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Blogger Tag | Would You Rather Tag

LOL I’m so slow to post out blogger tags, but I always do my best to get to every tag. As always, I love blogger tags and blogger community awards because they are so great for fostering a sense of community in the blogosphere.

I was tagged by the lovely and inspirational Jenni of Housewife Hustle to participate in the Would You Rather Tag back in January 2018. If you’re unfamiliar with Jenni’s blog, she is mommy and lifestyle blogger who writes about everything from body positivity and self love to product reviews and blogger content. If you’re a fan of honest writing, then you should definitely give Jenni’s blog a follow.

In today’s post we’ll answer some tough “Would You Rather” style questions!

Jenni’s Would You Rather Questions:

1. Would you rather never use spoons again or never use forks again?

I can say with complete certainty that I’d give up spoons over forks. Unless a spoon is an absolute necessity for eating (such as ice cream or soup), I will always choose to use a fork over a spoon. 

2. Would you rather be an amazing singer or be an amazing dancer?

Even though I am a super awkward dancer, I enjoy goofing off on the dance floor. With that said, I’d much rather be an amazing singer… I’d love to sing like Ariana Grande or Whitney Houston. 

3. Would you rather eat the same food for the rest of your life or wear the same outfit for the rest of your life?

As long as I’m able to wash the outfit, I’d rather wear the same outfit for the rest of my life. Now that I’m back in school, I essentially live in athleisure anyway. 

4. Would you rather be able to speed read incredibly fast (like superhuman fast) or speed write?

I wish I could speed read because I genuinely love reading and wish I had more time for it. When I was younger, I used to hope that one day I’d wake up with the ability to read and retain information just like Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting. Sadly, I never developed (or was born with) that ability. 

5. Would you rather never have wine/alcohol again or never have coffee/tea again?

To be honest, I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, coffee or tea. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I discovered that I actually enjoyed coffee. However, if I had to chose between giving up alcohol or coffee, I’d much rather give up alcohol. 

6. Would you rather have the power to read minds or be invisible?

I’m such an inquisitive person, so both of these options are appealing to me because they’d give me the ability to learn or discover things I’d be unable to learn otherwise. Ultimately, I think I’d rather have the ability to read minds because it would make it much easier to discover someone’s true nature and see behind fake facades. 

7. Would you rather wear yoga/sweat pants for the rest of your life or never wear them again?

I’d rather wear yoga pants for the rest of my life – I wear them nearly everyday as it is! 😀 I love how athleisure is becoming more accepted as a style staple in American fashion.

8. Would you rather meet your favorite fictional character or favorite celebrity/musician?

I would much rather meet my favorite fictional character. I’m afraid that a celebrity wouldn’t live up to the idealized image I have of him or her, while a fictional character should live up to the character that was created. There is a long list of characters I’d like to meet, but at the top of my list sits Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. 

9. Would you rather be able to speak every language or be able to speak to all animals?

This is the hardest question on this list, but I’d much rather be able to speak to all animals than to speak every language. I’m always fascinated to read about the intricate ways that animals communicate with one another, so I’d love to know what they are thinking… especially animals such as elephants.

10. Would you rather always tell people how you feel about them or never be able to tell them how you feel about them?

I’d rather tell people how I feel about them because I’d hate to live a fake life or a life full of regret.

My Would You Rather Questions:

  1. Would you rather lose all of your money or all your sentimental items?
  2. Would you rather experience unrequited love or never love at all?
  3. Would you rather own your own business or work for someone else?
  4. Would you rather give up television (including streaming/YouTube) or reading?
  5. Would you rather give up sushi or tacos for the rest of your life?
  6. Would you rather live in your hometown and never travel anywhere, or live in another country but never visit home?
  7. Would you rather live in the desert or live in a frozen tundra?
  8. Would you rather eat desert (but never dinner) or dinner (but never desert)?
  9. Would you rather run a successful blog or a successful YouTube channel?
  10. Would you rather give up all makeup/cosmetics products or give up “dressing fashionably” ?

My Nominees:

  1. Alex @ All Things Alexx
  2. Hunida @ Hunida’s Blog
  3. Christine @ Glamour with Christine
  4. Kat @ Femenish
  5. Molly @ Mind of Molly
  6. Emma @ Emma Kernstein
  7. Simone @ Beautymone
  8. Kelly @ Kelly Marie Beauty

As always, I know not all of you will participate in this tag, but I hope that it brings a smile to your face. I highly recommend check out each of these lovely and talented bloggers, if you aren’t already following them.

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Would You Rather Tag

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18 thoughts on “Blogger Love | Would You Rather Tag

    1. Thank you so much!! <3 And no rush whatsoever – I think I was originally tagged to do this back in the Winter, so totally understand that it takes time to work these posts into a blog calendar hahaha

  1. I love your answers here! So many interesting questions from Jenni 🙂 I would much rather talk to animals too. I’d only take being able to read people’s minds if I could turn that feature off voluntarily!

  2. I love all these answers and yaaaaaaay yoga pants! My favourite is that some now come with pockets so I can slip my phone in to count my steps 😀 I’m counting down until it’s warm enough to retire the jeans for summer and run wild and free in my yoga pants again.
    I always wanted to meet Aslan too and have him breathe his warm healing breath over me <3

  3. I love reading what people would rather do, hehe. I am the same with forks over spoons. I feel like we can do more with forks – I mean you can’t really eat spaghetti with spoons, can you? I am the same with the athleisure lifestyle hehe. I think maturity shows when you rather give up alcohol over coffee. There is a right time and place for alcohol but coffee is more versatile, hehe. Oooh, I rather speak with all animals too. I want to know what they are saying!!

    Nancy ♥

  4. Haha such a fun tag. I’m a fork girl, all the waaay! + I totally agree, I LOVE the athleisure look. I mean look cute AND be comfy? ALL ABOUT IT. Plus, you can put your own twists on it and have it become a look that is completely you.. okay, I’ll stop before I go on a complete tangent. Great tag! Loved getting to know a little more about you! I’ll be checking out the bloggers you tagged too! 😀

    xx, Des |

  5. Oh my gosh, my heart seriously jumped when I saw you tagged me. Thank you!! You came up with some good ones. 😄 I can’t wait to write my responses. ♡ & I agree with every single one of your answers! That’s crazy, isn’t it?!

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