Big Beauty Haul | Drugstore & Affordable

Big Drugstore Beauty Haul | Affordable Beauty

Okay, okay – I am currently on a Low Buy, BUT this affordable haul includes a ton of goodies that I purchased earlier this Winter / Spring that I felt excited to share with you all.

Despite behind a diehard drug store beauty fan, I came to the recent realization that I don’t actually talk about affordable beauty enough on my blog (outside of ColourPop). Although ColourPop is inexpensive, there aren’t as easily accessible as “traditional” drugstore brands given that purchases don’t qualify for free US shipping if they are under $30.00 USD.

Recently, I snagged a few affordable drugstore goodies from Target and CVS Health that I am stoked to be sharing with you! Nearly everything I grabbed is from a brand that I’ve yet to try, so I’m excited to see how these will perform.

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | Affordable Beauty
The Drugstore is bringing their A-Game

E.L.F Cosmetics | Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette

I haven’t purchased any eyeshadows from E.L.F. Cosmetics since I was in middle school; however, when I saw the Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette I was immediately entranced by the mix of warm and cool-tone shades in this palette. Opposites Attract is very reminiscent of the Urban Decay Born to Run Palette (which is still on my makeup wishlist), but is a fraction of the price ($14.00 USD compared to $49.00 USD).

Mini Drugstore Haul | Elf Cosmetics Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette
E.L.F. Cosmetics Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette

E.L.F’s Opposites Attract Palette consists of 18 shadows, nine cool-tones and nine warm-tones. The palette contains five shimmer shades and thirteen matte shades. E.L.F is Cruelty-Free.

Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette Price: $14.00 USD

Eternal | Nail Enamel & 2 Step Gel

This past year I went through my entire nail polish collection. Sadly, more than 95% of my collection was decluttered because the polishes had gone off. As a result, I was left with only my top coat, base coat, and two or three random shades.

While on vacation I had a major urge to paint my nails, so I picked up two shades of polish from the brand Eternal in a periwinkle and mint shade. These are colors that I frequently request whenever I’m getting a professional manicure – regardless of the season. During another pit stop to CVS, I grabbed 3 of the 2 Step Gel Polishes in nude, coffee toffee, and navy, as well as a matte top coat.

Mini Drugstore Haul | Eternal Enamel Polishes
Eternal Enamel Polish, Gel, and Matte Top Coat

Although I’ve never tried this brand, I was encouraged by Eternal Enamel’s packaging and was impressed by the wide array of colors available. The brand’s aesthetic reminds me of Essie, but is a fraction of the price.

These polishes formulated without Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP and are made in the USA. I am unsure as to this brand’s Cruelty-Free status. Note, these are only available via Amazon (online) or in-store at select CVS Health locations.

Normal Nail Polish Price: $1.50 USD

Step 1 Color Gel Price: $3.89 USD

Matte Top Coat: $1.99 USD

L.A. Girl | HD Pro Concealer

The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers are beloved drug store concealer known for being ridiculously inexpensive and full coverage. Although I am a big fan of the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, lately this staple has been settling into my fine lines and badly creasing.

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer Color Corrector
L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer Peach Color Corrector

Given my eye concerns, wrinkles and dark circles, I opted to pick up the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in the peach color corrector shade. This concealer promises to neutralize dark circles and to minimize the appearance of fine lines. L.A. Girl is Cruelty-Free.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer Price: $3.99 USD

L’OREAL Paris | ELVIVE Total Repair 5 Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner

I’ve had really good luck with L’OREAL’s various haircare lines, so when I stumbled across the ELVIVE Total Repair Reviver Deep Conditioner I knew I had to try this. I have fine, frizzy, damaged hair that is prone to getting tangled and breaking. This deep conditioner promises to help prevent breakage and tangling, while reinforcing the fiber of your hair. L’Oreal is not Cruelty-Free.

Price: $5.99 USD

Maybelline | Fit Me Concealer & Soda Pop Palette

Again, as previously mentioned, my beloved Age Rewind Concealer has been settling badly into my fine lines. In my search for the perfect drug store concealer, I decided to pick up the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade Fair. This liquid concealer promises to provide flawless coverage in an oil-free formula.

Fit Me Concealer Price: $8.29 USD

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | Maybelline New York
Maybelline New York Soda Pop Palette & Fit Me Concealer

Did I need another eyeshadow palette? No. Have I been stalking the Soda Pop Palette since I saw Jackie Aina create a look with it? Yes. When I was younger I used to love the Maybelline eyeshadow quads, but stopped buying them when I became more of a luxury makeup shopper. I’m excited to see how the Soda Pop Palette will perform compared to my other favorite formulas.

Soda Pop Palette Price: $13.99 USD

Maybelline is not Cruelty-Free

NYX | Ultimate Edit 6-Pan Palette & Epic Ink Liner

A few years ago, NYX seemed to be every beauty guru’s favorite, go-to drug store brand. However, after being disappointed with the brand’s liquid lipsticks, lip liners, and pencil eye liners, I shied away from the brand for a long time. Nevertheless, in my pursuit to try more drugstore brands, I decided to give NYX products another shot.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new liquid liner because I no longer feel comfortable purchasing from Kat Von D due to some problematic statements she’s made. NYX’s Epic Ink Liner seems to be a top-recommended eyeliner loved by beauty bloggers and regular consumers alike.

Epic Ink Eyeliner Price: $8.99 USD

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | NYX Cosmetics
NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Edit Petite Palette & Epic Ink Liner

At the time I purchased the eyeliner, CVS was running a promotion, so I opted to grab the NYX Ultimate Edit Petite Palette in Brights because I’ve never tried any NYX shadows. Also, I don’t have any mattes that are as bright as those included in this mini palette.

Ultimate Edit Petite Palette Price: $6.99 USD

NYX is Cruelty-Free.

Peripera |Ink Velvet & Cushion Pang  Lip Tints

I stopped in my tracks when I saw that CVS Health was now carrying the brand, Peripera, a well-known K-Beauty brand. Not only have I been wanting to try more K-beauty products, but I’ve been wanting to explore lip tints, specifically. I picked up two lip tints and a tinted lip balm. For those unfamiliar with lip tints, these lip products are meant to stain the lips with a wash of color.

Mini Drugstore Beauty HaulMini Drugstore Haul | Peripera Lip Tints
Peripera Cushion Pang & Velvet Lip Tints and Butter Pang Balm

Fun fact: I had no idea how much these Peripera lip products were until I reached the cash register at CVS. Had I known that these were priced at the upper echelon of the drugstore, I would not have snagged three items at the same time. Nevertheless, I bought each item because (1) I was embarrassed and (2) I had three coupons that made each item significantly cheaper than the standard price.

I am unsure if Peripera is Cruelty-Free.

Pixi by Petra | Best of Rose Collection

Pixi is a strange brand. They’re too expensive to be considered a true drugstore brand, but they aren’t premium enough to be considered a prestige brand in the U.S.. Given the brand’s higher price points, I’ve always shied away from trying Pixi when I’ve perused the beauty aisles at Target.

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | Pixi by Petra Best of Rose Collection
Pixi by Petra Best of Rose Collection

However, I’m so tired of reading rave reviews about Pixi because I feel so out of the loop! Although the Pixi Glow Tonic is typically the most hyped up product from the brand, the Glow Tonic wasn’t as appealing at this time because I already own quite a few skin brightening serums.

Thus, I opted to snag a mini trio Best of Rose Collection (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer) instead. When it comes to skincare, I love buying  mini sets because they enable me to try a full system without dropping tons of money. Pixi is Cruelty-Free.

Price: $22.00 USD

Revlon | Kiss Cushion Lip Tint

I blame Pinterest for this purchase. After seeing countless ads on Pinterest advertising the new Revlon Lip Tints, I knew I had to give these a try! Ultimately, I picked up the shade Pretty Kiss, a light brown nude.

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | Revlon Cushion Kiss Lip Tint - Pretty Kiss
Kiss Cushion Lip Tint in Pretty Kiss

I’m interested to see how this lip tint performs compared to Peripera. I’m rooting for this product to be a winner because Revlon tends to be an overlooked brand. Revlon is not Cruelty-Free.

Price: $9.99 USD

One of my favorite aspects of purchasing drug store goodies is “hunt” that goes along with searching for the best deals. Every single item above was purchased at a discounted price due to a retailer-specific deal or coupon. That being said, the above products reflect the standard price points.

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Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul | Affordable Beauty

Disclaimer: the prices listed reflect the standard retail price where I purchased each item, not reflecting any discounts, sales, or coupons. The online prices may vary.

Do you tend to purchase more affordable or high end makeup? What is your favorite affordable or drug store brand? Please let me know in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Big Beauty Haul | Drugstore & Affordable

  1. I don’t tend to buy drugstore make-up much anymore, mostly because I wasn’t aware you could get nail polishes without the bad ingredients, as well as cruelty free/better ingredient makeup. Now I know! I am curious what your thoughts will be on all these, LP! I see some I’m definitely interested in, and I love your nail polish choices! Enjoy your new goodies!

    1. For whatever reason I stopped shopping at the drug store for a while, but have been getting more into it again! There really are some gems there … it’s a shame though that many of my favorite products are made by brands that aren’t Cruelty-Free though (like Maybelline and L’ORÉAL).

  2. Oh these are pretty cool stuff you got! I’ve never heard of Eternal | Nail Enamel but the colors look gorg! 🙂 I’ve been interested in the Peripera lip tints as well. How much were they priced there?!?! I have to compare it with the online K-Beauty website I use, I think it’s priced $4-6 per lip tint bottle? Thanks for sharing girl! <3

    1. Girl… one was like $18.00!!!! So expensive, but I was so surprised to find Peripera at the drugstore that I used my coupons to buy these! But I’ve been loving Lip Tints for Spring / Summer!

  3. I don’t wear make-up often at all, but I tend to go at the higher end of drugstore products for toiletries.
    Loreal, although I’m sad that they aren’t cruelty free, have saved my hair! I use their dream lengths shampoo, conditioner and no haircut cream and it is the first time in my life that my hair has been manageable with my erratic self-care regime (I struggle to brush my hair every day and when it kept getting so tangled it would take hours it put me off more and more but with these products mean a brush goes straight through every time).

    My other favourite (although I’m not sure if it’s UK specific) is Sanctuary Spa – I ask for products as presents because it is more expensive – I know a tub of oil scrub is about £13 – and I use their shower gels/scrubs and I also use their facial skincare too. I believe they are cruelty free – well the bottle says against animal testing and they are paraben free so idk – is that cruelty free?

    But my biggest and best drugstore is Epsom Salts (or magnesium salts), the cheapest I can find. Absolutely awesome for making a strong bath when my muscles are sore from working out and if they are unfragranced I can just drop in some essential oils.

    1. I love L’ORÉAL (& Maybelline) as well – I’m sure one day they’ll go CF. And I’ve never heard of Sanctuary Spa – but I love hearing about brands that are popular outside of the US!

  4. Finally, someone’s getting real to talk about these affordable lines! And most of these drug store products are quite good. Been using a lot of Elf and NYX myself 🙂

  5. I love that beauty products can be accessible with the different price ranges out there. Even though there are more affordable options, this doesn’t mean you’re necessarily sacrificing quality big time. I like these nail polishes for quick use. NYX does a great job with their makeup line. I’ve heard a lot of things about Pixi lately! Thanks for sharing this haul!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I agree – it is important to me that everyone can feel beautiful (whether they wear makeup or not), whether or not they have tons of funds to spend or not. Glad there are brands who are able to put these quality products out there. <3

  6. Lol! I totally agree with you, half of the fun when searching/purchasing products you’ve never tried is the ‘hunt’ during the whole process. I recently caved and purchased some new products myself yesterday. I am newly obsessed with a very light blue shade for my nails, I’m excited to do them! I also got a Revlon palette. I will say, I’ve been using the Maybelline Lemonade Craze palette and found there to be a lot of fall out when it comes to the shades 🙁

    Great haul!

    xx, Des |

    1. hahah I’m glad that you agree. What Revlon palette did you pick up? They’re a brand that I definitely want to rediscover.

      Bummer about the Lemonade Craze palette having fallout, but many of my higher-end palettes do the same (just due to the nature of the formulas I tend to like).

  7. I have heard a few recommendations now for E.L.F and Pixi! I really need to follow your recommendations and look into treating myself to these products. I use alot of NYX usually.
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. Hahaha I feel the exact same way about Pixi. I am excited to try it for my first time. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the trio you bought! & that’s so cool that CVS carries Peripera, I’m gonna have to go buy me one or two of those lip tints, too. 🙂 Fun post, girl!! Thanks for sharing!!

      1. hmmm every time I’ve seen them, they’ve been on one of those special displays but what a bummer!!!! Hopefully they make it more widely available soon.

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