thank u, next: 2018 Success, 2019 Goals

2018 has been full of ups and downs, personally and professionally. During my lows, it felt like I could do nothing right, but ultimately this year has been a rewarding one as I’ve grown both as a marketer, blogger, daughter, and friend. So just like Ariana Grande, I want to pay homage to my past but look towards the future.

2018 Successes:

I applied to my dream grad school and got in. |I’ve been sitting on this knowledge for some time. It’s funny, right? I love to blog but feel so shy when it comes to sharing incredibly personal information about my life.

This Winter, I will be starting a graduate program in Marketing. I love to learn – truly and genuinely, so I am excited to be starting a program that will help me to advance in my field.

The Newbury Girl 2019 Blog Planning Flat Lay
Ready to Take on 2019

I was promoted. | I work an incredibly demanding, client-facing job that involves long hours and demands for my best at all times. At times, I felt burdened by my heavy load, but I was thrilled to be recognized at my job for my work ethic, work quality, and clear passion.

I’ve grown my blog. | Earlier this spring, I felt like such a failure with my blog. Rather than focusing on my own growth, I started to compare myself to those around me. Self-doubt crept in and I started to wonder if I should just give up blogging altogether. During this time, one blog friend posted a simple, encouraging comment on one of my posts and has remained a constant source of encouragement throughout 2018 (you know you who are!!).

Thankfully, I’ve kept blogging and have gotten to know so many other bloggers through WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram. I am so thankful for these diverse friendships with talented, creative bloggers. You all inspire me.

Although blogging is not (and should never be) about stats, this is one marker to see how your content is reaching others. Please see the below for my growth in 2018:

  • Total Blog Posts: 59
  • Total Blog Views: 2,419
  • Total Blog Comments/Likes: 752 / 272
  • Blog Follows: 235
  • Twitter Follows: 580
  • Instagram Follows: 252
  • Pinterest Follows: 42

I was nominated for 6 Blogger Awards. | I was honored to be nominated for 6 blogger awards in 2018. To those who have nominated me, I am still working through these nomination posts (trying to post 1 a month, so I can spread the love and nominate new blog friends I continue to meet). Thank you to everyone who has nominated me OR tagged me in a blogger tag. I love being a part of this community.

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I read 10 books. | Technically, this should be a “fail” since my goal was to read 12 books this year. However, I fell off the wagon as I took on the taxing task of studying for the standardized tests required for graduate business programs.

2019 Goals

Maintain a high GPA in Grad School. | I was (and am still) a nerd. I love learning and knowing that I’ve put forth my best effort. Even though I will be taking challenging courses, I want to push myself and absorb everything new I learn.

Better My Make-Up Skills. | I’ve been wearing makeup my entire life and at one point, was quite skilled. However, in 2017/18, I realized just how true the phrase. “if you don’t use it, you lose it” can be! This year, I want to get better at winged liner, cut creases, and halo eyes.

Coffee shops like Cafe Nero a favorite for blog writing & planning
Coffee shops like Cafe Nero a favorite for blog writing & planning

Improve my Photography. | In 2018, I struggled to produce consistent, high-quality photographs for my blog and Instagram. My editing was all over the place and I felt discouraged by the quality of my flat lays. I AM going to master this in 2019 – I feel it!

Start New Blog Series. | I am so excited to be starting a few new series on my blog in 2019!!! In 2018, I launched my “Bad or Rad” review series, but I have more on the horizon in 2019.

One new series is going to be called “Blogger Love.” In this series, I will be sharing tips I’ve learned as a marketer (and blogger). As someone who has been on the brand-side, scouting influencers and reviewing performance, I want to share tips that will help bloggers stand out. Also, I want to feature interviews from other bloggers, regardless of your niche. Please DM me on Twitter or Instagram if you’re interested in being featured.

Plan Ahead. | As a full-time worker and new graduate student, I will NEED to maintain a consistent planning and posting schedule if I want to be successful in 2019. While I planned ahead in 2018, I was never consistent. In 2019, I want to maintain that consistency.

Continue to Grow My Blog |And here are the dreaded stats-based goals that I will strive to achieve through consistent posting & promotion. Also, I plan to take a few free & paid courses.

  • Monthly Blog Views: Grow to 1K a month
  • Blog Follows: 1K
  • Twitter & Instagram Follows: 1.5K
  • Pinterest Follows: 5K

Also, as a part of this – I want to collaborate with one brand, either through my blog or social media. Hopefully, as I grow my blog reach and better my creative craft, this will happen since I know that my stats are still too small to be considered a “micro-influencer.”

Cut Down on Spending. | More on this to come – but, overall, I spent too much on material items in 2018. Now that I am in grad school, I need to be better about how I spend my money. I plan to chronicle healthy financial habits over the year.

A Few Books on the 2019 TBR List
A Few Books on the 2019 TBR List

Read 20 books | I AM GOING TO BEAT THIS GOAL – I’m proclaiming it. I’m going to do this by being better about how I spend idle time. Rather than turning to YouTube or television when I’m tired, I’m going to wind down by reading.

Thank you, 2018. You taught me a lot. And thank you to everyone I’ve met this year. Wishing you nothing but continued success in 2019.

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What are your goals for 2019 – professional, personal, or blog-related? I’d love to know in the comments below.