ColourPop Cosmetics Collection/Haul

Few brands encourage my impulse shopping habits more than ColourPop. Not only does the brand create inexpensive, high-quality products, but they are constantly rolling out new launches and keeping up with the latest trends. Additionally, ColourPop frequently offers promotions that enable shoppers to buy their goods for a discounted price!

I am a huge fan of the brand’s Pressed Powder and Super Shock eyeshadow formulas but hadn’t tried much else from the brand. Unfortunately for my wallet, ColourPop ran a few promotions over the last few months that prompted me to pick up goodies en masse. Not going to lie, this is a lot of stuff – but again, I paid very little for each item and quite a few things were actually free with my purchases. Please keep reading to see what I snagged.

Pressed Shadow Singles & Palettes:

ColourPop launched their line of Pressed Single Shadows in 2017 and has released countless shades and pre-made palettes over the years. I currently own three pre-made palettes and one small palette that I customized myself.


Of these palettes, my favorite palette is my customized palette. Not only were the shades I snagged unique to my collection, but I love how each shadow I selected can be worn on its own for an effortless look. My only regret is that I purchased the small empty palette and not the larger size… because I know that I will buy more single shadows.

ColourPop Single Eyeshadow Collection
ColourPop Single Eyeshadow Collection


Single Shadow Pan Price: $4.00 USD

Single Shadow (with a compact) Price: $5.00 USD

Empty Mini Palette Price: $7.00 USD





I already have a dedicated review for the Through My Eyes Eyeshadow palette collaboration with ILuvSarahii, but I love this palette too. Although the shade selection isn’t groundbreaking, the palette is versatile and great for making neutral looks and bold looks with a pop.

ColourPop x ILuvSarahii Through My Eyes Palette - First Impression Review
ColourPop Through My Eyes Palette

Palette Price: $23.00 USD

Through My Eyes Bundle Price: $50.00 USD






Ooh La La! & It’s My Pleasure are the two newest babies to be added to my collection. I picked up these palettes while ColourPop was having a big promotion on-site. I’m still testing these out, but will hopefully have reviews later this season. I accidentally purchased two of the Ooh La La! palettes, so you can 100% expect to see one in a future giveaway. 🙂

ColourPop Ooh La La Eyeshadow Palette
ColourPop Ooh La La Eyeshadow Palette

Off the bat, I can say that while I appreciate the sturdy plastic packaging, I don’t like the ColourPop transitioned to plastic packaging for their new palettes. Not only is the new packaging less environmentally friendly, but it is also harder to pop shadows in-and-out of each palette.

12-Pan Palette Price: $12.00 USD

Super Shock Shadows:

Out of all my ColourPop products, the Super Shock Shadows are my favorites. Not only are the colors easy to apply, but these are really convenient for single-shadow looks or for adding a pop to a more glamorous look. I purchased the Double Rainbow Kit I was obsessed with the color selection … and because I wanted the Super Shock Shadow Vault, but didn’t want to invest that much ($99.00 USD)  in a formula I had yet to try.


Single Super Shock Shadow Price: $5.00 USD

Double Rainbow Kit Price: $25.00 USD

*Note, each color in the Double Rainbow Kit is available for separate purchase on the ColourPop website.

My only complaint with the Super Shock Shadows is the bulky packaging. Due to the unique creme-to-powder nature of the formula, the shadows have to be protected from air exposure. As such, each shadow comes in a compact with a case that twists on and off to keep unwanted air exposure at bay. I fully intend to buy more Super Shock Shadows from the brand.

Edit: My boyfriend actually surprised me with the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Vault for Valentine’s Day. 😀 Let me know if you’d be interested in reading a dedicated review on the Vault.

Loose Pigments & Jelly Much Shadows

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of loose pigments, I found myself lusting after the Zodiac Loose Pigments created in collaboration with KathleenLights. However, I only picked up two shades in colors that are unique to my collection, The Archer and The Ram. Knowing that ColourPop’s first round of loose pigments wasn’t received well and that this formula is new to me, I wanted to be sure that I liked these pigments before trying additional shades.

However, before rushing to grab these pigments I want to call out that Kathleen, herself, stated that these two pigments may cause staining on the eye if worn without an eye primer. Not all the loose pigments in the collection will stain the eye, but these two particular shades may do so.

Single Price: $6.00 USD

Zodiac Collection Price: $70.00 USD

Also, I’m slightly behind the curve – but I’ve yet to try any jelly shadows or highlighters. However, as someone with oily skin, I’m always down to try a product that promises to be crease-proof. I grabbed the shade, Half Moon, a duo-chrome plum shade with a frosty blue-green shift.

The Jelly Much Eyeshadow in Half Moon is ridiculously pigmented and spreads across the eye with ease. It is easily applied with a brush or a finger and plays well with powder shadows. However, I was surprised by the formula and texture of the product because it is not gel-like. In fact, I’d consider this to be more of a traditional cream formula rather than a jelly.

Jelly Much Price: $8.00 USD

Gel Eye Liners & BFF Mascaras

I’ve never tried any of ColourPop’s Gel Eye Liners. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase two of the brand’s purple liners in the Make It Reign bundle, I jumped. I have the shades Cry Baby and Piggy Bank.

Individual Liner Price: $5.00 USD

Make It Reign Bundle: $20.00 USD

Y’all I lost my mind over the BFF Mascaras. Again, KathleenLights’ reviews tend to really influence my beauty purchases. I always want to try any mascara she loves. Her lashes always look breathtakingly long and voluminous. That being said, Kathleen has such a close relationship with the brand, so I watched JKissa’s Mascara Try-On before making my purchase.

ColourPop BFF Mascara in Pink Inc., Black on Black, Blue Ya Mind, Left on Red, Purple Prose
ColourPop BFF Mascara in Pink Inc., Black on Black, Blue Ya Mind, Left on Red, Purple Prose

Single Tube Price: $8.00 USD

Bundle Price: $50.00 USD

Since the launch, I’ve heard mixed things about these mascaras. Blue Ya Mind and Left on Red tend to be universally raved about, while the standard black shade is not as widely raved about. In complete honesty, I’m nervous rip these open because I don’t want the colors to try out too quickly (which is why these are still in the boxes!).

Pressed Powder Cheek

The Pressed Blush & Bronzer I grabbed were two of the most recent purchases that I snagged during the brand’s 20% off sale. I purchased the red-brown bronzer in the shade Opening Act and the peachy blush in the shade Main Chick.

ColourPop Pressed Powder Cheek - Opening Act Bronzer & Main Chick Blush
ColourPop Pressed Powder Cheek – Opening Act & Main Chick

I’ve only played with these products a few times because I didn’t realize that these didn’t come in a compact. I needed to purchase another empty palette before I started playing with these. So far, I’ve found the formula of both the blush and bronzer to be subtle at first, but quite buildable.

Single Price: $7.00 USD


Super Shock Cheek

Despite my oily skin, I love using creme products on my face and eyes. Not only are creme or creme-to-powder based products easy to apply, but they melt into the skin in a natural and effortless way. Having fallen head over heels in love with the Super Shock Shadow formula, I knew I wanted to try some of the Super Shock Cheek products.

During the brand’s most recent promotion, I grabbed two highlighters and a blush. Originally, I wanted to try the highlighter in Flexitarian but ended up settling on the shades Lunch Money and Smoke ‘N Whistles. (Flexitarian looked a little too metallic for my taste in highlighters.)

Compared to ColourPop’s other creme-to-powder formulas, the Super Shock highlighters are the most creamy and buttery. The tiniest amount of highlight is needed to provide an impactful wham-bam glow. Lunch Money and Smoke ‘N Whistles are both extremely metallic highlighters, so fans of a subtle, natural look may not like this formula.

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Lunch Money, Thumper, Smoke 'N Whistles
ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Lunch Money, Thumper, Smoke ‘N Whistles

From a blush perspective, I tend to gravitate towards the same neutral colors, so I wanted to grab a color outside of my comfort zone. Thumper was a perfect choice.

Although Thumper is quite bright in the pan, the color applies much more subtly on the cheeks. As with all of the brand’s Super Shock products, pigmentation can be built up with additional layering. Applying with a blush brush gives the most natural, pink flush to the cheeks.

Single Price: $8.00 USD


If I’m being honest, I don’t love the ColourPop Liquid Lipstick formula. I find the formula to be unflattering because of how it dries out my lips and sinks into every fine line. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a free Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in a purchase that I made earlier this year. Due to unforeseen delays in shipping my order to me, ColourPop sent this free liquid lipstick with a little apology note. This gesture definitely made a positive impact on me since I was not expecting to receive this item and was not upset at the slight delay in shipment.

While I’ve taken this lipstick out of the box, I have not opened it because I’ve been debating including it in a future giveaway. More details to come on this!

Liquid Lipstick Price: $6.50 USD

I purchased the Creme Lux Lipstick in the shade Friends, a gorgeous rich brown. I’ve been missing owning a shade like this since I decluttered my beloved Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Mocha.

Creme Lux Lipstick Price: $7.00 USD

While evaluating my collection, I noticed a gap in my lip liner color variety. I had a large selection of nudes, pinks, and a few reds, but lacked a deep brown color. Given that I purchased the Friends Creme Lux Lipstick, I figured that the Lippie Pencil in the shade Pitch would be a perfect addition to the family.

However, I want to call out that ColourPop failed to properly quality check my most recent order, so this pencil failed to arrive with the rest of the goodies. This was likely due to the high volume of orders happening during the 20% off sale.

I filled out ColourPop’s online customer service form and promptly received a response from one of their reps. After providing picture proof of my order slip and the goodies I did receive, they quickly put in a new order for me to receive my pencil.

Lippie Stick Price: $5.00 USD

Fourth Ray Beauty & Other Freebies

In addition to offering percentage-off discounts on-site, ColourPop frequently offers product promotions based on your purchase. I never buy something from ColourPop just to receive something for free, but I did make purchases that qualified me for a few of the brand’s recent freebie promotions. I received quite a few goodies that I’m excited to test: mini Fourth Ray Come Clean Cleansing Duo, the All-Star Setting Spray, and a small shader eyeshadow brush!

Fourth Ray Cleansing Duo Price: $10.00 USD

I’ve heard mixed-to-negative reviews about the products from Fourth Ray, so I’m very curious to see whether these will work on my skin. I received the mini cleanser duo because I purchased a certain number of the BFF Mascaras.

All-Star Setting Spray Price: $10.00 USD

I’ve never heard anyone talk about the All-Star Setting Spray, but I plan to try this as the mixing medium to apply the CP x KL Zodiac pigments that I purchased.


ColourPop Collection E3 Eyeshadow Brush
ColourPop Collection E3 Eyeshadow Brush

I’ve never heard anyone talk about ColourPop’s brushes, so I am curious to see how this flat shader brush will apply eyeshadow or concealer.

P.S. I think I qualified to receive this due to my purchase of the KL x CP pigments, but I’m honestly not sure! This was a total surprise to receive.

E3 Brush Price: $6.00 USD

As a brand, I love that ColourPop enables makeup lovers across socio-economic classes to experiment with makeup without worrying about breaking the bank. Throughout all my purchases ColourPops has gained my trust because every experience I’ve had with the brand has been professional, prompt, and positive, even when mistakes were made with certain orders.

The only issue I have with ColourPop is the frequency of the brand’s promotions and releases. In some ways, ColourPop is like a Fast Fashion brand (in the sense that they price their goods so cheaply and constantly churn out products in a way that drastically shorten release timelines and encourages impulse shopping).

ColourPop encourages the hyper-consumerist part of me to spend money in a somewhat reckless way. In other words, because the products are already so inexpensive, anytime there is an additional discount I lose my mind and money just flies out of my wallet. Moreover, the brand has been opening up so many new categories of makeup, so I want to try their formulas to see how they compare to products I already know and love.

All-in-all, the above products were purchased for less than $250.00 USD… (the true spend amount may be even less considering how many items I purchased at a discount). This is INSANE given the quality.


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ColourPop Collection & Haul 2019

Thinking of ordering from ColourPop for the first time? Please consider using my referral link for $5.00 off your first order. If you make a purchase, I’ll also receive $5.00 off my next purchase. Please note, I’ve purchased all of the aforementioned items.

*Note: The above prices reflect the normal retail price of each product, not including any discounts that I received via promotional codes or any freebies. Nearly all of the above products were purchased at a discount.

Have you tried anything from ColourPop before? If so, what is your favorite product? Or, of the products I’ve mentioned, which product are you most interested in trying?