Bad or Rad | ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review

ColourPop Palettes are like chips – you can’t have just one. When I saw the promotional images for ColourPop’s coral-themed, Spring Collection I wanted to buy everything in the collection. After much internal debate (and watching the Spring Swatch Party), I decided to pick up Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette, but does it live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out.

ColourPop Brand Ethos

ColourPop’s motto is: Beauty that doesn’t break the bank. The brand, founded by Seed Beauty in 2004, is all about manufacturing and selling, high quality, affordable, cruelty-free beauty produced right in Los Angeles.

Over the years, the brand has won countless beauty awards for their products from Allure, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Influenster, OK! Magazine, People en Espanol, Teen Vogue, and Temptalia.

Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Claims

The ColourPop Sweet Talk Palette was created to brighten up your day. This is the first ColourPop Palette to feature four different eyeshadow finishes: pressed matte, pressed metallic, pressed glitter, and super shock. According to ColourPop, these shadows are highly pigmented, ultra-velvety and long-wearing. Moreover, the brand claims that these powders will adhere easily to the eye.

This 12-pan eye shadow palette includes seven matte shadows, two metallic shadows, two pressed glitters, and one super shock shadow.

ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review Flat Lay
Springtime Vibes: ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette

Price & Packaging

The Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette retails for $18.00 USD, making it more affordable than some of the major American drugstore brands.

The Sweet Talk Palette comes in the brand’s traditional, cardboard packaging.  Without a doubt, this palette is one of the most visually interesting and flirty designs that ColourPop has put out to-date. The pinky, coral floral design screams Springtime vibes, while the black and white newspaper typology adds a harder edge to the design. The inside of palette is a continuation of this mix of hard and soft.

Similarly to the brand’s other cardboard-packaged, 12-pan palettes, this palette does not come with an inside mirror. However, each shade is clearly labeled. The palette is lightweight, but sturdy, and is easy to store.

Ingredients & CF Status

ColourPop is Cruelty-Free, so this palette was not tested on animals. This palette includes ingredients such as Talc and Mica, as well as the Red 40 dye (which can cause allergic reactions or staining for some individuals).

Eyeshadow Swatches

I have to be real with you – seeing the all the different textures in various Sweet Talk swatch videos or photos is what sold me on this palette. I was happy to find that the shadows in the Sweet Talk palette swatched just as easily on my arm as they did in the swatch videos I watched online.

As always, swatches are not a perfect indicator of quality as some shadows swatch beautifully on the arm, but perform poorly on the eyelid (and vice versa). However, swatches can give a good indication of pigmentation and ability to blend. The below swatches were done with my finger and represent one swipe of color across my arm. As I’ve grown more familiar with the ColourPop formula, I’ve shied away from showing brush swatches since they don’t often do the shadows justice.

ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches #3
ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Finger Swatches

Row 1: Catch Me (matte pastel peach), Side2Side (warm champagne Super Shock Shadow with silver and pink glitter), Garden Date (metallic coral with a gold sheen), Work It (soft matte yellow orange)

Row 2: Prima Drama (pale rose gold glitter with a copper and gold duochrome shift), Meadow (matte true coral), Early Mornin’ (marigold glitter), Dream Maker (matte soft coral)

Row 3: ICYMI (matte dirty terracotta), Melody (metallic rose with a gold flip), West Side (matte camel), Feel Free (rich matte bordeaux)

As a whole, I was impressed by how each shadow swatched and I loved looking at all the different textures next to each other on my arm. The matte shades felt quite creamy and blended out with ease, while the glitters and metallic shades just glided onto my arm.

As many of you may already know, I love the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow formula so I was very curious to see how Side2Side would perform. Compared to the traditional, pot formula, the Side2Side felt almost slimy or greasy. Also, the shadow swatch only provided a light wash of color.

Application & Wear-time

Everyone may have been hyped about the super shock shadow and the two pressed glitters, but I’m going to be blunt: the matte shadows are the star of the show. These matte shadows are creamy and easy to blend on the eye. They work well with one another, as well as with the other shadows in the palette. Also, although the color story of this palette is very coral, this isn’t a “one look” palette. The dark matte shadows add depth to any look, while the yellowish, camel-toned shades can create a beautiful neutral look.

The metallic shadows are pigmented, regardless of whether they are applied wet or dry. I like to apply them with a flat shader brush for the greatest color intensity. Also, I don’t find these shadows to crumble or produce a ton of fallout.

Demo Look #1:  Smokey, Metallic Coral Eye | To create the below look, I first set my eyelid with my Milani Eyeshadow Primer. Then, I blended the matte shades, Catch Me, Work It and Dream Maker into the crease. From there, I began to pack the shades Meadow and ICYMI into the outer-V of my upper lid. To deepen the look even further, I stamped the shade Feel Free onto the outer-V.

ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review_Demo Look #1
Smokey Coral Eye using ColourPop Sweet Talk

Once I applied all of my mattes, I proceeded to pack the shade, Garden Date, onto the center portion of my eyelid using a flat brush. Then, I packed Melody onto the inner half of my lid. From there, I dipped my fluffy blending brush back into Catch Me, to blend out any harsh or unblended edges. Finally, I topped off this look using the Super Shock shadow, Side2Side in the inner corner of my eye.

ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review_Demo Look #1
Smokey coral eyeshadow look using ColourPop Sweet Talk

This palette is interesting in that it leans very orange, despite being a coral-themed palette… especially in photos. In person, the colors look like true, colors with a slight orange tint.

All sweet talk aside, the glitters and super shock shadow were underwhelming. Although Prima Donna and Early Mornin’ swatch well, the glitters are not as pigmented on the eye. Moreover, these glitters produce a ton of fallout (that will worsen with wear-time). I ~hate~ Side2Side because this is a bad representation of the Super Shock Shadow Formula. As previously mentioned, this shadow feels slimy and lacks the same pigmentation as the brand’s traditional single, Super Shock shadows.

From a wear-time perspective, both the mattes and metallics last all day on the eye without fading or creasing.

ColourPop Retail Distribution

Per usual, ColourPop is available via the brand’s online shop. A small collection of products are available at Ulta (online and in-store) in the US.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Talk Palette

Even though I wasn’t wowed by the pressed glitters or the Super Shock Shadow, I was impressed by the quality and vibrancy of the mattes and metallics in the Sweet Talk Palette. Given the quality, ease of use, and affordable price point, I would 100% recommend this palette to both skilled artists and makeup newbies.

Thinking of ordering from ColourPop for the first time? Please consider using my referral link for $5.00 off your first order. If you make a purchase, I’ll also receive $5.00 off my next purchase. Please note, I’ve purchased all of the aforementioned items.

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ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review

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What is your favorite ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette? Would you rock these vibrant coral shades? Please let me know in the comments below.