just ended up buying single shades by Kiko that I love and prefer to use! The w7 one is quite matte but the shades don’t blend very well.

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  3. I’m so surprised that you didnt like the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation, I’ve seriously only heard amazing things about it and I was looking forwards to picking it up when I went to the US, I think now I might have to rethink that haha! I really enjoyed reading this post, I too have spent a lot of money on eyeshadow palettes due to extreme hype and then they end up never seeing the light of day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I was surprised I didn’t like the Photo Focus Foundation lol! I was expecting to love it, but I really really struggled with this one. And same – I hate spending money on hyped up products that don’t end up being used!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. In this world where everyone is promoting things to buy and telling their audience that everything is amazing, it’s so great to see that you’re openly talking about products you don’t enjoy and regret you bought. I’m glad I saw this post because I was about to buy a mini Natasha Denona palette and I’m glad I haven’t yet because there’s no way I could’ve returned it in the UK if I didn’t like it!
    Alex xx

    Liked by 1 person

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